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Choosing a living room interior

The living room is a place where friends and relatives gather, where the family spends joint evenings, where many people always gather. This place should be perfect and match the stated functionality. Living room design plays an important role in every home. During the repair it is worth paying special attention to this..

Built-in shelves in the interior of the living room

The living room is rightfully considered the hallmark of every home.

Underlying factors

To make a high-quality, comfortable and beautiful design, you need to approach the matter based on a specific system. It will help you determine what requests a room should meet, what features to have, and much more..

Modern living room in classic style

Living room decoration depends on the size of the room and personal preferences.

To build a system, you need to highlight several design factors, then isolate the possible options, and based on the results obtained, act.

Factor Variants
Square Living room in a country house;

In Khrushchev;

In new panel houses.

Functionality Combined with a study;

From the nursery;

With a kitchen;

Living room in a studio apartment.

Styles Minimalism;


High tech;




Finishing materials Dye;


Artificial brick and stone;

Natural wood;


Now you need to choose the option that suits your tastes and consider it in detail.


For the interior of the living room, the area is important. It determines what color scheme to choose, furniture, style, what functionality the room will have. Skillful use of materials and design options allows you to transform a living room of any area, and profitably use its positive aspects.

Dark gray sofa in a bright living room

To decorate a small living room, it is better to choose light colors that visually expand the space.

Living room in a country house

This is the best option for both the hostess and the designer. Most living rooms in country houses have a large area, and here you can let your imagination run wild. Another plus of this option is high ceilings, which allow you to choose any design method for this zone..

Dark brown natural wood floor in the living room of a private house

The mood and character of the interior depends on the choice of colors.

In this case, any living room design will do. The main thing is that it looks harmonious and creates a complete picture..

Living room in Khrushchev

We have some limitations here. Most of the Khrushchevs have a small area, low ceilings and a standard room configuration. In this case, there are two options for interior decoration:

  • redevelopment;
  • skillful use of the available space.

In the first case, it is necessary to think over all the details of the redevelopment so that it does not damage other zones. Often, redevelopment is carried out by combining a living room with a kitchen, forming a studio; or with a corridor, increasing the living room area.

Living room design in panel Khrushchev

The interior of a beautiful and comfortable living room in Khrushchev

Important! Redevelopment must be legalized by filling out the appropriate papers.

Compact sofa in the living room of the Khrushchev

If it is not possible to add additional meters, methods of visually increasing the space are used.

The use of the available area is reduced to the use of light colors in the design, the absence of bulky decorations and weighting styles.

Opportunities for new panel houses

Apartments in panel houses give more possibilities for decoration than standard Khrushchev houses.

Modern living room in a panel house

The living room can be decorated in a single style or combine several directions in one interior

The majority of such apartments have a large area and high ceilings, which makes it possible to choose any design for a living room..


Sometimes the living room is not only a place for friends or family gatherings. This area has to be combined with an office, kitchen or bedroom. In order for it to perform its functions correctly, it is necessary to adhere to some design rules..

Organization of a living area in a private house

Comfortable place for evening gatherings with the family

When the living room is a study

It is not permissible to allocate a separate room for a study in every apartment. In the bedroom, psychologists do not advise arranging a work area, as this has a bad effect on sleep productivity. In such a situation, you have to equip a study in the living room..

Designing a place to work in a common room

Stylish living room with workplace by the window

Since this room is still a living room, only part of the room will have to be allocated to the work space. Decide which part is best for this purpose. Pay attention to the location:

  • window;
  • sockets;
  • heating appliances.

Set up your work area in a well-lit area with multiple power outlets. Choose an area where you will be most comfortable working. But make sure that the workspace does not become the center of the room, and does not take all the attention..

Play field

The design of a living room in an apartment where there are children can be aimed at arranging a comfortable area for children’s games.

Zoning of a children's area in a one-room apartment

You can separate the children’s area from the adult using a rack with open shelves

In this case, it is necessary to think carefully about the storage systems for children’s toys. A bay window will be a convenient addition. Then you can equip it for children: carry out a warm floor, cover the place with a soft rug, arrange tables and chairs. The rest of the living room will become a reception area.

We decorate the dining area

In modern interior ideas, the living room is often combined with the kitchen. In this case, part of the living room is used for the dining area..

Cozy place for family meals in a one-room studio apartment

Dining area decoration in a classic style

This area should be close to the kitchen to accommodate a dining table and chairs. It is better to place it near the window. This will make her the most comfortable and enjoyable..

