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Italian style in apartment interior decoration

European styles are presented in a wide variety. The Italian style occupies a special place among them. It was he who managed to absorb all the luxury, practicality, warmth of the European Mediterranean. Functionality and home comfort are appreciated in Italy. Modern Italian style in the interior adheres to these canons in every detail: from finishing to decor. It suits active, freedom-loving people. This publication examines the main features of the classic, modern Italian style in the design of a living space..

Design of the seating area of ​​the living room in the Italian style

Italian style combines classic design and architecture with the simplicity of a provincial village

Basic interior basics

Residents of southern Europe are very sensitive to the heritage of their homeland. Even the oldest traditions are impeccably observed. Despite technological advances, traditional furnishings are still used in design. In the southern European style, man-made furniture, expensive Venetian plaster, frescoes, and stucco moldings are used. These are the basic basics of direction.

Interior of the living room of a wooden house in Italian style

For the Italian style, spacious rooms with large windows are best suited.

Interior of an Italian living room in a panel house apartment

This can be either a house outside the city or an ordinary city apartment.

The most important requirement for furnishings is environmental friendliness. It is allowed to choose only safe, natural materials – natural motives create a special comfort in the living space. You can see the echoes of the country in this. However, unlike country music, various small details will be present in the setting. In the houses of real Italians, you can see various lamps, clocks, extraordinary dishes, photo frames, paintings. These little things do not just decorate an apartment, a private house.

Each of the items has its own unusual story, which the owners are happy to tell their guests about. Decorative items, souvenirs are constantly increasing in their quantity. Thanks to this, the design of the room is never monotonous..

Bedroom decor with unusual interior items

A floor lamp with an unusual shape draws attention to itself

Signs of a classic, modern interior

The concept of this style is divided into two directions. It can be classic, modern. What are their main differences?

Dark blue sofa in the interior of a classic Italian living room

The classic direction speaks of the desire of the owners of the house to revive the old days

living room interior with three narrow windows

Contemporary Italian style is an art space filled with non-trivial furnishings in the spirit of fashion

The signs of both directions are discussed in more detail in the table:

Signs Classic direction Modern direction
Finishing It is impossible to embody the classic Italian style in the interior without the use of expensive, natural materials. It is customary to use gypsum, ceramics for the walls, marble and parquet for the floor. The ceiling is usually decorated with wooden beams. The decoration should be devoid of expressive decor. It is better to choose finishing materials in light colors. They should be as close as possible to their natural appearance.. Not everyone likes the luxury, pretentiousness of the classics. A simpler “branch” of the Italian style is the modern trend. The decoration of the room in this case is carried out with practical materials. The walls are decorated with thick, washable wallpaper, decorative plaster, laminate and parquet are laid on the floor. The ceiling is decorated with a glossy tension structure. When choosing a finish, safety, environmental friendliness, and attractive design are also valued..
Design features of the room The main feature of this trend is the special configuration of the room. Large-format windows, columns, high ceilings add luxury to the furnishings. When arranging a private house, you definitely need to think about building a real fireplace. It is better to place it in the kitchen. The fireplace should be finished with natural stone, marble. These materials are not cheap. If the financial budget is limited, you can get by with special facing slabs that imitate the surface of natural stone.. A non-trivial approach is appreciated in modern Italian style. Usually, this direction is chosen by designers to decorate a room with an irregular, unconventional shape. If the room has a standard rectangular shape, partitions must be erected in it, various built-in niches are made. Instead of a real fireplace in apartments, you can install electric ones. Modern models of such fireplaces have a natural look. It is difficult to distinguish them from real ones at first sight..
Decor Classic interior design in Italian style is impossible without decent decor. Decorative items should act as focal points. You can decorate the apartment with a rare mirror, a valuable panel, a gilded baguette, an engraving, an expensive multi-tiered chandelier. Cute, dear heart trinkets can decorate a room in this direction: photo frames, souvenirs brought from travels, vases, books, unusual kitchen utensils. The number of accessories is practically unlimited. Flowers in pots can be used as interior decor..
Furniture The right furniture cannot be found in a simple furniture store. The hallmark of the classics is the rarity and exclusivity of the item. Furniture is best made to order using natural wood. In the trend of modern Italian style, furniture of an unusual shape with bright colors. It is imperative to place a large dining table in the dining area, and a metal bed in the bedroom. A distinctive feature of the kitchen will be a bar counter, the worktop of which will be made of stone. Unusual configuration should be the main criterion for choosing furniture. But practicality must not be forgotten. Furniture should be of high quality, functional.

