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How SEOs can detect and address user data leaks

In today’s data-driven era, regulations such as GDPR safeguard user privacy, while SEO professionals control what appears in search engine results. Despite ongoing changes in both fields, however, the relationship between data protection and SEO is not well-explored. This gap has devastating consequences, as personally identifiable information (PII) data indexed in search engines is instantly...Read More

6 Microsoft Audience Ads product updates

Microsoft Audience Ads has kicked off the fall with a series of new product updates. The tech giant said the purpose of these updates is to help advertisers achieve more results with less effort by helping them to create more engaging ads that are served to a higher-value audience. Here’s a breakdown of the latest...Read More

How to analyze search demand and forecast trends

Fashion ecommerce is going through a period of change. Brands are under increasing pressure from consumers and market forces to become more sustainable and less wasteful, especially in fast fashion. As a result: Several brands are starting to charge customers for returning online purchases. Resale ecommerce, or “recommerce,” is growing quickly and entering the mainstream. ...Read More

Offline conversion tracking to boost lead gen strategies

Ever get the feeling you’re reporting on – or your agency or marketing team is reporting on – the wrong metrics? Put another way, how high is your frustration level that your marketing team is bringing in hundreds of leads without any noticeable effect on your pipeline? Smart marketers are using offline conversion tracking to...Read More

3 key trends reshaping YouTube marketing today

At a time when many marketers are trying to predict when their lives will return to pre-pandemic normalcy, let’s examine three key trends reshaping YouTube marketing today. 1. Audiences are receptive to AI, but content is still king Creators are utilizing AI to generate some amazing content, as I noted in a previous article, “The...Read More

Advanced Google Performance Max strategies

Add Search Engine Land to your Google News feed.     New on Search Engine Land About the author Cynthia Ramsaran is director of custom content at Third Door Media, publishers of Search Engine Land and MarTech. A multi-channel storyteller with over two decades of editorial/content marketing experience, Cynthia’s expertise spans the marketing, technology, finance, manufacturing and...Read More

TikTok set to trial ad-free subscription for $4.99

TikTok may soon pilot an ad-free subscription service on its app. Code within the social platform suggests that subscribers may soon be able to access content with no interruptions from adverts for $4.99 a month. Screenshots of TikTok asking users if they’d like to upgrade to an ad-free experience were shared by Android Authority. Why...Read More

AI will make Google more dominant

“Bogus.” That’s what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella thinks about Google’s argument that there is actual choice in the search engine market. And artificial intelligence will provide zero advantage or hope for any companies that hope to enter web search – the “biggest no-fly zone of all,” Nadella said. Why we care. The ongoing U.S. vs....Read More

Reddit unveils Ads Manager updates for improved community targeting

Reddit has launched new capabilities on Ads Manager for enhanced community targeting. The platform has added three new features to the platform, as well as two new administration tools, designed to enhance campaign efficiency and performance, benefitting small business advertisers all the way through to enterprise clients. Why we care. The enhanced features in Reddit’s...Read More

YouTube rolls out new audience insight tools

YouTube has updated its analytics platform to provide enhanced audience insights. Creators will now have access to data analyzing membership cancellation, and will also be able to compare new and existing viewer data for the first time. In addition, YouTube has carried out improvements to the design of its studio platform to enhance the user...Read More

X (Twitter) partners with Google Display Network

X (formerly known as Twitter) has joined forces with the Google Display Network. Following a steep decline in advertising revenue earlier this year, the social platform has decided to start outsourcing the sale of some of its ad space. Moving forward, advertisers will be able to tap into the X home feed inventory through Google...Read More

How out-of-order ad promotion works on Google Search

During the ongoing DOJ antitrust trial against Google, the company reiterated it sometimes shows lower-ranked ads ahead of top-ranked ads.  This practice is known as out-of-order ad promotion. This little nuance to how the ad auction works can be confusing, so in this article, I’ll explain how out-of-order promotion works and why Google does it....Read More
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