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The Moscow-City: Vibrant Energy of Bustling Capital Business Center

The Moscow City International Business Center, better known as Moscow City, is a district located in western Moscow that combines business with entertainment. An estimated daily attendance is estimated to reach 300,000.

This stunning print https://moscowestates.com/russia-blog/moscow-city-the-moscow-international-business-center/ captures the vibrant energy of this bustling capital city. Moscow city skyscrapers combine sleek lines with contemporary designs to produce an incredible scene that is both impressive and inspiring.

The Northern Tower

The Northern Tower of Moscow-City International Business Center is a 27-storey skyscraper designed by Project Institute 2 and built by Austria’s Bau Holding Strabag AG (Austria). Situated on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment, this structure houses offices, cinemas, food courts and restaurants as well as home to Raiffeisenbank headquarters as well as numerous large banks as well as luxurious apartments.

In 2006, the first tower to be completed at this complex was unveiled to much acclaim by critics for its unique blend of both modern and classical styles, such as two-storey bridges that linked them together and eight storey bridges at their pinnacles shaped like letters ‘M’ for Moscow. P&G, Eli Lilly, Bunge and Nortel are among its tenants in this building.

the Northern Tower of Moscow-City offers an ideal high-rise apartment option to anyone interested in living or working in Moscow-City, with apartments ranging from 350 thousand rubles per square meter up to over 1 million. Residents enjoy modern metro services and other public services. One major highlight is its breathtaking panoramic view, which showcases old and new buildings alike including historic Stalin skyscrapers. Expocentre exhibition organization supports Russian companies participating in trade fairs abroad from this complex.

The Central Tower

The Central Tower is the most intricate of four skyscrapers that comprise Moscow-City International Business Center. Boasting copper-coloured glazing and an eye-catching geometric shape, it was once Europe’s tallest building at completion. Nowadays it houses offices, high-end apartments, as well as modern art gallery ILONA-K artspace on floors two and forty – an attraction unto itself!

Building occupies are also home to More i Myaso (Sea and Meat), offering European and Mediterranean dishes in the heart of the business district. There’s also Imperia Tower which boasts an eye-catching arched glass facade topped by its curvilinear roof design – ideal for enjoying lunch at its 56th Floor High Bar!

CITY was formed as a public company in 1992 to ensure the smooth management and operation of Moscow City complex, from initial creation and development through to ongoing exploitation and operations. CITY serves both as general contractor as well as landlord/lessor for buildings within its complex.

The Central Core of the complex is a multifunctional hub with shopping mall, cinemas, restaurants and administrative premises. There’s also a parking lot for automobiles as well as metro lobbies with pedestrian zones connecting directly with tower blocks on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment. Finally, its presence provides vital interconnection among tower blocks as well as entrance to its main street – Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment is home to its location!

The South Tower

The South Tower is a multipurpose high-rise complex. It houses office suites, hotels, a clinic and parking facilities on plot 11. Additionally, a transport terminal will link various subway and light rail lines with this new commercial center, as well as providing connections with high-speed transport systems planned to extend from Moscow City and eventually reach three local airports.

MIBC boasts one of the most exciting skyscrapers, and this building stands out for its design which mimics an LCD broadcast screen. On sunny days, its facades reflect sky and clouds for an incredible show that all passersby can witness.

Within this building are 106 office suites and three hotels with 342 rooms; additionally there is a main hospital as well as points for retail trade. This project was jointly developed by Citer Invest B.V. of the Netherlands and Behnish & Behnish Architekten of Germany.

The Northern Tower of Moscow International Business Center is a Class A office complex. It houses headquarters for numerous large companies such as General Electric, IBM, P&G, Eli Lilly and Lucent Technologies – to name just some! Among other amenities, this building features an atrium with panoramic elevators; optimal heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) systems as well as security/fire alarm protection features; it even features an atrium in which an impressive array of artwork is exhibited and panoramic elevators for panoramic viewing experiences.

The East Tower

The East Tower was created to resemble a vertical city and includes parking and retail space on nine underground levels, a public ice rink on the first floor of an atrium pyramidal atrium, hotel serviced apartments above, 24 floors of office space on top level and finally an observation deck for public observation at its very summit. Furthermore, Sixty gourmet restaurant provides one of the finest views in Moscow from within this complex.

East Tower’s most striking characteristic is its curvilinear design, inspired by the shape of a bow. Within this tower you will find several cafes serving breakfast and lunch such as City Friends for breakfast, Mama in the City for traditional Russian cuisine and ABC Kitchen serving European and Indian fare; plus on 56th Floor there’s even the High Bar where cocktails with views await you!

As seen from above, Moscow-City International Business Center is truly breathtaking to behold. However, its isolation won’t last for too much longer as soon as construction is finished roads will open to traffic and plans for properly integrating Metro spur lines are already well under way – creating an area well connected to Moscow itself and capable of rivalling major international business centers such as London’s Canary Wharf or Manhattan.

The West Tower

The West Tower of MIBC’s compound is unquestionably one of its most complex buildings. Boasting three metro stations and an ample car parking lot, its infrastructure includes offices, apartments, hotel rooms, concert halls and other facilities – not to mention reasonable apartment prices! Purchasing one here could prove wisely beneficial to your lifestyle and finances alike.

This structure, located on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment in Moscow, stands at over 300 meters and is Europe’s second tallest building. One of its key characteristics is that it combines office and residential space, conference rooms, restaurants, gyms and a swimming pool into one exciting building – with no conventional design elements used by architects to break up monotony and add expressiveness.

The central portion of this building comprises two trihedral towers separated by stylobate parts, which house public services and technical floors. The lower tower houses a large shopping mall while the upper tower contains 24 floors of offices and high-end apartments; all topped by a public observation deck.

The Mercury Tower

Browse 113 professional mercury City Tower Moscow Business Complex stock photos, images & pictures available for royalty-free purchase. This impressive skyscraper complex was constructed during Soviet era to house offices as well as luxury apartments. It boasts impressive architecture as seen from above while boasting multiple restaurants/cafes/shopping malls within its walls.

The Moscow and St Petersburg towers stand as key icons in this complex. The Moscow tower stands 76 floors tall at 990 feet (302 m), while its counterpart in St Petersburg boasts 65 stories with 843 feet (257 meters) in height. Both towers serve primarily as office spaces but offer luxury apartments with breathtaking views as well.

Moscow-City began as an office complex, but over time ordinary residents were allowed to move in too. Now the skyscrapers of Moscow-City house a wide range of people who work, live, and play here.

The Moscow-City complex can be found along the Presnenskaya Embankment in Moscow city center’s western part, boasting three underground metro stations as well as a parking lot for cars. A stunning representation of modern Russia, this fascinating attraction combines luxury and comfort with dynamic metropolis life for an amazing visit!

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