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Modern curtains in the hall

Life without fashion seems boring and dull. Imagine: from year to year you wear the same suits, shoes and handbags, your face is monotonous and does not change makeup. The husband constantly drives a car of the same brand, and in the apartment there is furniture bought once and for all. There is nothing to say about curtains: from time to time, of course, you will purchase a new set. But he is new only in terms of age. Style, cut and fabric are always the same. Have you imagined this horror? Fortunately, everything around us is developing, fashion trends are changing, and with them we are changing too..


The coming year promises a lot of interesting novelties in home interior design. And the first thing you should pay attention to is the curtains for the hall. The photo of samples of 2021 shows modern fabrics for sewing curtains of any style, because it is clothing for windows that turns the interior of the room into a single ensemble..



How to choose fabric for curtains?

It is important to choose the right curtain fabric; for this you need to know its types.

Heavy dense fabrics are used for sewing main or night curtains:

  • Gabardine;
  • tapestry;
  • brocade;
  • velours;
  • velvet;
  • wool;
  • atlas;
  • blackout.



Lightweight, airy fabrics are good for day curtains and trims:

  • Silk;
  • veil;
  • chiffon;
  • tulle;
  • taffeta;
  • organza;
  • net.



Blended fabrics of different density are widely presented. Not a single woman will remain indifferent to them, as well as to the most beautiful openwork lace..


Companion fabrics always look modern. They complement each other in design, color and texture and are often used in interiors where two color shades coexist in decoration..

From companion fabrics, you can come up with many different combinations of curtains for the living room. For example, curtains with lambrequins and bandos (when one fabric is used for sewing the main canvas, and the upper design is sewn from the other); double-layer straight curtains – the most common use of fabrics – “sisters”. Such a design also looks advantageous: the lower (main) curtain is straight, and the upper (finishing) curtain is decorated with drapery.



Tip: If you are lost in the variety of designs on offer, know that companion fabrics will always come to your rescue. First, decide: which of the shades that are present in the decoration of the room, you want to emphasize. Then, based on this, select the material of the appropriate color for sewing the main curtains..

The accompanying companion fabric is suitable for finishing. You can also sew original cushions from it, which will tie curtains and upholstered furniture into a single ensemble..


Curtain fabrics, both domestic and foreign, and now there is a huge amount, and by 2021 another collection of new samples will appear.

Next year, fabrics will be at the height of fashion:

  • with embroidery;
  • with monograms;
  • with inscriptions and symbols;
  • with ethnic patterns;
  • ikat (fancy blurry patterns);
  • batik;
  • with sequins and rhinestones trim;
  • with metallized threads.



Curtains made of shiny textiles, depending on the lighting in the living room, create a unique play of light and shadow. They easily and organically fit into the interiors in the oriental style and in the art deco style. For lovers of luxury and antiquity, there are also wonderful interior fabrics made of natural silk with patterns that were popular in the XYII-XYIII centuries..

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How these gorgeous samples look can be seen in the photos presented on the websites of manufacturing factories.

Not so long ago, the “loft” style burst into the world fashion of residential interiors. It resembles a dwelling in an abandoned industrial plant. This style is distinguished by industrial echoes in interior details: exposed metal pipes, brick in wall decoration, rough finishing of all surfaces, etc..



Fabric artists immediately responded to the request and released a line of samples of the “factory” series. The curtains for the hall in such apartments are similar to polyethylene or mesh fabrics, or to aluminum foil (material for thermal insulation of pipelines).


In the interval between these two polar styles, there are more traditional ones: classic, modern, minimalism, fusion and others. For each of these areas, the 2021 collection features a rich selection of contemporary curtain fabrics. Linen, cotton, chintz, matting, familiar to everyone, have not gone anywhere either. Many housewives, choosing textiles for their apartment, remain faithful to natural and eco-friendly fabrics..