Another option is to place the table in the center of the room. However, it can be implemented in exceptional cases, when the room is very large and is designed for frequent reception of a large number of guests..

Lighting in the living room-kitchen of a modern apartment

Successful living room layout with a spacious dining table

Still, it is better to define the main space as a recreation area, and arrange the dining room aside..

Living room in a studio apartment

In this situation, we have only one room, which combines the functionality of all the necessary areas of the apartment (with the exception of the bathroom). Here you need to think about the correct location of all parts..

White headset linear layout

Snow-white interior of a studio apartment in a Scandinavian style

Advice! Divide zones in a one-room studio with furniture or color accents.

Allocate an area in the apartment for:

  • recreation;
  • sleep;
  • work;
  • meals.

Red sofa near the accent wall of the living room

The photo shows an example of highlighting the living room area using 3D panels.

The bar counter will help to separate the kitchen from the rest of the room. The bed will hide the wardrobe. Place the working area in the corner or by the window. Set up the center of the room as a seating area: place a small sofa, a coffee table and a TV here.

Modern style directions

Be sure to choose a specific stylistic trend. This will create a modern living room design. A room without a certain style cannot be called fashionable. If you want a good design – choose the right and modern style.

White walls in a modern style living room

Regardless of the chosen style, the interior of the living room should be practical and attractive.


This style is the most common in modern design. Great for the fast pace of city life, when there should be nothing unnecessary at home that can be annoying or confusing.

Built-in furniture in a minimalist living room

In minimalism, light and space, the texture of materials and the geometry of forms are important.

Minimalism preaches the cult of cleanliness. This is expressed in monochrome colors, the absence of unnecessary furniture and decorations, the correct geometric features of the general zoning of space..

This style is suitable for both small and spacious living rooms. To equip the living room interior in minimalism, choose spacious cabinets of the correct geometric shape, a large sofa (it is better to place it in the center of the room), a simple and concise work table, a computer chair and several harmoniously fitting wall shelves. There is nothing superfluous here that could clutter up the space..


The loft can be called a technical style. Its history goes back to the 50s of America, when small entrepreneurs sold technical premises in the city center and left the city due to higher prices. These buildings were bought by wealthy people for various parties. Bare brick or plastered walls, beams on the ceiling, technical lighting devices remained in the same state – practically nothing has changed in the building. This appearance of the room attracted the beau monde and soon became a separate style..

Brick wall in a loft style living room

The loft is characterized by an imitation of roughly finished surfaces – open brick and gray concrete

To some extent, the loft is uncomfortable and uncomfortable. However, a certain circle of connoisseurs finds its charms in it..

High tech

The interior of the high-tech living room resembles a painting and a futuristic film. The focus here is on modern technology. The living room is as automated as possible: pull-out walls on the control panel, multifunctional furniture, many different useful equipment. Much attention is paid to lighting: you will find lamps of an unusual shape, lighting in the ceiling and floor furniture, hidden lighting systems.

Red color in the interior of the living room in high-tech style

In high-tech, there is always a minimum of decor and a maximum of functionality.

Its useful to note! High-tech light only cold spectrum.

The color palette is expressed mainly in cold tones. The most common colors are white, black, gray, dark brown. Most surfaces are glossy, have a metallic sheen.


This style is the obvious opposite of the previous one. If in the first case the emphasis is on modern technologies, then Provence is a return to the past. Here you will find old things, sideboards with sets, many cupboards and nightstands. But Provence isn’t just rustic old style. This is a combination of luxury and antiquity. The interior of the living room in the Provas style resembles a royal apartment..

Interior of the living room of a panel house in Provence style

Provence resembles a classic, but differs from it in provincial charm and simpler decorations

This destination is suitable for lovers of quiet, calm evenings. It will provide an opportunity to create a soft and cozy atmosphere. Much attention is paid to furniture and textiles. Large soft sofas and armchairs covered with an abundance of pillows. Long draped curtains and soft carpets on the floor. Provence is the embodiment of comfort, warmth and luxury.


This direction is perfect for a living room in a private house. Its highlight is the fireplace. A functioning wood-burning fireplace can be made mainly in your own house, rather than in an apartment..

Bright living room in Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is a combination of functional minimalism with the traditions of a Swedish house

Scandinavian style is a combination of different ideas. On the one hand, it is austere and cold, on the other, soft, warm and cozy. It combines modern ideas with innovations and old ethnic motives. There are notes of eco-orientation, so here you can find green blotches and corresponding motives..

