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Features of the interior decoration of the living room in light colors

How to decorate a living room interior in light colors? This article contains tips from professional designers for the interior arrangement of guest rooms. If you are interested in the layout of the guest room, be sure to read our article..

Living room interior in light colors

A bright living room always looks spacious and fresh

Living room in light colors

White colors look organic for large metropolitan areas. They are able to dilute the gray tones of concrete partitions and asphalt. All modern design styles use clean palettes..

Upholstered furniture with cream upholstery in a bright living room

Calm color palette is perfect for creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the living room.

The advantages of this design include several points:

  1. White is versatile. It can be combined with almost all types of interior.
  2. Light shades allow you to add any range of shades to the image of the room.
  3. If there is a severe lack of natural light in the living room, compensation can be achieved.
  4. Fresh natural interiors complemented by green vegetation create a relaxing atmosphere.

Light green walls in a modern living room

Light shades visually expand the space

The interior design of the living room should be given due attention. Here you will spend a lot of time with your family, dine at a wide table with your friends, and also relax from the hustle and bustle of the world..

LED ceiling lighting in a bright living room

Using the right paints in light colors allows you to visually align walls, enlarge window and door openings


The interior of the apartment in light colors is interesting to design in several styles. For example, the bedrooms are made more calm and prone to relaxation “Provence”. The kitchen space can be combined with the living room, then their style is made common, or has similar elements. If there is a desire to arrange the interior decoration with different types of decoration, then zoning the room is a great idea. Excellent colors of the elements of functional areas harmoniously dilute the white shades.

Classic living room interior in light shades

Light beige living room in a classic style

The following styles are suitable:

  • “Provence”.
  • “Scandinavian”.
  • “Loft”.
  • “High tech”.
  • Modern “Modern”.
  • “Minimalism”.

Soft green walls in the living room with two sofas

Light green living room in a modern style

All of the above design options for guest rooms successfully combine light colors with others. The texture of the elements of the interior decoration can be either smooth glossy or embossed matte.

Registration rules

In order to organically decorate the living room design in light colors, you must be guided by the rule: one predominant shade in one room. The palette can have several options, but the main color is used in the design. For example, brown.

Brown sofas in the design of a bright living room

Brown color can be chosen for furniture

Blue walls in the living room with a panoramic window

Dark shades are also acceptable, but in limited quantities.

The arrangement starts from the floor. Dark brown laminate is laid by the deck method, that is, diagonally from one corner to another. In order to accentuate part of the floor space, a carpet of baked milk shade with a high pile is laid on it. There is also the option of laying white laminate in the center of the room. But this method will be labor intensive..

Wood-like laminated flooring

Furniture with light upholstery looks gorgeous on a brown laminate

The walls of the hall are finished with a soft beige color. Black-and-white photographs of cities and their sights will successfully dilute the interior of the living room. Window textiles are purchased in dark beige. Satin curtains are additionally illuminated by ceiling lights aimed directly at the fabric.

The image of the bridge in the night city on the wallpaper in the living room

Spectacular wall decoration with black and white photo wallpaper

The ceiling is finished in two levels, as well as in a couple of shades. White and pale yellow will fit perfectly. The perimeter of the ceiling space will have a shade of crystal white. But the middle part is colored yellow. A LED strip of soft golden glow is inserted into the transitional part of the levels..

Furniture for the room is selected in brownish color. The spacious, roomy sofa is complemented by white and beige pillows. The coffee table is acquired in a glossy texture, also in a light brown tone.

Living room design in light pastel shades

Stylish furniture will be a good accent complementing the appearance of the room.

Corner sofa with light upholstery

Choose practical upholstered furniture that is easy to clean and wash

If the hall is combined with the kitchen, then the dining area is located on the territory of the guest room. In this case, you can make a departure from the brown-beige palettes of the room. When decorating the kitchen space in black and green, the dining area should repeat this stylistic idea. For example, soft dining chairs are bought in a mint color, while a dinner table is in a wenge shade..

Sofa with colorful upholstery in the kitchen-living room

Bright living room in Provence style combined with kitchen

The partition between the kitchen and the hall is partially decorated. To do this, the wall is disassembled in half, leaving about a third part intact. The zonal demarcation element is assembled on each side in its own way. For the kitchen, the same black and green style is chosen. From the side of the guest room – pale beige palettes.

Three recommendations

When arranging the interior decoration of the guest space, it is worth adhering to the rule of three colors. Such a room will differ in the required severity, as well as combine colors. For example, this is expressed by the basic white range, combined with brown, which is diluted with yellow interior elements..

Living room interior in light yellow color

Yellow is great for accent wall decoration

The choice of the texture of finishing materials also requires close attention. If the floor and ceiling are finished with a smooth material, the walls are diluted with relief patterns. On the contrary, with a flat wall zone, the adjacent surfaces are given a relief structure.

Blue stools in the decor of a bright living room

You can make the room more original with the help of interesting decor elements.