Fashion trends in window decoration

The times when curtains were used only as a utilitarian thing are in the distant past. Now they are not bought only in order to hide from the rays of the sun penetrating into the apartment, or to hide from passers-by, looking into the windows of the first floor. These features are important, of course, but they are not enough..



An aesthetic function is also expected from curtains: the window should look beautiful and holistic, harmoniously fit into the created interior.


The current fashion does not impose strict requirements on style solutions, however, the trends of 2021 clearly show the following directions:

  • airiness and lightness;
  • rule: “textured fabric – simple design”;
  • emphasized individuality and originality;
  • following the theme of the interior;
  • minimalism;
  • techno style;
  • ethnic style;
  • theatrical style;
  • palace style.

It’s good that the designers don’t impose anything. Everyone can choose their own from the proposed style solutions..

The most easily achievable, can be considered the requirements for following the theme of the interior. Most of us do just that..

If, for example, light rattan furniture has been installed in your living room, then you are unlikely to hang French curtains there. Most likely, these will be simple natural fabrics or fabrics with a certain ethnic pattern. The apartment, stylized as a safari park, will fit curtains with an “animal” pattern or with the image of nature.


As for the other listed fashion trends, it is advisable to understand how the premises decorated in these styles should look like. Here, museum expositions and photos of successful finished interiors will come to the rescue..

Airiness and lightness

The name itself suggests that transparent light fabrics are selected for this direction. They transmit light well, have a delicate texture and gather in spectacular folds. The peculiarity of the airy style is the numerous gathers and rich draperies on thin, almost weightless fabrics..

An almost weightless veil is good for these purposes. It behaves beautifully with any curtains, but in this context it is an independent window decor. On large-format window openings, as well as on bay windows, multilayer curtains of two or three transparent fabrics of different colors look stylish and elegant.


Depending on the general interior of the living room, these can be shades of one color, smoothly turning one into another (milky, beige, coffee), or combinations based on contrast (boiling white and dark blue). The same effect can be achieved by combining “taffeta-organza”, “silk-chiffon”, etc..

Decorators propose to change the order of hanging curtains: instead of the usual “tulle down, curtains on top”, the reverse version is becoming fashionable. Transparent thin canvases become an element of decoration for a denser fabric, which acts as a base, a background for a light curtain.

Textured fabric – simple design

In this case, the main rule is not to overdo it with decor. The richer, more textured the fabric itself, the brighter and more expressive its pattern, the simpler the style of the curtain should be.

Overloading with assemblies, the use of complex decorating techniques can “kill” the fabric, and the overall impression of such a curtain will be negative.


Tip: If the fabric of future curtains has a colorful, interesting pattern, choose such a style so that it makes it possible to see the image.

Emphasized individuality and uniqueness

This trend in curtain fashion is not new, but in 2021 it will retain its position. The point is to find unusual uses for a common material, and vice versa. Example: everyone hangs fabric curtains in the living room – you decorate the window with thin leather, and instead of the usual grabs, you use leather belts.

If everyone is accustomed to using striped fabric in a vertical direction, then you will sew curtains with a pattern on a diagonal, or decorate them in a “patchwork” style, where the stripes will run along, and across, and obliquely.


In most homes, the curtains are floor-length. You can also decorate a window at half its height. Traditionally, this is how windows are decorated in the kitchen or in the dining room. By the way, this technique will be fashionable in the coming year: the transparent curtain barely reaches the windowsill, and the main canvas, as usual, is sewn to the floor length.

The easiest way to show originality is for those who prefer eclectic decor. But, in fact, each interior is individual (unless, of course, it is copied entirely from someone’s living room).

Following the theme of the interior

Let’s take a look at the example of the now fashionable nautical style. Let’s say your idea is this: the living room is the deck of a sea ship. In the interior, you used wood, jute, ropes, as a decor you chose ship models, sea shells, steering wheels, anchors and other things reminiscent of the sea.