LED ceiling lighting in the living room

Classic version of the Italian living room

Decorating the bedroom wall under the old brick

Modern bedroom in Italian style with a brick wall, deliberately finished slightly casually

Bright living room in the style of Italian Art Nouveau

Combinations of Italian style with modern are often found in modern interiors.

The subtleties of the selection of finishing materials

In the Italian interior, the quality of the decoration of the room plays an important role. When choosing finishing materials, the following criteria must be taken into account:

  1. Environmental friendliness. Residents of sunny Italy appreciate nature, are wary of anything that can be harmful to health. Even the paint used to decorate the walls in the room can cause tremendous harm. All building materials purchased for the home must be environmentally friendly..
  2. Naturalness. Choosing such an interior solution, you need to be prepared for high costs. This interior solution is characterized by a natural finish. They use wood, expensive marble, high-quality plaster, natural stone.

    Decorating the arch in the living room with red brick

    Brick finish or imitation in combination with wooden elements is popular.

  3. Purpose of the room. The choice of finishing should be based on the characteristics of a particular room. The bathroom is very humid. It can only be lined with water-resistant materials. A comfortable climate plays a huge role in the nursery. The kid should not run on the cold floor. Floor finishes should be selected based on this requirement..
  4. Performance. Finishing materials must be strong, resistant to mechanical damage, household cleaning products. High performance properties will allow you to enjoy the invariably beautiful atmosphere in the apartment for many years in a row..

    Interior of a spacious kitchen in Italian style

    Long lasting ceramic wall tiles and stone kitchen countertop

  5. Fire safety. Many natural facing materials are combustible. For example, the abundance of wood trim can lead to tragic consequences. All wood must be treated with a special impregnation. A more serious approach to laying the electrical network will help protect against fire in the house. This issue should only be dealt with by a professional..
  6. Compatibility with each other. Facing the floor, walls, ceiling should be in harmony.

Living room with plaster moldings on the ceiling

A ceiling with stucco molding will look good in the living room.

Color palette

It is impossible to embody the refined Italian style in the interior without the correct selection of the color palette. This issue needs to be given special attention. When choosing a color scheme, you need to take into account the basic rule – the color scheme should be warm. Cool shades are more suitable for minimalism, loft styles. The warm colors of the interior will visually increase the space, will cheer you up every day, and will warm you on cold winter evenings. The Italian interior is based on the colors of the sun, greenery, earth, sky. In one room, you can combine the tones of all four elements. However, there is no need to try to fit many shades into one room. It is enough to combine three or four tones with each other..

Floor vase with fresh flowers

The main shades should be warm tones associated with nature.

Stone wall cladding in the living room of a private house

The harmony of nature, transferred to a person’s dwelling, is the basis for the colorism of a house in the Italian spirit

It is better to start the selection of the color palette with finishing materials. Walls, ceiling should be decorated with light cladding. Light beige, milky tones will make the room spacious and airy. Any design details will look perfect on a light background. You can dilute the light ceiling with brown wooden beams. It is worth decorating the floor in the color of the beams. Different shades of brown are allowed.

Orange sofa in the interior of the living room with a fireplace

One room may contain contrasting furniture, such as brown armchairs and a bright orange sofa.

Upholstered furniture can be chosen in bright colors. Yellow, green, purple, olive – the upholstery can be done in any shade. A kitchen set can also be decorated with a bright facade. In the kitchen, you can use greenish shades. They will add freshness to the interior of the room, will awaken the appetite. Warm colors must be adhered to when choosing home textiles: towels, bed linen, curtains, and other details. Every little detail of the environment will play a significant role..

Painting the living room wall

Bright chairs in the living room of the Italian style

Italian style striped sofa in living room

Colorful upholstery of upholstered furniture in the Italian interior

Decorating rooms

Having chosen the Italian style for the interior of your own apartment, it is important to adhere to all the basic foundations of the direction. One of the features is the rich decor of the premises..

Figurine of an angel on a shelf with books

A figurine of an angel on a bookshelf is a great idea for a home library decor

The following recommendations will help you to decorate the room correctly:

  • Copper pans, dried herbs, knives, original jars of spices – all this should become an integral part of the kitchen. Such items are on display in Italy. The inhabitants of this country love to cook, they do it often, a lot. For the convenience of cooking, most items should always be at hand.

    Decorating Italian cuisine with utensils

    Kitchen interior is based on little things

  • You can decorate the bathroom with an unusual pattern applied to the tiles. Ideally, this should be a seascape. Large terry towels, gilded plumbing can become a decoration.