The main colors are white, blue, gray and brown. They are perfectly combined with each other, creating a harmonious and interesting design..


Suitable for a spacious living room with large windows. It originates in Greece, therefore, it has corresponding antique motives. Then he migrated to the southern coast of France, where he acquired his tenderness and lightness. Thus, it contains simplicity and lightness along with grace and luxury..

Beautiful living room in Mediterranean style

Mediterranean interior will fill the room with warmth and comfort

A feature of the style is the nautical theme, therefore, appropriate decorations are often found here. Textiles or striped walls are also a distinctive feature of the Mediterranean trend.

The ease of style is emphasized by simple wicker furniture, spacious rooms, light chiffon curtains.

Materials for finishing the base

To make a good living room design, you need to decide on the materials with which to cover the ceiling, floor and walls. Their choice, first of all, dictates the style. Your preferences also play a role, as the style can take several variations..

Beautiful guest room in Art Nouveau style

When choosing finishing materials, the help of specialists will not be at all superfluous.

Wall design

The modern interior departs from the usual wallpaper. The most common wall design method is painting. Most modern styles will only accept solid colored walls. If you don’t like monochrome, pick up a painting. It can be created using paints and brushes, spray paint or stencils..

Living Room White Wall Decor Pictures

Solid walls will be the perfect backdrop for interesting decorative elements.

Even though the wallpaper is gone, it is still in use. The new species create a beautiful imitation of paint or can offer interesting design options. Forget only about flowers and an abundance of ornaments, otherwise you can safely trust the wallpaper.

Ceiling decoration

Paint and wallpaper will still work for many styles. Decorative or natural plaster comes into play.

An excellent modern solution would be a stretch ceiling. At the moment, manufacturers can offer a large selection of PVC films of different colors and shades, with all kinds of designs and effects..

Stretch ceiling with a glossy surface in the living room of a modern apartment

The height of the ceiling is decisive when choosing a finishing option.

Multilevel ceilings also remain popular. They allow you to create an interesting design for the living room, hide communications and conduct spot lighting. But this option is only suitable for a room with high ceilings..

The best option for the floor

The most common options for flooring in the living room are linoleum and laminate. These materials, with the addition of natural wood shavings, have proven themselves well during operation, and also have an excellent appearance in the color of natural wood..

light brown floor in the interior of the kitchen-living room

For flooring, it is better to use materials that are resistant to external influences.

For some styles, tiles will work. In this case, choose larger tiles. Marble also looks great, no joints are visible on it, since the slabs are quite large, and also strikes with a luxurious shine. But this option has a very high price..

Having considered the fundamental design factors of the living room and choosing the right scheme of actions, you will be able to create a dream room that all guests will be delighted with..

Video review of the walk-through living room before and after renovation

50 living room interior design ideas

The interior of a narrow living room in a modern style Living room design with sofa against the wall Living room with two panoramic windows Bright pillows on a white sofa White sofa in front of a window into the garden of a private house Purple LED Ceiling Painting the ceiling in a classic living room Small sofa with striped upholstery Decorating the ceiling with wooden beams Combined curtains in a living room with white walls Roman shades in living room with blue sofa Design of a small studio apartment Modular upholstered furniture in the living room Cozy room in Provence style Horn chandelier on the living room ceiling Interesting layout of the living room in a private house Colorful carpet in front of the corner sofa Painted light on the living room wall Living room design with one window Living room decoration in the old Khrushchev Persian carpet on the floor of the living room elongated shape Light curtains on the living room window in Khrushchev Decorating the wall above the sofa with a mirror Decoration with paintings of the wall above the sofa Yellow color in the interior of the living room Kitchen-living room with fireplace in a country house Red sofa in the living room of a panel house Design of a small living room in a modern apartment Interior of a studio apartment with one window Brick wall in the interior of the living room Wall murals in classic style living room decor Decorating a white wall with plates in three rows Blue color in the design of the living room Using laminate flooring for wall decor Interior of a modern living room without a sofa Geometric patterns on the wallpaper in the living room Black TV on a log wall Wooden ceiling in the living room of a private house Living room design with tall wardrobes Solid wood dining table Living room design in dark colors Vinyl wallpaper with variegated patterns a large suitcase instead of a coffee table Black in the design of a modern interior Yellow pillows on a dark gray sofa Large paintings in the niches of the living room wall Black plafond floor lamp Living room interior without curtains on the windows Living room zoning with gray carpet Decorating a sofa group in a classic style

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