Obviously, special curtains are required for such a living room. For the purity of the style, you can even use sailcloth, but linen or linen unpainted curtains with a large mesh mesh thrown over the cornice are also quite suitable. For those who are especially brave, we can recommend curtains – scarlet sails.

Ruffles, lace and frills will not fit into the marine theme, but they will be wonderful in interiors such as “at the grandmother’s in the village”, “romantic maiden’s light”, “living room a la USSR” and “French Provence”.


Preference is given to strict, clear forms. The design of curtains is not abundant in decor; the color scheme is mainly black and white. Black, gray and white are the favorite colors for this style. They are used both individually and in contrasting combinations. In a monochrome design, a single-colored bright spot is allowed, for example, a red curtain, but in this case it must be supported by another decor item of the same color; sofa cushions, panels or a single tall vase.


Sometimes the curtains are attached to the rails at the top and bottom. They open and close according to the principle of sliding panels.

The minimalism style is typical of Japanese culture. It has traditionally decorated both offices and houses of the Japanese. See photos with examples of their interiors.


Recently used style. “Ethno” was loved by many, therefore it remains relevant next year..



Designers recommend using more boldly wallpaper, carpets, bedspreads with prints under the skin of animals and reptiles in the interior, but categorically exclude natural skins, leather and stuffed animals.

As for the curtains, the following drawings will be suitable for this theme: “zebra”, “leopard”, “cow skin”. The texture of the fabric imitates the skin of a buffalo, lamb, wool of various animals. The combination of smooth and fleecy fabrics in window decoration is another innovation proposed in 2021.


A living room in ethnic style looks especially attractive if it is decorated in the spirit of a certain country or ethnic group. The curtain fabric is selected in such a way that it resembles the traditional pattern or ornament of the chosen culture, for example: Mexican, Peruvian or Scandinavian.

Theatrical style



Remember what a curtain looks like on the stage of any theater – most often, it is velvet, velor or heavy cloth. The main curtains of your living room can also be like this..

High arched windows in the foyers and lobbies of the theater are usually decorated with “French” or “Austrian” curtains. The first ones are collected in several rows along the entire length, while the second ones have only the lower part assembled in a similar way. Both those and others look elegant, solemn and festive..


In theaters, only snow-white fabrics are used, but you can experiment in your living room. If a pale blue color is more suitable for your interior, feel free to use it: blue will refresh the top layer of curtains.

Decorators suggest combining heavy velvet with a light veil or translucent taffeta. This solution is suitable only for a large living room with expensive and richly decorated furniture. Decorating living rooms in the style of “a la theater”, their owners often build podiums (stages) and enclose them in a frame made of curtain fabric, fixing it in a semicircle on a curved cornice. In this way, an even greater resemblance to a real theater is achieved..

Palace style

Heavy, massive curtains, richly decorated with expensive fringes or large tassels on a twisted cord, are suitable for a palace-style living room. French curtains are ideal for padding. Lambrequins of complex shapes, decorated with monograms, various emblems, etc. are also a distinctive feature of palace curtains..


The texture of fabrics – heavy satin, tapestry, jacquard – only printed; with an abundance of decor, embroidery, trimmed with precious stones (or their imitation). The color scheme is traditional: dark red wine, dark blue, dark green, chocolate. An indispensable condition is the abundance of gold motifs both on the fabric and throughout the interior. How such curtains look in historical interiors can be seen in paintings by old masters or in photos of modern royal palaces.

Tip: Fabrics used for theater and palace style cannot be washed. Caring for them is difficult, and it is better to entrust it to professional cleaning..

Giving recommendations on the choice of curtains without seeing your living room live is a thankless task. There is an ideal option for each specific case. From the endless sea of ​​textures, colors and patterns, choose only what you like and what will best decorate your living room.

Curtains in the hall photo 2021: 40 options

We will be glad to see your photo with the image of new curtains..

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