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Kitchens with a gas boiler: design

The presence of a gas boiler in the kitchen can complicate future interior design planning. And all because of its structural features. Every owner of an apartment or house wants to see a stylish and modern kitchen after renovation, in which all the details look organic. The design of a kitchen with a boiler implies a competent masking of the outgoing pipes and chimney. In addition, the heater must fit into the furniture profile, and the wall decoration in the adjacent area must be done deliberately in compliance with elementary safety standards. It is especially difficult to think over a suitable design in the conditions of apartments with small kitchens..

Kitchen interior with gas boiler on the wall next to the window

Placing a gas boiler requires compliance with certain rules and regulations.

How to think over a kitchen design with a boiler

The rules of technical fire fighting, imply the installation of heating structures in furniture products. However, it is necessary to maintain a safe gap of 30 mm between the walls of the products. Additionally, it is necessary to protect the walls and adjacent cabinets from heating by special shielding inserts that prevent spontaneous combustion.

Scheme of safe installation in the kitchen of a built-in gas boiler

Installation parameters of a gas boiler in a furniture set

If the flow column is hidden behind a hinged facade, then the following rules must first be observed:

  1. The masking box must be at least 6 mm wider than the heater..
  2. It is forbidden to make a camouflage module with a back wall and top / bottom covers.

That is, the camouflage cabinet will look like a furniture frame with doors. In such designs, the column will be well ventilated, without overheating. The disadvantage of such a solution is that the method is completely unsuitable for small kitchens – the module takes up too much space if it is executed in accordance with all the rules of safe operation.

Lattice door for kitchen cabinet with built-in gas boiler

The ventilation of this gas boiler is ensured by a lattice door and the absence of the lower and upper panels of the kitchen cabinet.

If it is located above a corner sink, then it can be hidden behind a hinged cabinet module located on adjacent walls. The floor column is hidden in the lower racks, and the chimney is brought out into the street. In this case, the distance between the gas appliance and the meters should not be less than 1.5 m..

Design options and design

Modern gas appliances are stylish, elegant and compact appliances. Most often, white products are sold on the market, but you can find black or with brightly painted ornaments. Such heating equipment, as a rule, is not hidden, but harmoniously integrated into the overall interior design. The classic solution is a gas boiler that matches the style of the kitchen furniture set. If the unit was previously installed, then you can paint it in a suitable color or finish it with special applications.

Open gas boiler in the interior of the kitchen

Modern models can fit into the interior of the kitchen and open

Kitchen space design with an open gas boiler

Boiler in the style of a kitchen set

Beautiful kitchen interior with gas boiler

A good option for combining a white boiler with wooden cabinetry

If possible, you can paint the column manually, with any patterns you like. This solution will make the kitchen original and stylish..

The mechanism of work to transform the gas column:

  • the first step is to clean the casing of the unit;
  • further, a primer is applied with a thin layer for working with metal;
  • after that, the front panel is painted with heat-resistant enamel in the required color, which is individually selected depending on personal preferences;
  • if desired, an artistic pattern is applied.

How to fit a gas water heater into the kitchen interior

The equipment is decorated in a special cabinet, which can be ordered from a furniture company and there they will make it according to individual sketches or mount it yourself.

The location of the gas boiler inside the kitchen unit

The place for the hidden placement of the boiler must be foreseen in advance.

Hidden placement of a gas boiler inside kitchen furniture

Boiler inside a kitchen cabinet

The mechanism for making a masking cabinet with your own hands:

  1. The dimensions are taken from the heating unit, and a preliminary sketch of the future furniture structure is drawn.
  2. Doors are ordered from a kitchen module manufacturer, it is better to choose with an openwork pattern, this will provide additional ventilation.
  3. A sketch of the future product can be applied to the walls and the unit, draw guide lines along which the cabinet will be attached.
  4. To assemble the base, you need to buy profile sheets, take a screwdriver and self-tapping screws.
  5. Exiting pipes from the column are hidden in a metal box.
  6. Mounted profile, sheathed with plasterboard and attached doors.
  7. The surface is treated with a primer and, after drying, is painted in the required color.

