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High-tech kitchen design: style features

A high-tech kitchen will especially appeal to those who value ergonomics and convenience of space. It will be appreciated at its true worth by people who are sickened by the abundance of decor, since this style tends towards minimalism. But with all this, it is as convenient as possible for life..

High-tech kitchen.

High-tech kitchen interior design.

The main characteristic features of the style:

  • minimalism, which manifests itself in everything, from large forms of furniture to small elements of decor and decoration;
  • geometric shapes – all lines should be predominantly straight, there are no ornate and complex multi-part contours;
  • primary colors should be neutral;
  • colored spots are allowed as accents, but they must be strictly dosed;
  • the materials used should be emphasized synthetic – plastic, glass, metal, various polymers and rubbers are the best option for decorating such a room;
  • surfaces should be smooth, the presence of milling on cabinets or textured chamfers on the edges is undesirable;
  • the texture should be as mirror-like and glossy as possible;
  • it is necessary to use the latest modern technologies – they should be displayed for everyone to see;
  • lighting must be organized in a complex, multi-level way – dividing the kitchen area into separate zones, based on functionality.

High-tech kitchen interior.

High-tech uses neutral colors.

Additional Information! The high-tech style looks great both in the smallest kitchen area and in spacious rooms. This design will also look original in the kitchen-living room..

A bar counter in a high-tech style kitchen can emphasize the individuality of the room, giving it even greater originality.

Kitchen interior design.

High-tech interior is easy to decorate in both small and large rooms.

High-tech kitchen

When organizing a kitchen, first of all, it is necessary to build on the area that is available. If the kitchen is combined with the living room, then it is best to use the design of the bar counter for zoning. It is she who will serve as that conditional line that will delimit the living room space from the kitchen area.

How to decorate a high-tech interior.

A high-tech kitchen should have strict and clear lines..

Despite the fact that such a design is often criticized, both experts and amateurs can find fault with it, but in fact, it is this kind of differentiation that is not only stylish, but also functional.

Straight lines and crisp shapes

The lines that form the contours of all the products in the kitchen should be as simple as possible. they can be either linear or curved. but in the case of curved lines, they should have large radii and do not represent excessive ornateness.

High-tech in the kitchen.

Despite its simplicity, hi-tech requires a decent amount of money..

If we talk about the shapes of products, then these are mainly the simplest geometric shapes, such as a square, rectangle, circle or oval. These forms are realized both on the doors of kitchen cabinets, as well as decorative elements, and lighting fixtures..

Kitchen set and household appliances

A modern high-tech kitchen should have strict and clear lines. They manifest themselves in everything – kitchen sets, chairs, tables, lighting fixtures..

High-tech equipment.

Built-in appliances will be an excellent solution for a high-tech kitchen..

Despite the seeming simplicity, hi-tech will require certain financial costs. You will not be able to save money here – the kitchen must be made to order, since it must clearly fit into the available space. In addition, if an island kitchen is planned, for example, with a bar counter, then it will require an individual solution..

high-tech kitchen.

U-shaped high-tech kitchen.

If you want to achieve the effect of increasing space, then the facades can be made in the same tone as the walls. Thus, they seem to dissolve into the interior. It is also recommended that the upper cabinets are carried out to the ceiling – this will allow more ergonomic use of the space, since everything will fit here, both kitchen utensils and various supplies..

High-tech materials.

In high-tech style, preference should be given to artificial materials..

Note! In order to facilitate the maintenance of the room, as well as to give it maximum originality, the lower cabinets can be made hanging. In this case, they will have no legs, they will seem to be floating in the air. In addition, in this case, if a leak occurs, the cabinets will not be damaged..

High-tech kitchen cabinets.

Top cabinets to the ceiling save space.

Choosing the design of kitchen cabinets, you can choose the following design options:

  • linear – placed along one of the walls;
  • corner – kitchen cabinets are placed along two adjacent walls;
  • island – ideal when the island is used as a bar counter separating the kitchen and living room space;
  • U-shaped – can be used only in large rooms, whose space allows three walls to be occupied by kitchen cabinets – as a rule, the smaller side is located under the window.

High-tech corner kitchen.

High-tech corner kitchen in gray tones.

Textures and materials

When choosing materials for a high-tech kitchen, you must prefer artificial materials. A variety of polymers and rubbers will work best. If you want to use wood, then it must be covered with a thick layer of varnish, which will create an intense gloss. It’s also nice to complement plastic or wood materials with chrome-plated glossy or brushed metal. Moreover, steel looks best, as it emphasizes industrialization and high technology..

