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6 Microsoft Audience Ads product updates

Microsoft Audience Ads has kicked off the fall with a series of new product updates.

The tech giant said the purpose of these updates is to help advertisers achieve more results with less effort by helping them to create more engaging ads that are served to a higher-value audience.

Here’s a breakdown of the latest developments in Microsoft Audience Ads:

1. New markets

Microsoft Audience Ads has been rolled out to 58 new markets, meaning it is now available in 187 markets in total across the globe.

2. Casual games expansion

Microsoft is rolling out Audience Ads to new placements, such as home, menu, and game screens across games that come defaulted onto Windows computers. Currently, Audience Ads are served in Treasure Hunt and Jigsaw but the tech giant has confirmed it is expanding reach to all Casual Games by 2024.

3. Microsoft 365 expansion

This month, Microsoft is planning to roll out Audience Ads to new markets of the free consumer version of the Microsoft 365 mobile app in the US. The tech giant will then expand further to EU markets on Android in January.

4. Predictive targeting

Microsoft Audience Ads recently launched predictive targeting, enabling advertisers to leverage the platform’s AI to identify relevant high-value audiences that they may previously not have considered targeting.

5. Video and CTV ads

Video and CTV Ads were recently launched to help advertisers reach large-scale and high-value audiences across Microsoft and publisher partner platforms in online video and CTV placements.

6. New AI bid strategies

Microsoft has launched two new automated bid strategies to help “advertisers reach their target audience with minimal effort” – Maximize conversion and Target CPA. The two new offerings are currently in pilot with a general roll out planned for later this month.

Why we care. The latest Microsoft Audience Ads updates were designed to help advertisers create more engaging campaigns that reach their target audience. Engaging ads capture attention, foster brand connection, and drive customer interest while reaching the target audience ensures that the message resonates with the right demographic, increasing the likelihood of conversion and maximizing the return on investment.

New travel lodging UI enhancements. The Microsoft Advertising platform is expanding its terminology for Lodging Solutions beyond just “hotels” to embrace all types of accommodation. With this in mind, Hotel Campaigns have been renamed to Lodging Campaigns, and all the “hotel” nomenclature has been updated to “property” nomenclature.

Vertical ads. Microsoft is also expanding vertical ads across the search partner network to enable advertisers to broaden the impact of their campaigns, including the introduction of Credit Card and Property Promotion ads, alongside existing offerings like Automotive & Tours and Activities ads.

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What has Microsoft said? Product marketing manager, Kevin Salat, said in a statement:

  • “With Microsoft Audience Ads, you can target your ideal audience based on Microsoft’s understanding of their interests and consumer intent signals. These high quality, cross-device ads show on sites like MSN, Microsoft Edge (the Microsoft browser), Outlook.com, and publisher placements.”
  • “Leveraging rich consumer intent signals, which include searches, web activity, profile data, and more, brands can serve highly relevant messages to an audience who’s ready to convert and reach them in beautiful placements across the web.”

Don’t forget. Microsoft Advertising’s Performance Max is still in open beta and available to start testing for your campaigns.

Deep dive. Read Microsoft’s announcement in full for more information.

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