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Design ideas for decorating a terrace

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Many owners of suburban areas are trying to create a beautiful and cozy design not only inside the house, but also outside. The design of the country veranda requires maximum attention and a serious approach.

Country furniture on an open veranda

The lovingly furnished terrace will be a great place to relax and have fun

Thinking over the details is exciting, but there will be many difficulties at various stages of the arrangement. Therefore, it is worth knowing in advance all the information regarding the terrace and its decoration..

Veranda design in the country – do it yourself

The veranda can be open or closed. If insulated, it helps to expand the size of the house. The room often includes a dining room, kitchen, library and work area, a garden, and a creative corner. Several directions can be connected at once.

An open veranda near a wooden country house

The open building, which is blown by the breeze and protected from the sun, is in demand only in good weather.

The open-type design was created specifically for the summer season, when it will be comfortable to rest on it, thanks to the constant coolness. But it can only be used in good weather. Regardless of the type, it is better to place the terrace behind the house. If it becomes an extension of the dwelling, then it is placed on the necessary side of the facade.

Open veranda with a porch made of natural stone

The design of the veranda should correspond to the overall design of the house.

The design of the veranda in the country can be done with your own hands. It is necessary to take into account several important nuances and it will turn out to embody functionality and beauty..

Design of an open veranda in the house

At each stage of the arrangement, attention should be paid to the selection of materials, colors, details.

Curly morning glory on an open country veranda

Light and space are the main decorations of the open veranda

All important design elements of an open terrace are reflected in the table..

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Fencing Wood undergoes many tests in the fresh air every day. Therefore, it is worthwhile to thoroughly approach the choice of the variety. Pine is affordable and oak is more reliable but expensive. The decorative grille can be positioned vertically, horizontally or crosswise. The distance between the sections can be any, as well as the shape of the product..
Floor Wood is the obvious option. But due to regular exposure to moisture and sunlight, the coating will quickly deteriorate. You can avoid this by covering the tree with special paint every year. Tiles or linoleum are suitable for the floor. It is easier to care for them, there is no need for regular painting.
Furniture Depends on the type of veranda. The closed view can be arranged like a regular home room. The open type assumes the use of the terrace only in good weather. Therefore, it is wise to place foldable items. If the weather conditions change dramatically, it will be possible to quickly assemble the structures. Choose faux rattan models. They are distinguished by an attractive appearance, do not deteriorate from strong wind, exposure to moisture or the sun. You can place a sofa, several hanging chairs. Wicker furniture is perfect for a veranda.
Landscaping The heat and direct rays of the sun can get bored, and you want to hide from the heat in the cool. For this, curtains or landscaping are used. The latter involves the design of openings with climbing plants that perform several functions at once. They save from the heat and successfully decorate the appearance. Vertical landscaping makes the air more humid and the dust content decreases. The classic is the use of hedges.
Curtains You can complement the design with transparent curtains that create an airy atmosphere. There are special acrylic curtains suitable for outdoor use. They are capable of repelling dirt and dust. Bamboo curtains or roll models are suitable. This design detail is not required when decorating a veranda, but if the owners of the house want to decorate the structure, it is recommended to use the listed options.
Lighting The gazebo is used not only during the day, but also in the evening. Therefore, it is recommended to pay special attention to lighting. A point light should be installed in the roof of the structure. It will become the main one. An addition can be a garland placed around the entire perimeter. When placing lighting fixtures, remember about safety. Devices must be reliable and moisture resistant.

Bright illumination of an open veranda in the country

An open terrace with good lighting easily replaces the kitchen in the summer

Design of a closed veranda in a private house

The closed veranda acts as a place for relaxation and recreation. Therefore, it is worth reliably protecting it from bad weather, making it warm and appropriate in style to the general appearance of the house. Give up hi-tech. It’s too cold for a room like this. Use more natural materials, living plants and wood furniture.

Lamps on the wooden ceiling of the country veranda

Wood finishes combined with soft light create a warm atmosphere of coziness and tranquility

Sliding windows leading to the gazebo are popular. They make it easy to turn a closed object type into an open one. You can make the mechanism automatic, remotely controlled. The glass structure will be expensive, but it will look spectacular. There will be an overview of the entire territory of the site, but you will be under reliable protection from weather conditions.

Upholstered furniture in a closed veranda in the country

Comfortable upholstered furniture and plenty of natural light

An excellent option is to place it on the territory of the fireplace. There is a wide selection of models, which allows you to choose an option for any room.

Colonial style fireplace on the country veranda

The fireplace will create a cozy atmosphere and will warm you on cool evenings

Choosing a style for a summer cottage veranda

When decorating a veranda, it is important to adhere to one style direction. The choice will be influenced by the location of the object. If it is to the east or north, then the English colonial interior will do. The furniture is made of rattan, a rocking chair is required.

