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Modern kitchen-living room design with an area of ​​20 sq. meters

The world of beauty and comfort is constantly changing, this provides owners with the opportunity to realize their wildest fantasies, a competent designer will always direct them in the right direction. Like all others, the living room kitchen design is 20 sq. meters is created subject to certain rules. Furnishing elements should be not only beautiful, stylish, but also functional..

Zoning with a sofa in the kitchen-living room

An area of ​​20 squares is enough space for arranging a comfortable and beautiful kitchen-living room

Creation of modern design

Numerous fashion trends have their own distinctive features, subtleties, but there are several rules that are relevant for everyone:

  1. Any room, regardless of how many functional areas it is divided, should look complete, harmonious.
  2. The kitchen-living room will look harmonious, with the correct selection of the overall color scheme, a single style.
  3. The arrangement of furniture should take into account all the features of the room..

Kitchen-living room design with two windows

Ideally, the kitchen-living room should consist of a dining area, seating and work space.

Brick bar counter in the interior of the kitchen-living room

Furniture, interior items and decoration must be consistent in the same style, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve a harmonious combination

Competent zoning options

In a room divided into several zones, it is important to correctly zoning. A room of 20 square meters is ideal for this, it remains to correctly integrate the space.

Glass partition between kitchen and living room

You can separate the working area with a sliding glass partition, which will not shade the space and protect the other room from odors and noise

Zoning can be done in several ways:

Bar counter One of the most popular and rational options. The counter not only makes the room stylish, unusual, but also divides the space, plays the role of a table for eating. It fits perfectly into the styles of minimalism, high-tech. In a room of 20 or more squares, you can install massive bar counters made of steel, stone, wood, glass.
Partition made of plasterboard and other materials It is undesirable for the partition to be too massive, with complex shapes, this makes the overall impression of the interior heavier. The plasterboard partition will be an excellent platform for hanging shelves, paintings, TV. It can be of different heights, for example, from floor to mid-wall or from floor to ceiling. Width can also vary.
Mobile sliding partitions Such a model will help to divide the room into 2 separate rooms at any time. They are made of glass, plastic, metal. To decorate the interior, you can apply a drawing on them, make the glass matte
Decoration Materials This technique helps to avoid massive, dividing structures. Functional zones are highlighted in color, textured, materials in decoration.
Lighting In a multifunctional room, the light is separate. All zones are highlighted separately. The arrangement of lighting devices is developed separately, must be agreed with a specialist in this field.
Furniture The most commonly used splitting method is installing a large sofa with its back to the kitchen. You can also use a rack, wardrobe.

Kitchen-living room interior in classic style

The bar counter is perfect for the role of a space divider

Most modern designers recommend placing the main emphasis on the bar counter. This will save more free space, there is no need to install a table, plus it makes the room more playful, stylish..

Light plasterboard partition in the interior of the kitchen-living room 20 squares

Plasterboard partitions are easy to install and can be of completely different designs

Zoning of the kitchen-living room is carried out using the selection of matching colors, textures, materials. In the kitchen, practical finishes are preferable, for example, tiles; parquet and carpet are placed in the living room. The interior design of the kitchen-living room of 20 sq m is not overloaded, a lot of decorations, decor are not recommended.

Subtleties of combination

The combined kitchen-living room is organized in 2 cases: in a studio-type dwelling, in a standard apartment by demolishing a wall. It is important that it is not a carrier. For demolition, you need to obtain a special permit, without it, a fine is imposed.

Kitchen-living room plan with an area of ​​20 square meters

To demolish a wall, you need to obtain permission and make a project

Pros and cons of combining

Any redevelopment implies a major overhaul. Here it is necessary to take into account all the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure..

  • Advantages. Getting a more spacious room with the ability to implement any design idea; increasing the level of natural light; the possibility of communication between the hostess and guests, without leaving the stove; the owner can cook and look after the household in the living room; no need to install 2 TVs, one will be enough.
  • Disadvantages. The smell of food will spread over the entire 20 square meters; you will need to install a powerful exhaust system; noise when working with electrical appliances; the need for frequent wet cleaning.

Comfortable dining area in the kitchen of the living room 20 square meters

The combined room has a place for a normal dining area

Multi-colored chairs at the dining table in the kitchen-living room

Connecting two small rooms into one will expand the functionality of each zone

Renovation of the kitchen-living room 20 sq. m, if there are two windows and not only

If the future kitchen-living room has one or more windows, it is recommended to focus on them. With their help, the room will have a lot of natural light, the style will be unique, inimitable.

Beige curtains on the windows of the kitchen-living room

Windows can be decorated with different types of curtains, but of the same color

You can arrange windows symmetrically and asymmetrically. In the first case, the interior will look the same even if there is decor between the windows; floor lamps can be placed on both sides. In the second case, the design of the openings can be radically different, but the style direction should be the same..

Selection of furniture

In a combined room, you should not arrange furniture as you want. There are certain rules and guidelines. To save free space, the elements are installed in a straight line or with the letter G. Large-sized furniture is also not desirable. Hanging boxes would be an excellent option, in them you can remove all kitchen utensils, the necessary little things..

An example of a competent arrangement of furniture in the kitchen-living room

It is very important to arrange the furniture correctly.

Design of the working area in the kitchen-living room

It is better to furnish the room with furniture from the working area, where it is important to create comfortable conditions for cooking.

Young designers often choose kitchen fronts to match the color of large pieces of furniture. All appliances are built-in, neutral shades. If the furniture is bright, the finish should be light, without patterns and designs..

Light curtains on the window of a modern kitchen-living room

It will be easier to maintain cleanliness if you choose soft furniture with practical upholstery.