    Spacious bathroom with ceramic mosaic on the floor

    Bathroom decoration with elements of Italian style

  • It is customary to decorate the nursery with an abundance of soft toys, dolls, cars. The child himself can take part in the process of decorating the room. The bed is decorated with a canopy, various stickers with patterns, images of animals are glued on the cabinets.
  • Framed black and white family photos, paintings, murals, painting can be used to decorate the living room, bedroom. Italians love painting, sculpture, everything related to art. Each painting should be beautifully framed. Better to choose wooden frames.

    Interior of a bright bedroom in Italian style

    Bedroom wall decoration with handmade art painting

  • The original solution will be a hand-painted ceiling. However, it must be flawless. The painting will catch the eye instantly, so even minor flaws can ruin the effect. An experienced master should be trusted to paint the ceiling. The work is creative and laborious. You will have to pay a round sum for it..
  • You can decorate the corridor, the hallway with unusual shoe shelves, a metal bench. It is also a good solution to install a large mirror in a gilded frame. Illumination can be made around the mirror. This will partially solve the problem of lack of light in the hallway, will help to highlight the mirror against the background of the wall..

    Interior of a spacious hallway in Italian style

    Ceramic flooring in the lobby of a country house

Curtains are an integral part of the decor

It is difficult to imagine the authentic Italian style in the interior without luxurious Italian curtains. Their first appearance dates from the eighteenth century. Such curtains were previously used in the designs of castles and palaces. They were the embodiment of aristocracy and sophistication. Today, you cannot do without them when decorating the design of an apartment, cottage, dacha.

Italian curtains made of dense material in the living room of a city apartment

A distinctive feature of classic Italian curtains is that they do not move apart

Living room decoration in beige tones

The color of the curtains should be in harmony with the interior of the room.

Real curtains from Italy have several distinctive features:

  1. Eaves fix the top of the curtains firmly. The curtains are opened by collecting diagonally, followed by fixation with a lace. The material can be dissolved, collected at will.
  2. Curtains for wide windows are not made whole. They do not connect in the middle, only cover the corners of the window opening. This option is perfect for the living room..
  3. Many models of curtains are inherent in layering. The canvases simply overlap each other. To preserve the drawing, a translucent fabric is used for the manufacture of canvases..
  4. Kitchen curtains are usually rolled. They are convenient to use, easy to clean, let in the required amount of sunlight. Roller blinds can be decorated with a beautiful pattern, ornament.
  5. Curtains made in Italy are expensive. Don’t look for a cheap alternative. This product is a fake. He will quickly lose his appearance.

Interior of a large kitchen with arches

Italian style is suitable for lovers of classics, or rather its Mediterranean direction

Video on how to decorate a classic Italian interior

Photo of the design of rooms in the Italian style

Kitchen table with solid wood top Bed with curly wooden elements Living room design in modern Italian style Retro lamp on the ceiling of the kitchen Italian Art Nouveau dining area Bright armchairs near the fireplace in the living room Black furniture in the living room with stone cladding Classic furniture with white upholstery Wooden furniture in the interior of the kitchen Wooden beams in the white bedroom Design of a large living room of a country house Country house living room with fireplace Living room design with two sofas Glass chandelier on the stucco ceiling Natural stone in the design of the bedroom Living room decoration in pastel colors White bed in the girl's room Long curtains in the living room of a private house Hydrangea branches in a vase on the living room table Living room design with a two-level ceiling Apartment interior in Italian style Green color in the design of the living room Coffee table on a forged frame Wooden floor in the kitchen of an Italian home bathroom interior in Italian style Decorating a bedroom with two mirrors Entrance hall with classic white furniture Arched opening between the living room and dining room Bedroom wall decor wallpaper with floral ornament Open shelves with antique vases Vase with fresh flowers on a metal table Colorful pillows on a beige sofa Red furniture in a gray living room Wardrobes with curtains in the bedroom Beige carpet on brown floor Fireplace in the interior of the kitchen-living room Round window in the bathroom Corner sofa in front of the fireplace in the living room Bright lighting in the kitchen with a wooden set Hall-living room interior with high ceiling Soft armchair in the lobby of a country house Two armchairs with geometric print on the upholstery Built-in illuminated shelves in the living room of a private house panoramic window with an arch in the living room Two washbasins in the bathroom Dark furniture with leather upholstery Glossy floor in a classic style bedroom Library interior in a country villa Yellow tablecloth on a table in a rural house

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