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Original home design ideas

The world around us is accelerating every year. People are in constant rapid movement. Only at home does a person slow down and restore their strength. With the help of a properly selected interior design, you can achieve that the house or apartment will be the place where the heart and soul strive. The design of a house or apartment is not a constant variable. He must constantly change. But this does not mean that large-scale repairs need to be done. Small tricks of designers will come to the rescue, design ideas that will not allow the interior to become outdated, boring and inanimate..

Decorating an old chest of drawers with your own hands

With the help of a brush and multi-colored paints, you can radically change the appearance of any piece of furniture.

The main elements of the living room

The living room is a kind of quintessence of interior design. If the kitchen is the heart, then the living room is the “face” of the house, its front part.

Wall in the living room with natural stone cladding

Living room wall decoration with natural stone


Curtains give the room a finished look. Decorate the windows. They can be different in texture, design, color. It all depends on the style of the living room. If this is a classic style, then the curtains should be made of heavy, dense fabrics. Velvet, brocade. If this is a Provence style, then chintz, silk-satin curtains are suitable. High-tech style, loft may not require the use of curtains at all.

Decorating a doorway with homemade beaded curtains

Beaded curtains look much more original than a regular door, and it is very easy to make them, you just need to purchase a lot of beads or beads

Paper blinds from the remnants of old wallpaper

Homemade blinds from paper wallpaper

Soft furniture

Sofas, poufs, armchairs – they must be comfortable, functional and in shape to match the style of the interior.

Designer sofa for home interior decoration

You can purchase an original set of furniture

Blue and yellow sofa in the children's room

The child will like the sofa of the original shape.

Indoor flowers

Dracaena, date palm. Even one such medium-sized plant in the original tub will be a bright accent in the interior. With their help, you can divide the room into zones. Emphasize the merits of the living room and mask the flaws.

Living plants in the decor of the living room

The larger the room, the larger plants can be used to decorate it.

Brown armchair among indoor plants

Indoor plants should be selected especially carefully if allergy sufferers live in the house.

Wall decor

An obligatory attribute of the living room. Now eclecticism is in vogue, so completely different beautifully designed paintings will do. It can also be mirrors, photographs, posters, decorative plates, panels, clocks..

Decorating the wall above the sofa with decorative plates

Wall decoration with colorful plates

Original hanging of paintings using trouser hangers

Pictures can not only be hung on carnations, but fixed using hangers with clips

DIY decorative clock from round stones

Original watch made of cardboard and river pebbles

Unusual decor elements

Aquarium, grandfather clock, figurines.

Unusual rug with a pattern of the starry sky

Space rug depicting star galaxies

The original map of the world from scrap materials

Unusual world map made of twine stretched between decorative carnations


The fireplace will become the highlight of the room. Will create a unique coziness.

Decorating the wall above the fireplace with natural stone

Wall above the fireplace, decorated with natural stones

Important. Speaking about all this, do not forget about the sense of proportion. Even a huge living room with a beautiful interior can be turned into a museum or a warehouse of unnecessary things..

If you’re unlucky with the size or how to decorate the interior of a small living room

By far the living room is the largest room in an apartment or house. But this is not the case for everyone. For a small living room, we use the same decoration elements as for a large one, but only in dosage. Do not clutter up the room with unnecessary furniture, pompous artsy curtains, decor items. Furniture should not be massive. You can install a small fireplace or a raised fireplace. The aquarium will fit well. For a small living room, the use of mirrors will be relevant, for example, cabinets with mirrored facades..

A small aquarium as a piece of furniture

Small aquarium as a beautiful table

You can expand the space of the guest room in several ways:

  • make a living room-studio (if the layout allows, remove the wall between the kitchen and the living room);
  • use light colors in the design of the room;
  • visually expanding the space will help glossy stretch ceilings, mirrored facades.

The design of a house or apartment is not a constant variable. He must constantly change. But this does not mean that large-scale repairs need to be done. Design ideas for the home will come to the rescue, little tricks that will not allow the interior to become outdated, boring and inanimate..

Designer gizmos

We can make most of the designer decorations for our home ourselves..

