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Italian style kitchen interior

Italian style in the interior is out of fashion. It is always up-to-date and luxurious. This is the perfect style for decorating a country house kitchen or a large kitchen-dining room in a city apartment..

Italian wood kitchen

The basis of the Italian interior is the use of natural materials

The main features are respectability combined with natural materials. Italian kitchen design is as close as possible to the palette of natural shades. Colors, choice of surface finishes, furniture, lighting and decor in the kitchen are impeccably selected in such a way as to create an extraordinary atmosphere of comfort, practicality and individuality..

Characteristic features of Italian-style cuisine

  • A bet on luxury and aesthetics.
  • The predominance of natural materials.
  • The presence of a spacious kitchen set.
  • Active use of decor, frescoes, mosaic panels, paintings.
  • Warm colors.
  • The organization of the interior in the Italian style of cute negligence, which gives it a special charm and comfort.

Light curtains on the window in the Italian-style kitchen-dining room

Lightweight linen or cotton fabrics are suitable for window decoration

Interior of a large kitchen-living room in Italian style

Curtain colors are selected from natural shades

Windows without curtains in the interior of the kitchen

Often windows are left without curtains or blinds are used

Who is the Italian-style kitchen suitable for??

This style simply worships the cult of family. This is a room in a house where you just want to gather at a large table with the whole family or in a noisy company of friends. Each family member will find here his favorite zone, a part of himself. Therefore, the interior in the Italian style is very multifunctional: it is a dining group for eating and gathering, and a bar counter for personal negotiations, romantic conversations, and a huge work surface where any woman will feel like a full-fledged mistress of the house..

Luxurious kitchen furniture from Italian manufacturers

Italian-style kitchen always looks elegant and luxurious, fully reflecting the traditions of Italy

Upholstered chairs with a comfortable back in white

Here palace luxury merges with cozy country

Traditional Italian-style cuisine implies a comfortable seating area with a minibar or a “down-to-earth” comfortable table. This is a “masculine” territory in the interior. This is the place for business negotiations, gambling, cigar smoking and wine tasting.

Features of the choice of furniture

This style in the interior of the kitchen dictates its own rules. Italian cuisine does not accept the abundance of modern artificial materials. Therefore, the table, chairs, cabinets and other elements cannot be plastic or glass. Natural materials prevail in furniture.

Kitchen set with white fronts in Italian style

Italian furniture is famous for a variety of textures and the use of natural wood species

Kitchen design with an arch in Italian style

Such furniture has a high cost, but its appearance and quality are worth it.

Stylish Bronze Alloy Kitchen Handles

On the facades, bronze handles and hinges, installed in the old fashioned overhead method, look stylish

If we are talking about a dining group, then give preference to a table and chairs made of wood. The colors and textures are very diverse, so you will not have any problems with the selection of wood furniture in the color variations you need. It is important to note that toning of wood species is encouraged in the interior of the kitchen. You will select headsets and wardrobes in the most unexpected wood textures: monochrome, two-tone, stained, bleached.

The Italian style kitchen is always massive. These are heavy, solid wood tables, with massive legs that can decorate elements of artistic carving, as well as forging inserts.

Italian kitchen interior in turquoise color

Kitchen with turquoise facades and majolica on an apron. The flooring is a combination of laminate and ceramic tiles

Attention! No minimalism when choosing chairs! In this case, cocktail, bar or modern futuristic chairs will not work. You will only sit on wooden wide chairs with a comfortable and high back.

Dining room decoration in Italian style

Stylish dining area with comfortable upholstered chairs

Very often, in the organization of Italian cuisine, beautiful fabric chair covers or comfortable landing cushions with ties are used. This emphasizes sophistication, brings an element of warmth and comfort. As a rule, fabric covers are decorated with floral prints. Fruits, berries can also be depicted.

5 important rules for Italian-style kitchen furniture

  1. A clear predominance of natural materials (wood, stone and metal elements).
  2. Great attention to detail (furniture is famous for its carved, elaborate decorative elements).
  3. Frequent use of artistic forging (floral ornaments are especially popular in the Italian style).
  4. Playing on contrasts. For example, a calm dining group made of light wood and a bright soft corner of orange, red flowers.
  5. The bet is on aesthetics. Furniture cannot only be comfortable or practical – it is a tribute to modern design. But the classic Italian style requires luxurious pieces of furniture..

Kitchen island made of fine wood

There should be no unnecessary items in the interior

Lighting features

Everything should be in harmony in the design of Italian cuisine. And if the table, cabinets, chairs actively use artistic forging, then this idea is exactly repeated when choosing lighting. Therefore, a massive and luxurious chandelier with a wrought metal base must be present. This chandelier will determine the center of the room where the dining group will be located..

Forged chandelier over the dining table

The light should be diffused, and the lamps are decorated in a retro style.

Black walnut kitchen set

Soft light will accentuate the luxury of wood furniture made from precious woods

Lighting should be multi-zone. You will need to use both wall sconces and retro-style spotlights that sit above the work area and the backsplash. Thanks to this technique, the ceiling and walls will be illuminated with soft, diffused light. If you have a soft corner, then a Tiffany-style table lamp will fit well in this part of the room..

