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U-shaped kitchen: layout rules, design ideas

A U-shaped kitchen involves placing combined furniture on three sides. This is a convenient option if you often cook at home, have a large family and a fairly spacious kitchen. Having chosen this option, you should take care of how to properly design a U-shaped kitchen.

U-shaped kitchen.

U-shaped kitchen design.

Features of the design of the U-shaped kitchen

The most common kitchen design is straight. It is suitable for both small and spacious rooms. This is the option that we are used to seeing in small Khrushchev houses or in apartments of the old layout. The U-shaped look has become common not so long ago. And now not every housewife will resort to it, since it has its own characteristics..

Small kitchen design.

U-shaped kitchen in a small room.

Why is this layout good??

The first and indisputable plus is comfort. By placing all the elements of the work area close to each other, and the storage space is opposite the work area. The working area includes:

  • plate;
  • fridge;
  • washing;
  • Desktop

Black and white kitchen.

U-shaped kitchen design in black and white.

With this layout, you can choose any option for placing furniture and appliances. The sink, for example, can be made both angular and flat. Make an oven under the stove or built into a pencil case. Such a kitchen opens up all the possibilities.

On a note! The distance between the elements of the working area must be at least one meter..

The advantages of a U-shaped kitchen.

The advantage of such a kitchen is that everything you need is at hand..

Disadvantages of a U-shaped kitchen

Despite all the comfort of the proposed layout, it also has disadvantages. One of them is the high cost. Considering that the kit includes not only wall cabinets, a vanity unit and a stove, then the cost also increases. The third wall is often occupied by a bar counter or an additional table, often serving as a dining room. And this is also additional spending.

kitchen U-shaped set.

The only drawback of this design is the high cost..

Another disadvantage is the size of such a kitchen. In this version, the furniture is located on three sides of the kitchen, so the room must be wide enough.

Important! A U-shaped kitchen should not be done if the width of the room is less than 2.2m.

U-shaped kitchen design

If, having studied all the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed layout, you decide to stop at this option, then you need to think about the design of the u-shaped kitchen. At first, it seems that everything is simple: install the furniture with the letter p, squeeze in the appliances, and you’re done. But in fact, such a layout involves many design options..

U-shaped kitchen disadvantages.

It is advisable to design a U-shaped kitchen only if the width of the room is more than 3 meters.

With the installation of a bar counter

The first and most common option is to add a bar counter. Due to the fact that such a layout with a small space does not make it possible to select a large dining area, the bar counter is a good choice. It will replace the dining table and fulfill its intended purpose, and can also serve as an additional work space..

Important! When installing the bar counter, be sure to take into account the height of the main elements of the U-shaped layout.

kitchens with a bar counter.

U-shaped kitchen design with a bar counter.

If you want a full-fledged bar counter, make it stepped. This can be done in two ways:

  • Additional section on top. You will get a kind of superstructure, which can be made in the form of a step with free space or in the form of a curbstone. The first option is more practical, since the space under the countertop can be used.
  • Additional section on the side. In this case, a full-fledged bar counter is made, which is several levels above the usual countertop..

Bar counter in the kitchen.

Bar counter in the design of a small kitchen.

Choose any suitable option, and proceed to the choice.

With window

Another important element is the window. It should be in every kitchen. And with the U-shaped design, the window turns out to be involved. However, you can plan the kitchen so that the window is at the base of the letter p, in which case it will not be used. But this option is also somewhat inconvenient for several reasons:

  • the source of natural light is behind;
  • an unused window takes up extra space.

Window in the kitchen design.

U-shaped kitchen design with a window.

Therefore, it is better to use the window and make one of the zones of the U-shaped layout. Often, the window sill is extended and converted into a work area or bar counter. In this situation, the design project of an u-shaped kitchen with a window will be the most convenient and harmonious.

Advice! It is better not to use a countertop combined with a windowsill for cooking, otherwise the lower part of the window will get dirty faster..

Window in the kitchen.

Interior of a small kitchen with a large window.

With an island

This option can be done only if the dimensions of the kitchen are quite large. Usually, the island is located in the middle of the letter p, and can act as:

  1. working surface: the oven, sink and cutting table are located here;
  2. dining table (somewhat inconvenient option);
  3. bar counter;
  4. storage spaces.

Kitchen with an island.

U-shaped kitchen design with an island.

The most common are the first and third options. You can combine them. The island is convenient in that it can be made of any height, and it is not necessary to match it with the height of the main tabletops.

Kitchen-living room

By combining the kitchen with the living room, you increase its space. In this case, you can move the dining area to the living room and fully use the kitchen. Here it is possible to make both an island and a separate full-fledged bar counter, and not use the window sill as a work surface.

country studio apartment.

Country style kitchen-living room design.

Important! The window can be left unused only if this does not interfere with the full natural lighting of the room.

