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Google, Microsoft generative AI experiments concern advertisers

Google and Microsoft are placing ads into AI experiments without giving brands the choice to opt out. Advertisers are now concerned that their products and services could be promoted next to inappropriate content. Why we care: Brands could potentially be at risk of damage to their reputation should their products or services be advertised next...Read More

TikTok targets $20 billion in ecommerce sales

TikTok is reportedly planning to quadruple its global ecommerce operations, with the goal of selling $20 billion in merchandise. The ByteDance-owned social media app will rely heavily on rapid growth in Southeast Asia to reach its optimistic target. TikTok also hopes to also boost sales in the U.S. and Europe, Bloomberg reported. Why we care:...Read More

Bing Chat gains voice search on desktop interface

Bing Chat now supports voice chat from the desktop version of the interface. That means you can click on the microphone icon in the input box and speak your question to Bing Chat. What it looks like. Here is a GIF of this in action, as provided by the Bing Blog. Supported languages. This feature...Read More

Reddit launches new ad products to boost conversions

Reddit launched two new ad products today – Contextual Keyword Targeting and Product Ads. The new features have been rolled out to help advertisers reach higher-value customers and to simplify the Reddit Ads Manager tool. Why we care. Advertisers will be able to reach their target audience more easily and accurately, which could lead to...Read More

The best word count for SEO… doesn’t exist!

One of the most common newbie questions about SEO content has to do with word count. “What’s the best word count for SEO?” Fair question. Search engines care about a whole host of factors when determining which content to rank. Why wouldn’t word count be one of them? As such, content creators worry about the...Read More

Google Ads API v.14 is here, with 5 big updates

Google Ads API version 14 has been rolled out with several major updates, including new features to support the move from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. Why we care. Version 14 of Google Ads API offers an improved user experience by enhancing both campaign management and performance. What’s new? Here are just a few...Read More

LinkedIn Ads rolling out generative AI, new ad formats

LinkedIn is testing generative AI and will soon give advertisers in-stream video ads, Conversation Ads and Thought Leader Ads. Why we care. LinkedIn continues to test and roll out new tools and ad formats that could help advertisers more efficiently reach their target audience on the platform, improve ROI and increase revenue. Testing Generative AI....Read More