Glossy kitchen design.

Purple and white high-tech kitchen with glossy facades.

When choosing a modern kitchen design with a bar counter, it is best to prefer the plastic option. In this case, it is easier to implement any form of complexity, both linear and rounded..

Important! If a tree is chosen for the rack, then it is worth making it rectangular, with clear straight lines..

High-tech kitchen in the interior.

White hi-tech kitchen with wooden dining table.

Color solutions

Choosing a color scheme for high-tech, it is necessary to start from minimalism in this case. The following colors should be preferred:

  • White;
  • lactic;
  • light gray;
  • dark grey;
  • black;
  • shades of beige;
  • Brown.

High-tech beige kitchen.

High-tech kitchen in beige tones.

It is important to remember that these are not all color tones that a given style allows. But they should serve as the basis that will form the common space. Color accents are also allowed, but they must be limited in area..

When using bright spots, you should choose saturated colors that are close to spectrally pure:

  • bright red;
  • light green;
  • dark purple;
  • lilac;
  • ultramarine blue.

High-tech shades.

A maximum of three different shades can be used in a design..

Also, when choosing the tones of the kitchen, you must be guided by the following rules:

  • the smaller the room, the lighter it should be – this will help visually expand the space, preventing the formation of a gloomy room;
  • black colors as a base can only be used over a large area;
  • bright white should be used correctly, taking into account the illumination of the room – windows should face south or east, so that there is enough sunlight in the room, otherwise the bright white color takes on a dirty tone.

Kitchen set design.

For large rooms, you can choose a headset in dark shades..

In addition, it is necessary to smooth out minimalism by playing different textures. Combinations in which matte and glossy surfaces are used look beautiful. In addition, different materials should be combined – polished wood looks original in combination with plastic or chrome-plated metal.


When choosing a method of wall decoration, one should prefer plain wallpaper without a textured pattern or with a slight, neutral ornament. But it should be made exclusively on a combination of different textures, not colors..

High-tech walls.

Wall color should match the overall interior design.

You can also use decorative paint.

Floor and ceiling

When decorating the ceiling, you can choose several options:

  • tighten it with PVC film;
  • create a multi-level plasterboard structure with point light elements.

Stretch ceilings in the kitchen.

In high-tech, stretch ceiling structures are usually used..

Note! If we talk about the design of the ceiling, then whatever it may be, it should include several zones to form the correct lighting. This must be taken into account immediately, at the finishing stage, so that later you do not have to think about where to build point light sources.

In order to finish the floor, you can choose different options:

  • self-leveling floor;
  • glossy laminate or parquet board;
  • tiles with natural stone effect.

high-tech floor.

Glossy laminate will be the best option for the floor.

Curtains and windows

Choosing a textile window design, you should give preference to the simplest curtains. They should be plain and simple in design. Eliminate the presence of lambrequins, ruffles and flounces – they will destroy a single harmonious space of style.

It is also possible to use a variety of blinds, ramonets and roman blinds.

Roman curtains.

Roman blinds in high-tech interior design.


Lighting is an important element of a high-tech interior. It should be well thought out and not leave dark areas in the kitchen. Therefore, most often they use several levels of light..

The main source is the central ceiling chandelier in the small kitchen. Or two chandeliers in a large room – one is located above the working area, the other is needed for the dining room.

High-tech lighting.

High-tech lighting design.

In addition, it is necessary to place point light sources over the entire ceiling area..

It is also possible to provide tape lighting along the bottom line of the upper cabinets and even under the hinged lower cabinets. This will give a sense of lightness to the whole room..

The central luminaire should be made of metal or glass and have a simple shape..

Linear high-tech kitchen.

High-tech linear kitchen design.

Accessories and decor

When choosing accessories and decor for a high-tech kitchen with a bar, you should give preference to simple designs. Simple geometric flower pots made in a monochromatic version of unusual materials can best decorate the room. Chrome matte or glossy towel and napkin holders are also suitable. Geometric glass vases and wine glasses – in the same place will add coziness and comfort to the room.

High-tech kitchen design

Design can be complemented with various decorative elements.

Style guidelines

Before decorating a high-tech kitchen, you need to consider numerous photos that will give a clear idea of ​​this style..

If there is no firm confidence in the high-tech style, then it can be combined with other design options. To do this, you can choose modern, minimalism, art deco, pop art and loft. They can be organically combined in one room..

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