With such a general layout, it is better to make a bar counter bordering the living room. It is very convenient, and thus you visually separate the kitchen from the living room..

Important! If the kitchen is combined with the living room, be sure to take care of a high-quality hood..

Kitchen-living room design.

Kitchen-living room design with a bar.

Small kitchen

We mentioned that if the room is small, it is better to refuse such a layout. But when the choice has already been made, and you do not want to deviate from it, then you can apply this option for a small kitchen. But with changes.

In this case, it is important to make the most of the usable space. Here are some examples:

  • use the windowsill as a work area;
  • reduce the work space;
  • use more space for hanging cabinets;
  • make one side of the headset narrower.

Small kitchen.

In a small kitchen, you can use the window sill as a workspace.

But make sure that there is not a large pile of furniture and equipment, otherwise the room will seem even smaller.

Color palette options

Do not forget that the correct selection of colors will help you to successfully highlight the advantages of the chosen interior and hide the flaws..

The color of the headset in the kitchen.

If the kitchen has a large area, then the headset should be chosen in dark colors, if with a small one – in light colors..

In bright colors

Light shades are a good option for both small and spacious kitchens. They will be especially appropriate in the first version, because light colors help to visually enlarge the space. This technique can be more advantageously applied along with the use of glossy surfaces and an abundance of light..

For a spacious room, this option is also suitable. This way you can create a sense of celebration and sophistication..

The kitchen is bright.

Design of a small kitchen in light colors.

Among light shades, the following are very popular:

  • White;
  • beige;
  • lactic;
  • ivory;
  • peach and other pastel colors.

Do not forget about the existence of light shades of bright colors: pink, azure, mint, blue, etc..

Bright kitchen.

Light shades contribute to the visual expansion of the space.

In dark shades

Dark for the kitchen will be beneficial in that various contaminants are less visible on it. By choosing dark shades for the U-shaped kitchen project, you will somewhat deviate from stereotypes and create a modern design, because recently there has been a tendency for the predominance of dark tones in the design of living quarters. If you are ready for such transformations, feel free to act.

Important! You can use dark colors only for decorating a spacious kitchen..

Dark kitchen.

U-shaped kitchen interior in dark colors.

In a small room, such a solution will become extremely unprofitable, because dark colors will make it even smaller and darker. In this case, the leaders are black, gray, brown, dark green and blue..

Using bright accents

Bright accents are the best option for creating a colorful kitchen. With this technique, you can highlight different areas. It will also help to focus attention to the necessary details, taking your eyes away from unwanted.

U-shaped wooden kitchen.

U-shaped kitchen with wooden worktop.

For bright accents, both warm and cold shades are used. Among the most popular are the following:

  • crimson;
  • blue;
  • green;
  • yellow;
  • Red;
  • purple.

You can select the entire kitchen set or its individual parts, as well as the apron (wall above the work surface).

On a note! It is better to use warm colors for kitchen design..

U-shaped kitchen.

U-shaped kitchen interior with refrigerator.

Style solutions

The choice is unlimited here. You can choose one direction, and completely follow its canons, or combine the existing styles, creating your own. The first option is more common, since it is difficult for an inexperienced designer (and sometimes a professional) to combine different styles to get an adequate option. The most common kitchen styles are:

  • high tech;
  • classical;
  • provence;
  • country;
  • minimalism.

Kitchen with an island.

U-shaped kitchen interior with an island.

Ethnic trends are also used, but this option is for connoisseurs of a specific culture..

Kitchen lighting

Lighting in this room plays a big role, both natural and artificial..

Important! The work area must be well lit.

Kitchen lighting.

Kitchen lighting.

It is better to have a lot of light on the work area. Also take care of additional fixtures installed in the furniture..

Also, don’t forget about basic lighting. Depending on the style, it can be a chandelier or lamps in a modern design..

Design options and furniture arrangement

Most of the furniture arrangement options are standard. First, determine the location of the main elements of the working area, they should be close to each other, and then proceed in any order. The main thing when planning furniture placement is comfort..

Lighting in the kitchen.

In addition to natural lighting, you need to take care of good lighting of the space..

Professional Design Tips

The main tips of the professionals have been outlined above. To summarize, let’s put them together in a guide:

  • The main thing is convenience. Plan your kitchen so that all of its details fully fulfill their purpose.
  • For more space, actually shrink one area of ​​the U-shaped design..
  • Use light colors and glossy surfaces to increase the space visually..
  • Do not clutter furniture and appliances, even in a small kitchen there should be enough free space.
  • Choose one style and follow its tenets.

Built-in appliances in the kitchen.

In small rooms, you can use built-in household appliances.

Now you know the main secrets of arranging an u-shaped kitchen, and you can safely start repairing.

Video: U-shaped kitchen layout

50 photo ideas for the design of the U-shaped kitchen

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