Picture on chalkboard

First, let’s prepare a wooden surface. It should be dry and smooth. We print the desired photo on a laser printer. Then, cover the board with two layers of varnish (you can use yachting). Cut out the image area with a clerical knife and carefully attach the image with the picture down.

Do-it-yourself photo transfer to a tree

Instead of varnish, it is better to use an acrylic gel medium.

When the varnish is completely dry, we wipe off a layer of paper with a damp cloth so that the photo will “show through”. Let the workpiece dry and cover it again with two layers of varnish. The product is ready.

Wooden panel with a photo of an airplane

To remove the paper, you need to wet it and wipe it with your hands.

Homemade plane photo on blackboard

After varnishing, the craft can be hung on the wall

Many ideas for decorating the interior with felt

Organizers, stationery covers, decorative pillows are sewn from this material. Decorate furniture. Carpets, panels, children’s toys are made from felt balls. Walls are decorated with multi-colored felt, thereby turning them into a work of art.

Felt basket

Materials and tools for making a decorative basket

You will need felt, pins and a sheet of paper

Pattern from white paper for a basket

Make a pattern out of paper, transfer the figure to the felt and cut out

Pins connecting felt basket elements

First collect the core of the basket

Decorative basket made of a piece of ordinary felt

Then hold the remaining petals together.

DIY decorative pencil stand

The basket is ready, you can store pencils in it

Amazing makeover of kitchen chairs

Even trivial pieces of furniture like kitchen chairs can transform the kitchen interior. The simplest thing that comes to mind is painting. But you can go further. The seat can be decorated with decoupage. The principle is simple. Apply PVA glue to the seat surface painted with acrylic paint. We glue the decoupage card. Let it dry and cover the product with varnish.

Restoration of a folding chair by repainting

Folding chair before and after painting

Do-it-yourself soft chair update

Upholstered chair before and after constriction

Decoupage style kitchen chair

Kitchen chair after decoupage with paper napkins

Gnomes as a Christmas decoration at home

They can be crafted from fabric, paper, wood, and replenish a magical family every year..

Interior decorations can be made with the whole family. It is easy to involve both children and adults in such work. The results of joint work will undoubtedly give reason to be proud of your home, to love it.

Three homemade scraps of cloth gnomes

Such New Year’s gnomes can be sewn from pieces of multi-colored felt

Pattern for DIY gnome making

The first part of the gnome pattern

Pattern for the New Year's gnome from felt

The second part of the gnome pattern

Workshop on making a gnome from fabric

The procedure for making a New Year’s gnome

Design ideas for a home don’t necessarily involve a lot of investment, a special gift, or a dramatic change in decor. But they are the ones who will turn your apartment or house into an ideal place to live. Philip Selva said: “Luxury is not what you buy or have. And what you live by “.

Video: ideas for decorating your apartment

Photo of unusual decor

Bed decoration with carved tree silhouettes Beautiful coffee table made of wood and glass Mug with strawberries floating in the air Glass prism coffee table Original glass night light Unusual lamps on the living room floor Bookshelves in the window opening Clock-shaped window in the living room Saw-cut coffee table Wall decoration with vinyl records Decorating the wall above the sofa with skis Baby clothes on the wall of the room for the toddler Women's shoes as decorations Headboard made of old Euro pallets Pasting the inner surface of the drawer with multi-colored foil Panel for children's drawings in the daughter's room Decorating with paper balls of a children's room An old suitcase instead of a makeup table Old suitcases on the red wall of the living room A place to read books in an unusual window Original bookshelves above the living room windows Headboard from old books Purple upholstered furniture with faux leather Bright mosaic on the bathroom wall Washbasin from an old bicycle in the bathroom Seabed on the floor of a narrow corridor Original panel made of small wooden sticks Access ladder to the second floor of the playroom Drawers in stair treads Bright carpet made of square pieces of multicolored fabric Chandelier with the effect of a night forest Shelves for indoor plants on the stair railing Painting with a heart on a green wall Decorating the bedroom wall with inscriptions Old telephone on the corridor wall Vintage turntable Floor mirror in white frame Kitchen table made of wooden pallets Fine wire horse figurine DIY painting on a plywood sheet Original towel hook Gray armchair with unusual armrests Mannequin as home interior decoration Mirror of the original configuration on a gray wall The original interior of the children's room in the style of pop art

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