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Corner sideboard for the kitchen: types and features, device, design ideas, advice.

The kitchen buffet is a fashionable, original cabinet in which it is customary to store dishes, cookbooks, and textiles. The design creates coziness in the room, decorates it. The corner sideboard for the kitchen is the most convenient type of the familiar cabinet, which, if desired, can be made independently.

Kitchen buffet in the interior.

The kitchen sideboard has been an indispensable piece of furniture for a long time..

What is a corner sideboard for the kitchen, its features?

The classic corner model of the sideboard consists of two parts: the lower one, closed by doors, and the upper one, which looks like a glazed showcase. This product is difficult for self-production, as it has many details, including intricate shapes. The main feature of the item is the ability to use a corner that was previously empty.

Old kitchen cupboard.

Antique model of kitchen sideboard.

Advantages, disadvantages of using a kitchen buffet

The cupboard in the kitchen has several advantages:

  • creates an original interior;
  • easy to use;
  • a simple, compact version is inexpensive;
  • fits in a kitchenette of any size;
  • suitable for space zoning.

White kitchen cupboard.

Thanks to its small dimensions, the charcoal sideboard can be installed even in a small kitchen.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • the product is not spacious enough;
  • not suitable for every interior;
  • the item is placed separately from everything, therefore it requires a special place;
  • a luxurious “semi-antique” product will be very expensive.

Advice. Most modern furniture companies offer the manufacture of sideboards of various configurations, in accordance with the wishes of the customer..

Kitchen cupboard in the living room.

The only drawback of the buffet is its small capacity.

Types of buffets for the kitchen

There are two types of buffets:

  • open – “classic” products with open shelves;
  • closed – have several shelves, glass doors in the upper half.

Closed kitchen cupboard.

Buffets are open and closed.

Sideboard and its use in different styles

Corner sideboards are suitable for a regular kitchen decorated in various interior styles:

  • baroque – the sideboard is richly decorated with wood carvings, glass and stone mosaics;
  • classic – made of light wood, has overhead carved details;
  • Provence – white, draperies in the upper part behind glass are permissible;
  • rustic – a rough product without finishing;
  • minimalism – a product made of MDF, a strict, laconic form, there is no decor;
  • loft – a heavy wooden cabinet artificially aged.

Art Nouveau sideboard.

The charcoal sideboard can be successfully combined with different interior styles.

Advice. The pantry construction is not suitable for modern style, hi-tech, futurism, techno.

Design features of the buffet

The standard sideboard is used as a storage space for dishes, tablecloths and napkins, small kitchen appliances. In the presence of an empty middle part, an additional horizontal surface appears in the kitchen.

kitchen sideboard made of natural wood.

The buffet consists of three parts.

Upper section of cupboard

Above, according to tradition, there are open shelves, which accommodate beautiful dishes, porcelain souvenirs, textile decor and more. Often this part is decorated with glass doors, and inside – mirrors..

Middle department

The middle of the structure has a table top, the width of which is two to four centimeters wider than the lower part. Here, if desired, it will be possible to fully cook if there is no more suitable place in the room.

You can make a kitchen sideboard with your own hands.

Buffets can be made by hand, or ordered from qualified craftsmen for any design.

The base of the buffet

The lower cabinet is decorated with hinged doors, behind which are stored various household appliances, kitchen utensils, everyday dishes, kitchen draperies, cookbooks, culinary magazines. The base rests on four legs – the simplest quadrangular shape or carved, chiseled, graceful.

What materials are kitchen cupboards made of?

The materials for the manufacture of the original corner cabinet are:

  • natural wood;
  • MDF;
  • Chipboard;
  • plywood.

Fittings and decor of the structure are made of metal, plastic, glass, including stained glass, acrylic, ceramics.

The sideboard can be made from MDF.

Different materials can be used to make a kitchen corner sideboard.

Filling the buffet in the kitchen

Typically, the cupboard has several open shelves in the upper compartment, as well as more than two or three wide ones, hidden behind “blind” doors, in the lower one. Modern models sometimes partially or completely have a filling of the bottom, consisting of large and small drawers, trays, roll-out sections.

Contemporary sideboard model.

Modern sideboards consist of a transparent door and a closed bottom.

Buffet decor

The wooden cabinet is decorated in various ways:

  • volumetric wood carving;
  • overhead plastic elements;
  • stained glass;
  • covered with paint, stain, varnish;
  • signs manually.

Antique corner kitchen cupboard.

Decorating can give a unique look to an antique sideboard.

Products imitating old ones are very popular – with paint peeled off in some places, applied in several layers, decorative scuffs up to the tree itself, areas decorated using the “crackle” technique. Selected models have interior lighting.

How to choose a buffet in the kitchen?

Modern, beautiful sideboards for the kitchen can be bought in many furniture stores. The price depends on the material of manufacture, the design of a particular item, the accuracy of assembly, the functionality of the item, the popularity of the manufacturer. When choosing, it is important to consider where the cabinet will be located – in the kitchen or living room. For cramped kitchens, choose a small product with sliding rather than swing doors.

Advice. If there are sliding, withdrawable, lifting mechanisms, their quality should be checked – the parts should move smoothly, without applying excessive forces.

Beige corner sideboard.

The price of a kitchen buffet will depend on the material, designs and number of internal cabinets..

Design ideas

A kitchen cabinet in a corner should fit optimally into the interior. The product can be very small or huge, reaching the ceiling if the kitchen is spacious. Low and narrow are placed in a cramped kitchenette, while painting the sideboard in creamy white, yellowish-gray, orange-pink, etc..

sideboard in the corner of the living room.

The sideboard can be installed in the living room, two sideboards look especially beautiful in different corners.

Tips, recommendations

A large or small kitchen cupboard is bought at the nearest furniture store or purchased by choosing on the Internet from a photo from a catalog. If you have carpentry skills, high-quality materials, tools, suitable drawings, they create it yourself.

Types of kitchen buffets

50 photo ideas for kitchen cupboards:

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