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Modern beer bar design

The bar is a place for thought and privacy. Here, a person can relax after a grueling day, take his soul away, or just relax in a friendly atmosphere with a glass of good beer. The owners of such places perfectly understand this, so they try to make the atmosphere, the interior of the beer bar, match the mood of the guests. They use the services of professional designers to help them decorate the space accordingly. Today we will consider what methods, stylish techniques are used to bring the design of a modern beer bar to perfection..

Old cart in front of the beer bar

The main task when creating a bar interior is to attract and retain the attention of potential visitors.

Design should not be distracting, but memorable

The beer bar should undoubtedly be different from the usual establishments (like a wine-glass), but not too much. On the other hand, you cannot overdo it, because this is not a disco, and people come here to relax. He needs to have his own charm, which will help to create a whole range of activities: starting with cladding, finishing the facade, ending with faceted cups in the bar – here every little thing is significant.

Divider made of wood in a bar establishment

Beer interior should be cozy and conducive to a long time.

Black lettering on the white wall of the bar

It is important to find your “chip” about which visitors will want to tell their friends

Bar furniture from old pallets

Interior in light colors

Choosing a pub style and design

At the stage of developing a design concept for a beer restaurant, adhere to the idea that the general interior should not disarm the visitor with its pomp, but, on the contrary, try to make him feel at home and cozy. Each such establishment is distinguished by its individual flavor, which sometimes cannot be explained except by the skillful idea of ​​the developers who have invested in the design of the beer bar..

Scene for artists in a beer bar

Many clients like live music

How best to arrange?

It is clear that bars are visited by the most diverse target audience. So it’s important to consider this point..

For example, it is preferable to use HI-TEK elements or something urbanistic as a design for a youth pub – this is ideally combined with the lively playfulness of the younger generation..

High-tech bar interior

Modern materials are welcomed in the decoration

Bar stools with green seats

Active and successful people like places with high-tech interiors

For the older / wealthier public, it is more appropriate to decorate the interior of the beer bar in classic colors: use smooth shapes, leather, wood. In other words, discreet, but not devoid of a sense of taste, objects.

Long bar counter and chairs with round seats

Classic beer bar interior

Chalkboard over shelves with bottles

Modern design style

Design project of a beer bar in oriental style

Japanese-style bar interior

In general, any solution is acceptable as long as it does not contradict the main goal of the institution for which it was conceived: to relax, entertain guests in a comfortable friendly atmosphere; help to forget about worldly vanity, to feel relaxed.

Brick wall without finishing in a drinking establishment

Brutal loft-style interior will give the bar a special originality

Components of a successful beer bar design

There is a win-win beaten track method at work here. That is, you don’t have to create a completely new style from scratch. The original design of the beer bar is easy to fold, borrowing from tried and tested methods. If you want, combine several styles in one, diluting them with something else. A good design can be created by combining Czech, English bars and pubs – so visitors will feel disconnected from the hustle and bustle.

Small wooden tables in a drinking establishment

Most of the clients prefer bars with a history, even if symbolic, but unique and competently reflected in the design of the establishment.

Dark green sofa with leather upholstery

VIP cabin with a fireplace for visitors who love special comfort

Unique interior combined with convenience

Good design differs from bad in that it has completeness, thoughtfulness. Every little thing is in its place, and this creates harmony. The design of a beer bar consists of:

  • well-arranged materials: wood, stone;
  • correct lighting – a little dim, which helps relaxation;
  • combinations / predominance of dark undertones, dull colors in the interior;
  • fundamentality, massiveness of furniture, surroundings in general;
  • musical accompaniment – it’s great if they are live performers;
  • wall-mounted TVs with unlimited access to sports channels.

Stone arches inside the beer bar

Wood, metal, stone and brick are the main materials for decorating a traditional brasserie

Subdued lighting of a beer bar

A competent play of light and shadow will help to emphasize the necessary details or hide the flaws of the repair

Let’s add a few recommendations on our own that will help you when setting up a pub:

  1. Stand out – a boring concept can be diluted by combining the interior with a theme (for example) the attributes of football, hunting, fishing – in other words, what men are most often interested in. Add an individual twist in this way.
  2. Among the dark tones, “islands” of light color must certainly be present: dark greens are diluted with white, beige, peach. They paint ceilings or walls, upholstery furniture. The same paragraph assumes to include interesting, contrasting textures: stone / lacquered surface, cork wall / mirror panels.
  3. Let the individuality of style be reflected in your menu, bar chart: serve snacks corresponding to the theme of the beer. It would also be nice to come up with a main dish..
  4. It is also important to use original “tricks” when decorating the outer appearance of a beer bar. Attach an outdoor advertising element (sign, banner) in a similar style to the cornice above the entrance. If funds allow, come up with a mascot, and put his figurine in front of the entrance. Visitors will definitely not pass by this..