Vase of flowers on a coffee table

Use a variety of vases, figurines, paintings or favorite photographs to decorate your living room

The widespread use of painted furniture will give the room a certain charm. The white fronts of cabinets and shelves are adorned with intricate patterns. The composition, compiled near the TV, looks interesting. Purchase a special stand complete with cabinets and shelves. In open places, you can place contrasting figurines of a black or red palette. Patterns on facades or panels of cabinet doors are most often selected in golden colors. Black also harmoniously complement the guest.


The crystal white room is distinguished by its brightness. If the sun’s rays are a frequent occurrence here, then it will be possible to save money on lighting fixtures. When planning dark accents, they should be placed opposite the window openings. This will compensate for the light load of the room..

Living room with panoramic windows and fireplace

Panoramic windows let in a lot of natural light into the living room

Large round pouf in the center of the sitting area in the living room

Lighting devices must be selected in accordance with the style direction

A bright guest room can be made by not only using the color of white. In strong enough artificial light, peach or brown tones look just as fresh and clean..

Scandinavian style

For those who want to make the interior of the living room light, a great idea would be to organize the interior decoration of the “Scandinavian” type. Its distinctive features are freshness, coldness of the room, diluted with some warm decoration..

Scandinavian style white living room

Originating as an ethnic, Scandinavian design is now a real classic

Modular coffee table

The style is simple, calm and laconic.

The flooring is done with parquet or parquet board made of natural wood. The wooden texture can be treated with glossy varnish. On top of such material, a red carpet is laid, embroidered with ornate patterns..

It will be interesting to combine the “Scandinavian” type of layout with the “Loft”. Expressing this motif, the coffee table is made from an ordinary pallet painted in white. To give the table an even base, a piece of glass is laid on it, with faceted edges.

Pallet furniture in the interior of a bright living room

Pallets can be used to make not only a coffee table, but also a base for upholstered furniture

The walls are combined. For example, the television section is finished with textured wallpaper that repeats the brickwork. Be sure to leave it bleached. The remaining parts can be simply whitewashed or plastered. Try decorating a blank wall with a plank pattern. Find the right type of colorful wallpaper or decoration panel in the store.

Make the ceiling without any levels. Also paint it white.

Smooth whitewashed ceiling in a Scandinavian-style living room

Stretch ceilings are not needed here – everything should be natural

Combined furniture is purchased. The TV shelf has a white base, complemented by natural wooden facades. The spacious sofa has multi-colored pillows that act as accent elements.

Old grandma's chest instead of a coffee table

In a Scandinavian interior, modern furniture goes well with antiques

Window openings can be left without textiles. The window frames are light-colored. Green plants in pots are installed on the windowsills. One part of the wall can be left for decoration with photographs or landscape compositions framed by beautiful frames. For this, the wall space is painted white. This method allows you to focus on the wall decorations..

Textile decoration of a bright Scandinavian living room

Textiles are used in the form of pillows, rugs, rugs, or simply in strips of fabric. At the same time, all this should be warm and cozy.

Clock with roman numerals on the white wall of the living room

Candles, photographs and portraits with or without wooden frames are suitable as decor.

In addition, fancy wall clocks serve as accentuating elements. All sorts of masks, flower arrangements, or books placed on a hinged shelf will successfully complement the interior of a bright living room..

Video: Bright living room with black floor

Photo of stylish living rooms in light colors

Pallet table with glass top Design of a small hall in light colors Cast iron battery under the living room window Design of a narrow living room with a balcony Panoramic windows in a white living room Sofa in the living room nautical style Wood panels on the wall of the room in an eco style Pink walls in the hall of a city apartment Stretch ceiling with a glossy surface Design of a bright living room in the attic of a private house Glossy floor in a white living room Wood table top dining table Decorative fireplace in the interior of the hall Partition with built-in book shelves Sofa group in a room with exposed beams Floral wallpaper on the wall of the hall in the classic style Decorative pillows in colorful covers Design of an elongated hall in a panel house Beige carpet on brown floor Plaster molding on the ceiling of the hall Straight curtains on the windows of a spacious hall Two black wire chandeliers on the ceiling of the living room Bright living room with three windows Relaxation area in a classic living room Living room interior with fireplace in blue tones Gray curtains made of translucent fabric Olive upholstered sofa White ceiling in a bright room Coffee table with curved legs Living room design in modern style Modular picture of a bicycle Narrow window above the sofa in the living room of a private house Cabinet furniture in the interior of the hall White sofa near the panoramic window Illumination of a two-level ceiling in the living room Glossy Living Room Marble Floor Surface metal cabinet for work clothes in the interior of the living room Living room design in shades of gray White concrete slab ceiling Window in the living room of a private house without curtains Gray carpet on wooden floor Ladder as a decorative element Decorative shelves of the original form Round coffee table The interior of an elongated living room in a country house Living room design in a minimalist style Storage trolley as a coffee table Rattan chest instead of a coffee table Living room design in light green shade Bright yellow accents in the living room interior

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