Making a decorative cabinet for a wall-mounted gas boiler

Homemade chipboard box

Simple rules of disguise

It is not difficult to hide equipment if you follow certain recommendations.

  • If you leave the equipment exposed between two modules located on either side and identical in design, the speaker can look organic. However, do not forget about fire safety rules, especially if the lockers are made of natural wood or flammable materials..
  • If the location is between two modules, then it can be hidden behind a simple elegant curtain. This trick will prove to be indispensable for country-style interiors..

Modern kitchen interior in country style with gas boiler

Gas boiler in country style kitchen

White gas boiler between kitchen cupboards

Compact model of a gas boiler in the interior of the kitchen

White gas boiler on the wall of modern kitchen

An example of a boiler masking against a white wall

How to hide communications?

The design of a kitchen with a gas boiler implies not only masking the column itself, but also the tube, hose and chimney. During repair work, in no case should they be bricked into the walls. All parts of the gas boiler should be easily accessible and close at hand. It is enough to decorate communications in the right tones. They hide in special boxes and profiles with doors, which can be easily opened if desired. If the kitchen interior is made in a high-tech style, then all communications can be left open and in plain sight. It is enough just to tint some in the desired colors..

Disguising the gas pipe in the interior of the kitchen

Pipes and gas meter inside the kitchen module

Loft style kitchen interior with gas boiler

The pipes in this kitchen fit well into the loft interior, and the column is simply covered with a decorative panel.

What to do with old heating equipment?

The old speaker not only does not look aesthetically pleasing, it still takes up a lot of space and, more often than not, is unsafe. Whenever possible, when planning repairs, the purchase of a new one should be included in the expense item. If the budget is limited, then it is worth working on it to bring it into a stylish and well-groomed look. As already mentioned above, you will have to fantasize a little and paint or paint by hand, depending on the future design of the kitchen room..

Decorating a gas boiler with a realistic picture

You can find a model of gas equipment with a beautiful sticker on the body

Black gas boiler with lettering on the kitchen wall

Or you can paint the boiler yourself

What to do in a small kitchen?

In small spaces, a gas boiler can take up most of the space. In such kitchens, the equipment immediately catches the eye, looks massive and awkward. The column should be placed not in the middle of the wall, but in the corner farthest from the entrance, it is there that it will be easiest to hide bulky equipment. Disguise as a kitchen module, additionally exclude heavy bulky furniture from the workspace – it will create the effect of “clutter”. Instead, choose light, transforming and light colors..

Gas boiler in the corner of the kitchen

The gas boiler will be less conspicuous if it is placed in the corner between the cabinets.

Gas boiler disguise in a small kitchen

Corner case for gas boiler

Wall and corner heating equipment

When ordering kitchen sets, it should be borne in mind that in most cases, the presence of a special module for disguising the column is not provided. Such profiles must be ordered individually or made by yourself. It is better to hide the hinged device in a separate module, where pipes and hoses can also be organically placed. Corner units are installed in the far corner, most often above the sink. Disguised as a corner profile that is attached to adjacent walls.

Placing a gas boiler in the corner of the walls inside the kitchen set

Gas boiler in a corner cabinet

Gas boiler in the corner in the kitchen of a small area

The white cauldron practically merges with the headset of the same color

“Invisible” boiler in the interior of the kitchen

You can completely disguise the gas boiler, you can only hide it and communications in a suitable rack. Otherwise, partial disguise is possible, ranging from simple decorating with curtains, ending with a fancy high-tech design, when all communications look outward..

Combination of a white gas boiler with cream kitchen furniture fronts

Although most gas boilers have a similar appearance, some features can emphasize the style direction of the kitchen interior.

Boiler with stainless steel body on the kitchen wall

An open boiler will fit in any industrial interior

Kitchen interior with white gas boiler between kitchen cabinets

A successful combination of the appearance of the boiler with the facades of the kitchen set

Highlighting a gas boiler in the interior of the kitchen

The owners of this kitchen decided not to hide the boiler, but on the contrary, highlighted it against the background of the contrasting color of the wall.

Private house kitchen interior with gas boiler near the window

Gas boiler, “covered” with a corner shelf

Video on how to hide the pipe of a gas boiler

Photo: kitchens with gas boilers

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