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Google accused of downplaying ad price manipulation

Google has been accused of downplaying how much it quietly increases ad auctions. The search engine admitted at the federal antitrust trial that it “frequently” inflates ad prices by as much as 5% without telling advertisers – sometimes 10%. But marketers are calling the search engine out for being too “conservative” with these figures as they...Read More

Google denies manipulating ad auctions in resurfaced SMX clip

Google denied manipulating ad auctions at SMX Advanced 2015 – eight years before admitting it actually does. During the conference’s keynote speech, Google Ad executive Jerry Dischler told the audience: “Full stop, we are not manipulating search results or manipulating the ad auction in order to increase profits. That’s just not what we do.” Fast-forward...Read More

TikTok Search starts showing Google results

TikTok Search has started showing external links to Google results. App researcher Radu Oncescu shared a screenshot on X (formerly known as Twitter) after noticing the new feature, which is being tested in several different markets across the world: The test shows a Google Search box appearing midway down the social platform’s search results page,...Read More

How to increase LTV with PPC

Lifetime value, or LTV, averages the total revenue generated by a customer during the entirety of your relationship. While the KPI often sounds cool and dandy, it can be difficult to improve. Doing so requires long term thinking, commitment and a deep understanding of your customer database. This article will dive into concrete ways PPC...Read More

What is the best generative AI tool for writing PR content?

Ever wondered which is the best generative AI tool for writing PR content? I have just finished conducting a series of tests to determine just that and found that the post generated by Bard produced:  Slightly better results than a post I had written from scratch. Significantly better results than the post by ChatGPT. Dramatically...Read More

TikTok testing displaying links to Google search results

TikTok is testing displaying links to Google search results from its own internal search results page. Radu Oncescu spotted this and posted a screenshot of this on X, which we embedded below. What it looks like. TikTok added to its search pages a small link with a Google logo to its search results page. TikTok...Read More