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Classic TV cabinet design

Technology has flooded the life of a modern person. TVs are large or small, flat or three-dimensional, there are in every apartment, house, sometimes they are even installed in offices. After buying a TV, the issue of placement becomes important. To do this, choose a piece of furniture that matches the interior of the room..

Photo of a TV stand design for a large and spacious room

Spacious large room with a TV stand in a classic style

The key to a smart choice bedside tables under the TV in the classic style its parameters stand out, which depend on the placed equipment. This factor is responsible for the strength and safety of the installation, and therefore must be strictly observed..

Classic TV cabinet design

TVs are large or small, flat or three-dimensional are in every apartment, house, sometimes they are even installed in offices

Choosing the size of the TV stand

When buying, it is important to remember that nightstand classic TV should not be less than the dimensions of the TV itself. This property affects the stability and safety of the installation, therefore it must be accurately executed. The shelves that complement the curbstone are offered in unusual geometric shapes, and the facades are open or closed. The presence of accessories in the form of handles is optional.

TV stand design in a strict classic style

Classic, austere TV cabinet

On a note. In large rooms, objects look smaller, therefore, being in a shopping center, do not rush to abandon a small-sized cabinet. It is possible that it will be just right for your living room. Consider the likelihood of “visual confusion”.

Interesting classic TV cabinet design

Interesting classic TV cabinet design

Before purchasing, you should familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the stand you like, namely the volume of the permissible load. Even a small overload can cause damage to a piece of furniture, and as a result, damage to equipment. It is advisable to choose furniture items designed for a weight that exceeds the TV with accessories. The composition of the TV stand design is not less than its parameters and overall “endurance”.

Dark wood TV cabinet design

Dark brown wooden TV stand

Positive properties

Furniture manufacturers have provided their products with the following benefits:

  1. This is a stand for TV equipment, and, in addition, it is a good place to place the necessary accessories..
  2. This piece of furniture hides the necessary things in itself, which frees up the space of the room..
  3. The presence of a cable channel helps to hide power cords and cables.

Positive properties

When buying, it is important to remember that a classic-style TV bedside table should not be less than the dimensions of the TV itself

Production material

One of the standard purchases for living room in classic style is an TV stand. Modern plasma monitors do not need stands. In such cases, the piece of furniture serves as a container for newspapers, magazines, books or CDs. The furniture market offers the following options for production materials:

Design of a large and bright room with a TV stand

Massive TV stand for a large and bright room

  1. Solid wood.
  2. Particleboard / MDF.
  3. Glass.
  4. Metal.

    Classic TV stand for a spacious room

    Spacious room with classic TV stand

Classic TV cabinet, made of solid wood, will add aristocracy to the living room. Openwork carving will make it exquisite and original. Massive wooden options are made from oak, pine, ash and other species. Such an element of furniture will serve for many years, combining the properties of functionality and aesthetics. However, a stumbling block in the acquisition may be a moderately high price..

Photo of the design of a TV stand for a room with dark furniture

Dark TV stand for a large room with bright lighting

By the way, how its dimensions will be perceived visually depends on the material of the stand..

Particleboard and MDF on the furniture market are offered as an inexpensive analogue of solid wood. These are chipboards, the creation of which began in the countries of the American continent. The disadvantage of low quality chipboard is the release of formaldehyde. In the manufacture of such material, wood shavings are used, pressed at high temperatures. Synthetic resin is used as a binder.

Photo of a TV stand design for a large room

Bright and large room with a classic TV stand

MDF material is valued higher than particleboard due to its quality, strength and environmental friendliness, which is reflected in its price. The production uses wood fibers and binders. MDF bedside tables are popular due to their affordability and ease of maintenance. The advantage of the slabs is a wide range of colors. An element of furniture made of chipboard, depending on the type of construction, can visually clutter up a room.

Production material

An element of furniture made of chipboard, depending on the type of construction, can visually clutter up a room.

Glass in furniture production is used thickened and impact-resistant. For furniture, choose matte or colored. In the case of glass TV cabinet in classic style it’s not just color and material that matters. The dimensions, the number of shelves and the composition of the structure are taken into account. A glass TV stand of any format looks sophisticated and neat. This gives the room lightness and fills with light. Glass TV poles are manufactured using the latest technology, which gives them reliability and protects against damage.

TV cabinet with light top and dark legs

Classic TV stand in a combination of two colors

Metal for the production of nightstands is usually used in combination with glass. Stands made from these materials are suitable for plasma and LCD TVs. Stands like this are appropriate for the Hi-Teck style. Glass is processed at special temperatures to prevent scratches. Ideal for classic style interior will be forged TV stand. It is of high quality and original decor..