Ceiling decoration in Italian style

The ceiling, even in the interior of an Italian kitchen in an apartment, should resemble a house in a village or a villa. This means that its surface is often decorated with wooden beams. If this is a country house and the height of the walls allows you to “steal” a little space, then the beams are made solid and massive. In an apartment, it can be an imitation of beams – narrow wooden planks. Spotlights are hidden between the beams in the recesses. This adds the warmth, softness of Italian cuisine to the lighting..

Ceramic ceiling in the Italian style kitchen

In the old days, ceilings in Italian kitchens were vaulted in stone or with ceramic cladding.

Forged lamp with candlesticks

Nowadays, a good alternative would be a plastered ceiling with wooden false beams.

Advice. If you choose among the options for stretch ceilings, then remember that they allow you to simulate any surface today. So you need to give preference to wood, marble, mosaic pattern.

Retro lamps in the interior of a classic kitchen

Italian kitchen interior with stretch ceiling

Italian style kitchen floor

This kind of kitchen requires stone flooring! Or hard and practical materials that imitate this stone. Therefore, it is appropriate to lay large tiles made of natural or artificial stone, mosaic.

Matte ceramic flooring in Italian kitchen

The best flooring will be matte stone or terracotta tiles.

Wooden floor in the kitchen with Italian furniture

Stained wood is also often used.

You can also zone the floor by combining different tile patterns. For example, a regular rectangle with geometric or floral patterns inside is traditionally laid out under the dining group. This is a kind of imitation of a “stone” carpet on the floor..

Interesting solutions

How does an Italian-style kitchen look so cozy, family-like, but respectable? Let’s take a look at 5 popular design tricks:

  1. As you have already noticed, the interior in the Italian style requires the maximum approximation to natural colors and textures. Therefore, the kitchen backsplash should also be tiled or mosaic, which repeat the pattern of granite, stone. Countertops for the working area are selected according to the same principle..

    Using ceramics and stone to decorate modern kitchens

    Ornamental backsplash tiles and marbled stone countertops

  2. The walls and even the ceiling are lavishly decorated with frescoes and mosaic drawings. It can be either an artistic painting of a surface or its imitation. For example, wall murals depicting the faces of saints and mythological characters. You can also order the production of paintings on canvas, which will be duplicates of famous works of Italian artists.

    Ceramic panel over the kitchen gas stove

    You can use ceramic mosaic to decorate the kitchen.

  3. Arched forms in the interior of the kitchen. The atmosphere is truly reminiscent of a holiday in a villa. And there they often use arched openings of doors and windows. All this adds intimacy and respectability to the interior..

    Imitation of a fireplace over a kitchen hob

    An interesting solution would be an arched niche above the slab, imitating an open hearth

  4. Use decor more actively in the interior. The ideal option would be if these beautiful little things were brought from Italy itself. What could it be? Souvenir plates, painted amphorae, bottles of wine in wicker baskets, forged candlesticks with the effect of aged metal.

    Pans on a forged lamp in Italian cuisine

    In the Italian kitchen, kitchen utensils, specially exposed for display, perfectly cope with the role of decor.

Using textures and color palettes that give a glow. For example, natural stone gives a beautiful shine. Italian-style furniture often lends itself to finishing gilding. Forging can be with a bronze coating. All this makes Italian cuisine look luxurious..

Italian kitchen interior with fireplace

A real wood-burning fireplace will add luxury and warmth

Large wrought iron chandelier over the kitchen island

The interior of Italian cuisine combines simplicity with grace, gives a good mood and creates coziness

Video: features of Italian kitchen furniture

Photo: Italian-style kitchens

Beige dining table Decoration of the dining area in the kitchen of a city apartment Long covers for kitchen chairs Ceiling beams made of wooden beams Vase with fresh flowers on a beautiful tablecloth Dining table with solid top Round table with carved decorations Lunch group for a large family Shiny marble countertop surface Corner kitchen set Kitchen design in a panel house Beige color in the interior of the kitchen Modern kitchen design Kitchen island with built-in sink Kitchen island with storage for wines Bar stools on a wooden frame Imitation of a fireplace in the interior of the kitchen Mosaic on a ceramic apron of Italian cuisine Classic linear kitchen Two chandeliers on the white ceiling of the kitchen Ceramic kitchen island countertop Kitchen interior in a small country house Stained wood floor Original shaped black hood Floral tablecloth on the dining table Retro furniture in the kitchen of a private house L-shaped kitchen set Combined kitchen island countertop Kitchen layout from a peninsula in a country house Classic furniture in the interior of the dining room of a private house Large extractor hood above the gas stove Metal luminaire with forged elements Open shelves with kitchen utensils Hanging shelf above the kitchen island Porcelain plates on wooden shelves Wooden kitchen cabinet with built-in refrigerator Wooden ceiling of the kitchen in a country house Linear set beige Shabby ceramic tiles on the kitchen floor Italian furniture with carved elements Lighting for kitchen cabinets with glass doors Brown ceramic tile floor Dining table with bent legs Wooden cabinet in the interior of the kitchen Marble countertop with kitchen sink Wooden bar stools with upholstered seating Multicolored velvet dining chair covers White polyurethane skirting boards on the kitchen ceiling Kitchen set from Italian craftsmen Black forged chandelier with fabric shades

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