Tables with wood tops in the main hall of the bar

Ceramic balls on the ceiling of this hall symbolize foam

Glass partition in a brewery

The brewery is separated by a glass partition so that visitors can watch the process of creating their favorite drink live

Convenience of visitors and staff

Since the design is carried out strictly in accordance with standards, dimensions / measurements, the end result simply must be as close as possible to the idea. Imagine yourself in the place of a visitor: think about what exactly would attract you in this institution. Try not to forget about your employees as well: the bartender should be comfortable at his counter, all the necessary items and equipment should be at hand. The rest of the staff also needs separate “care”: the layout of the premises should not somehow hinder or hinder their movement.

Menu on a wooden table of a beer bar

The atmosphere should be conducive to friendly gatherings.

Wooden chairs with backs in the interior of a beer bar

Bar furniture should be simple but comfortable

Leather sofa in a beer bar

The soft zone would also be appropriate.

Bar design project: room zoning

The design phase is an important undertaking. This is largely due to the fact that each element must be taken into account. Think about the equipment, its dimensions, appearance – it should be thematically appropriate for the room.

Irish style beer bar interior

Irish pub style bar design – wood trim on the bottom of the walls, old framed photos, distinctive color palette

Zoning requires a competent approach:

  1. Use partitions to create separate privacy areas.
  2. Play with light – different lighting fixtures will do – alternate between them. Dimmed lights help create a more relaxing atmosphere.
  3. If you adhere to a strictly directed theme: for example, marine – divide the beer bar into separate parts of the ship (mast, deck, cabin).

Stained glass in the interior of a beer pub

Wooden partition with stained-glass windows

Menu and bar list

Alcohol is the hallmark of every beer bar. He is a key link, so you need to think over your bar card thoroughly. In addition to good, different beers, there must be other alcohol. The menu should be replete with snacks (such as snacks, crackers, dried fish) so that the client has plenty to choose from. You can make a couple of “more substantial” dishes, like a kebab.

Table with beer and snacks

A good assortment of snacks at reasonable prices will help attract customers

Three mugs of beer with snacks

It would be nice to come up with a few signature snacks, a kind of business cards of the institution.

Stand for pouring beer in the center of the table for bar visitors

One of the modern “tricks” is a personal beer stand with a touch screen that keeps track of what was drunk

Video: craft beer bar

Photo: 50 beer bar design ideas

Decorative rack with empty beer bottles Brown beer bar design project Industrial pendant lights Stairs to the basement with a beer house Beer bar interior in dark colors Natural stone floor in the bar Soft semicircular sofas in a cozy bar Girl on a bar style orders beer Oriental-style bar with TV The main entrance to the drinking establishment Decorating a bar wall using a panel Japanese-style bar counter Decorative wood beams on the ceiling Furniture from boards in the interior of a pub Industrial style beer bar interior Bar counter made of brick in a public institution Light-colored natural stone floor Big hall of a beer bar Expensive wood trim in a popular bar Loft-style bartender workplace Beer bar interior with halls on different floors Open wiring on the ceiling of a public institution Inverted glass mugs on wooden table Long tables made of wood for regular visitors Massive furniture made of natural wood in the interior of the bar Emerald color in the decoration of a beer bar Paintings on the wall of an Irish bar Open shelves with bottles of beer Vintage lamps above the bar Floor beams as stylish decorations White tile apron with open shelves Open racks with drinks in glass bottles Bar counter with glossy top Arrow pointer in front of the entrance to the beer bar Round doors in a beer bar Decorative plates on the wall of the beer bar Bar counter for eight seats Beer establishment design with loft elements Blue sky on the ceiling of a beer bar Wooden tables for beer bar visitors Black ceiling in an Irish bar Beer bar design in light shades Long bar counter along the brick wall Black tables and brick walls Ventilation pipes in an industrial interior White chairs at a brown table High-tech beer bar decoration Chaos style beer bar interior Comfortable booth for beer lovers Bar menu in the form of a beer mug

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