Classic TV stand with deep comfortable shelves

Unusual TV stand with built-in shelves

Forged products are created on the basis of various style projects. The sleek design will become a decorative element of the room, even if there are no other forging items. Today people have changed their attitude towards antique furniture items. Their convenience, aesthetics and functionality are highly appreciated. Skillful hands of craftsmen create stylish, modern things from malleable metal. The forged pedestal will withstand any loads, in addition, it will be as stable as possible.

TV cabinet with built-in drawer

Milky light cabinet with a comfortable design

Furniture made in a classic style should be massive, but graceful. Having studied the market offers, we can conclude that solid wood and metal will be a suitable material for the stand. They will emphasize the elegance and aristocracy of the interior of the room. Coasters made of laminated chipboard will be more affordable. Additional decorative elements add attractiveness to the style. Drawers made of wood material look warm and cozy.

Production material

Glass in furniture production is used thickened and impact-resistant


Today furniture manufacturers are selling TV tables in classic style various devices: from ordinary shelves to solid systems with auxiliary shelves for storing household items. Depending on the installation area, the pedestals are distinguished:

Dark TV cabinet with drawer

Original TV stand in dark color with built-in drawer

  1. Floor standing.
  2. Suspended.

The floor stand for the TV is a convenient and functional accessory where related devices are also placed. These include a DVD player, satellite tuner, and home theater equipment. Pedestals can consist of one to three shelves of different heights, which should be taken into account based on the parameters of the auxiliary equipment. Separately, the cabinet can include shelves and drawers for cassettes and discs.

Dark stylish TV stand for room decor

Classic TV cabinet style for interior in dark color

Most often, a floor TV stand has a modest size and is installed opposite a sofa or an upholstered corner. The options are unlimited. Furniture companies offer rectangular, semicircular, oval TV tables, which look organic in classic style interior. To save space, a kind of corner stand will be convenient..


The hanging stand is refined and light in shape

The hanging stand is distinguished by its sophistication and lightness of shape. The cabinets look elegant, so they harmoniously fit into the modern style of the room. In addition to visual perfection, this piece of furniture is multifunctional and demonstrates a long service life. Depending on the hangers, the stand may be limited by the weight of the TV to be placed.

Classic TV stand for bright and stylish decor

Original room decor with a classic TV stand

In addition to the usual design, in the form of a rack, the stand can have a specific mount for an LCD and plasma monitor. The presence of such an attachment increases the safety of installation and allows you to adjust the viewing angle independently according to your own wishes. To do this, purchase a cabinet with an adjustable mounting bracket..

Dark classic TV stand for black wall

Black wall with massive dark TV stand

It is important to know the maximum load on the holder and the parameters of the TV for which it is intended..

Classic TV bedside tables available with feet or castors. The choice of the appropriate option depends on the location of the furniture item. For optimal movement around the room, it is better to give preference to roller feet. The casters in the pedestals are coated with a special substance that prevents the floor from scratching. Installed clamps prevent them from involuntary movement.

Unusual TV stand for a strictly living room design style

The original idea for the design of a strict TV stand

The nuances of buying

Before purchasing TV stands in classic style its location should be determined. The stand must match the style and color of the furnishings present in the apartment. It is important to choose a shade that is organic to the overall color gamut. The design of the bedside table is selected based on the appearance of the TV and its level. For modern technology, a stand of outstanding design will be appropriate..

The nuances of buying

The stand must match the style and color of the furnishings present in the apartment.

In the case of colors, it is better to choose the color of the wood furniture. Designers offer options for dark and light shades. Black and brown tones add solidity to the furniture. It looks harmoniously on TV bedside table in classic style.

Unusual light stand for a large TV

Light stand for a large TV in a classic design

For a long service life of such a piece of furniture, it is important to make sure of its quality. All retractable parts must have excellent fasteners that will ensure smooth sliding. It is important to pay extra attention to the quality of the fittings.

Solid dark TV stand

Wooden large TV stand

Aesthetics, sophistication and solidity are the features inherent in the classic style. Buying a TV stand does not need to be rushed. It is worth considering the nuances. Don’t make sudden purchases a breeze. First, it is important to realize the usefulness and value of the acquisition, to imagine how harmonious it looks among other furniture items..

Massive TV stand for a spacious room

Spacious room with dark walls and a massive TV stand

TV cabinet Melania ME 125/1 Melania collection of classic Chinese furniture

Classic TV cabinets 40 photo ideas:

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