It is also not recommended to overload the recreation area, a minimum set is sufficient. The sofa is placed with its back to the kitchen, opposite is the TV. Heavy curtains are useless, they will make the space heavier, it is better to give preference to light fabrics.

Choosing a kitchen-living room interior style

It is quite difficult to decide on the style of decoration of the premises now, because of their large number. But, it is not necessary to experiment with the situation in life, it is enough to look at the finished work in thematic magazines, on the websites of designers.

White corner kitchen set in the kitchen-living room 20 sq m

Balanced and simple interior of a kitchen-living room in a Scandinavian style

It is not recommended to copy absolutely everything, because when developing a project, the individual characteristics of a particular room are taken into account. Mixing multiple styles will bring a messy overall ambiance.


A free style with a solid frame, ideal for creative people who like to make a contribution to their home everywhere. The main thing is to support the industrial subtext of the interior. These are metal elements: pipes, boxes, wires. Wall decoration – brick, plaster, everything that creates a feeling of abandonment, incompleteness. Design elements can be old photos, retro decor, things made of glass, stone, plastic.

Loft-style kitchen-living room design

In the loft, all the details evoke an association with an industrial space.

Gray Industrial Style Living Room Kitchen Walls

A loft-style room should be free and spacious


Suitable for good-natured, romantic natures. Its characteristic features are light shades reminiscent of summer, the sea: peach, blue, green, white, lavender. For cosmetic finishing, artificial abrasions, irregularities, cracks are allowed. Tableware with bright patterns, fragrant bundles of medicinal herbs, onions, garlic, paintings depicting village life and nature will be an excellent decor. In the process of finishing work, only natural materials are used, plastic, iron are prohibited.

Design of a small kitchen-living room in Provence style

Antique pieces of furniture and artificially aged surfaces are appropriate in Provence.

Wooden ceiling above the working area of ​​the kitchen-living room

It is advisable to select furniture from natural wood.


For practical people who love order in everything. Minimalism is characterized by straight lines, austere design, a minimal set of decorative elements, and a neutral color scheme. Almost any finish is allowed: wood, plastic, metal, tiles, glass. The whole space is multifunctional, the furniture is built-in, modular.

White kitchen-living room in the style of minimalism

By decorating the space in a minimalist style, you will get a modern and elegant interior.

Living room kitchen design with an area of ​​20 sq m in a minimalist style

Appliances in a minimalist kitchen should be built-in


This one will always be appropriate, will not go out of style. But when developing a project, it is necessary to take into account the high cost of finishing materials and decor. All materials should be natural, stylish and expensive furniture. It is recommended to decorate the room in light colors, select furniture a few tones darker, from rare wood species. All fabrics are monochromatic, only checks, stripes, floral patterns are allowed.

Kitchen-living room decoration in classic style

Arrangement of a kitchen-living room in a classic style involves the use of expensive materials and accessories

Decoration of the ceiling of the kitchen with plaster stucco

Simulations can be chosen on a limited budget, but they must be of high quality.

High tech

One of the areas of minimalism, its difference is the modern technologies on display. All the furniture is classic, with strict, clear lines, the colors are restrained, the play on contrasts is possible. It is welcome to use metal, glass in decoration and decoration.

Interior of a modern high-tech style kitchen-living room

High-tech style kitchen-living room design for a family of 2-4 people

High-tech dining table in the kitchen-living room

Beige palette was chosen for interior decoration

High-tech sliding doors in the kitchen-living room

The seating area includes a large corner sofa and a coffee table

Natural oak parquet on the floor of a modern kitchen-living room Oak parquet Arrangement of the living room kitchen in beige color Beige curtains Suspended furniture sections in the interior of the kitchen-living room Hanging cabinets

Decorating each room is a creative, time-consuming process. Its main creator should be the owner and his family, the people who will live in this house, apartment. If all requests, requirements, wishes are heard, you will get a full-fledged, comfortable interior that suits each of the household.

50 photos: successful design solutions

Green kitchen apron and white set Decor with a picture of a partition between the windows Kitchen peninsula with gas hob Highlighting an accent wall in a kitchen-living room with a brick Gray-white minimalist kitchen-living room interior Kitchen-living room design with a door to the garden of a private house Gray carpet on black kitchen floor Zoning by the podium of the kitchen-living room orange pillows on a dark sofa Pendant lights above the bar stretch ceiling with a glossy surface Design of a classic kitchen-living room with wooden furniture Leather sofa near the brick wall of the kitchen Bar counter made of wood in the design of the kitchen-living room White sofa with decorative pillows Corner sofa with fabric upholstery Design of a narrow kitchen-living room in a panel house Classic style rims Small kitchen in classic style Round dining table in the center of the kitchen Fresh loaves on the kitchen table Kitchen design with insulated balcony Brown curtains on the kitchen-living room window Live plants by a wooden partition Gray sofa in the kitchen-living room seating area Zoning the kitchen-living room with flooring Illumination of the ceiling of the kitchen-living room in the classic style Lighting the kitchen-living room with a variety of lamps Red brick in the interior of the kitchen Red pillow on a dark gray sofa Kitchen design with brick walls Kitchen design with a dining area by the window Straight sofa near a white brick wall Modern kitchen with glossy facades Pop art dining area Decorating the wall above the sofa with a mirror Upholstered furniture with white upholstery Kitchen-living room design in a country house Kitchen interior decoration in pastel colors Yellow color in the design of the kitchen-living room Kitchen-living room in shades of gray Black TV on a low partition in the kitchen-living room Spherical lamp with openwork ornament Decorating a picture of a brick wall Fireplace in the interior of the kitchen-living room Orange armchair and red sofa in the kitchen-living room

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