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TikTok launches ads transparency library

TikTok has launched a Commercial Content Library to provide transparency around its paid advertising. Marketers will be able to use the database to research information about TikTok’s paid ads – as well as other content that’s commercial in nature, such as: The advertising creative. Dates the ad ran. Main parameters used for targeting (e.g. age,...Read More

Washington Post shares SEO and web performance guidelines

The Washington Post has published a document outlining its internal SEO and web performance best practices that anybody in news SEO will want to read. The document, Web Performance and SEO Best Practices and Guidelines, outlines what it calls “proven strategies and guidelines for optimizing web performance and search engine optimization (SEO).” SEO and web...Read More

28 growth strategies from 12 leading agencies

Agency owners and employees face significant challenges in managing clients, projects, and attracting new business. Without a clear guide, it can be overwhelming to navigate these tasks. In addition, rising costs and labor shortages make it crucial to prioritize growth while maintaining sustainability and profitability. In this guide, Vendasta has brought together the best of...Read More

Meta shares guidance on how to ‘integrate brands on Threads’

Meta has been advising creators on what content they should post on Threads. The social network reportedly provided extensive guidelines on how marketers can integrate their brands on the platform in a leaked email. The message allegedly provided creators with content suggestions, engagement ideas, feature recommendations and specific examples of what makes a good post...Read More

Microsoft Logo Extension rolls out globally in open beta

Microsoft’s Logo Extension pilot is now in open beta globally, the company has confirmed. Advertisers eligible to participate can choose to associate at the account, campaign or ad group level – but only one logo set up is allowed per association. Logo extensions are being served on Bing across computer, tablet and mobile devices, and can...Read More

How to use AI and Chrome extensions for quick SEO wins

In a fast-paced industry like SEO, quick wins are a constant challenge. How can you efficiently enhance rankings and drive growth for your website or clients? This article covers seven actionable, quick SEO wins achieved by combining AI-powered tools (like ChatGPT and Google Bard) with Chrome extensions.  1. Optimize titles and descriptions for improved click-through...Read More

9 warning signs your SEO consultant is NOT competent

With the rise of ChatGPT, automated SEO reporting and free courses and training, it’s never been easier to throw out a shingle and advertise as an “SEO consultant.” And why wouldn’t one want to do that?  The average salary for an SEO specialist per Glassdoor.com is projected at just over $56,000 as of June 2023....Read More