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AI will make Google more dominant

“Bogus.” That’s what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella thinks about Google’s argument that there is actual choice in the search engine market. And artificial intelligence will provide zero advantage or hope for any companies that hope to enter web search – the “biggest no-fly zone of all,” Nadella said. Why we care. The ongoing U.S. vs....Read More

Reddit unveils Ads Manager updates for improved community targeting

Reddit has launched new capabilities on Ads Manager for enhanced community targeting. The platform has added three new features to the platform, as well as two new administration tools, designed to enhance campaign efficiency and performance, benefitting small business advertisers all the way through to enterprise clients. Why we care. The enhanced features in Reddit’s...Read More

YouTube rolls out new audience insight tools

YouTube has updated its analytics platform to provide enhanced audience insights. Creators will now have access to data analyzing membership cancellation, and will also be able to compare new and existing viewer data for the first time. In addition, YouTube has carried out improvements to the design of its studio platform to enhance the user...Read More

X (Twitter) partners with Google Display Network

X (formerly known as Twitter) has joined forces with the Google Display Network. Following a steep decline in advertising revenue earlier this year, the social platform has decided to start outsourcing the sale of some of its ad space. Moving forward, advertisers will be able to tap into the X home feed inventory through Google...Read More

How out-of-order ad promotion works on Google Search

During the ongoing DOJ antitrust trial against Google, the company reiterated it sometimes shows lower-ranked ads ahead of top-ranked ads.  This practice is known as out-of-order ad promotion. This little nuance to how the ad auction works can be confusing, so in this article, I’ll explain how out-of-order promotion works and why Google does it....Read More

How to do a quick SEO accessibility check

Among the top one million homepages, there were a staggering 49,991,225 unique accessibility issues identified, averaging 50 issues per page. This statistic is shocking, especially when you think about Gartner’s analysis that digital products fully compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level 2 will outperform their competitors by a factor of 50. Many best...Read More

Reddit is removing the ability to opt-out of ad personalization

Reddit is getting rid of the ability to opt-out of ad personlization based on users’ activity on the platform. The change, which is being rolled out over the next few weeks, won’t increase the frequency of ads, but users can expect better targeted ads. “Select countries” will still feature opt-out controls for Reddit users, however,...Read More

TikTok launches AI-powered creative assistant for ad creation

TikTok has launched a new AI-powered tool to help advertisers create more effective campaigns. Creative Assistant, which is located in the platform’s Creative Center, can be used to analyze data, offer suggestions, brainstorm ideas and provide advice on the platform’s best practice guidance. Why we care. Creative Assistant can help make content creation easier and...Read More

YouTube rolls out video view campaigns globally

YouTube has confirmed the global launch of video view campaigns (VVC). This new campaign type leverages AI to help advertisers target relevant audiences more efficiently and effectively by serving ads in the right place at the right time to drive interest and intent. Why we care. Serving your ads to a more relevant audience optimizes...Read More

5 useful GA4 dashboards for local SEO

The key to local SEO data is in its name – it’s local. Without it, a campaign may not receive crucial insights to adjust its central strategy. If you’re targeting Manhattan, N.Y., but 80% of your users are visiting from devices in Brooklyn, N.Y., you’re missing something. But how do you find these gaps in...Read More

How to recover from the Google rich results shake-up

Google announced a big change to HowTo and FAQ rich results on Aug. 8. Simply put, FAQs became exclusive to certain kinds of businesses, and HowTos were demoted to desktop only, followed by the news they’re disappearing entirely. This means the positive impact of ranking for HowTo rich results will disappear, and most of us...Read More