Rocking chair on the summer cottage

For the terrace, buy furniture of good quality, practical and durable

Mostly the use of wicker furniture. The most common solution when choosing country furniture due to its convenience and functionality. Colonial design suggests a fireplace. When closed, it will act as an additional source of heat.

Fireplace with burning wood on the dacha terrace

The fireplace is appropriate both on an open terrace and in a closed veranda

Eastern and southern designs are designed mainly in the Provence style. There are wooden beams on the ceiling and the furniture is made from natural materials only. Chairs and table, many flowers arranged in vases, serving as an additional decoration.

Open veranda in the country in the style of Provence

Provence style is associated with comfort, romance and lightness.

If the classic options do not fit, there are many modern interiors. It is based on interesting combinations of finishing materials such as glass columns. Complemented by low pieces of furniture.

Lighting on the veranda in the country

The choice of lighting fixtures is influenced by the type of construction. For open objects, choose mainly street lighting models. They can withstand wet conditions and are shockproof.

Photo of an open country terrace with the lights on

An example of a successful outdoor terrace lighting

LED illumination of the terrace floor in the country

Agree that it is much more pleasant to look at a lighted terrace than in the dark

Choose models that match the overall interior, which will emphasize it more. These can be stylized lanterns for open gazebos. This design has more space to install the light. Keep an eye on the safety and strength of securing them. Closed objects can be lit like ordinary rooms.

Zoning space on the summer cottage

Most designs are elongated. There is a lot of space, therefore, there are several segments for different purposes on the same territory. To avoid mixing them, it is recommended to carry out zoning, outlining the boundaries. This will make your stay comfortable..

Dining table and soft sofa on the veranda of the country house

When placing furniture on the veranda, leave more space for free movement

Plants in pots in the design of a summer cottage

Potted plants are great for zoning an outdoor terrace.

You can place not only relaxation corners, a dining area, but also a study. A closed veranda is a great way to increase the usable area of ​​the house. If there is not enough space inside for a room for a specific purpose, you can select a corner in the gazebo. Global zoning elements like massive partitions should be abandoned in view of the main purpose of the terrace. As an estimate for a vacation. It is necessary to arrange the furniture correctly, arrange the aisles and add decorative details, which will reveal the subtle line between the segments..

Furniture for a veranda in the country

A place for relaxation presupposes the presence of convenient and comfortable items in which you can perfectly relax. You do not need to purchase new products. Old furniture, skillfully complemented by decor, slightly restored will give a special atmosphere to the place. Bright covers, changing upholstery, painting will help. If there is enough space, arrange a large soft sofa, complemented by pillows.

Rattan furniture with soft pillows on the country veranda

On the veranda protected from the rain, you can safely place upholstered furniture

If this room is supposed to be used for eating and not just spending time, be sure to place a table and chairs. Observe the measure. The space should not turn out to be cluttered, overloaded with unnecessary details. A place to rest assumes the presence of space. It is important to hang a hammock next to it. It will allow you to enjoy the sun if you wish, and then spend time in the cool shade of the terrace..

What can be the finish and design of the veranda

The extension can be made of wood or have a metal frame with clapboard sheathing. Aluminum stained-glass windows will do. They are installed on the base of the object. Walls will appear, the decoration of which is not required due to the glazing. You just need to wash everything regularly. The basement will remain to decorate. To do this, choose a stone or brick..

Panoramic glazing of an open-type summer cottage terrace

Panoramic glazing on a metal frame will provide all-round visibility and unity with nature

Glass blocks can be used for glazing. There is a wide range of products on the market. Models with frosted glass, fluted or colored. You can combine them with each other to create a unique effect. The blocks are suitable for organizing lighting or creating panels. One of the negative aspects of such a finish is the price..

Design of the dining area on the country veranda

To enjoy gorgeous views, make the windows as large as possible

A combination of several options is allowed. One wall is allocated for glass blocks, the rest are made of aluminum stained-glass windows.

Garden parquet floor on the summer cottage terrace

A special garden parquet was used to arrange the floor of this outdoor terrace.

In the open type of object, the concept of interior and exterior decoration is mixed. This applies to construction and decor in general. Therefore, wood is the most preferred. It is only important to take proper care of the material so that over time, negative street factors do not spoil the building. To create objects for many years, there is a decking, which is a terrace board. It perfectly withstands all the negative moments of the street and is suitable for finishing the veranda. The material contains polymer additives, which improves its strength and moisture resistance.

Glass roof verandas

One possible design option is roof glazing. This idea looks impressive. The glazing system is installed on pre-erected supporting structures.

Closed veranda of a country house with a glass roof

The glass roof of the veranda visually increases the size of the room, making the extension light and airy

Glass roof in the design of the country veranda

This veranda will be light all day

An additional advantage of such a solution is significant energy savings. You don’t need to install many lighting fixtures. There will be enough light inside during the day. High strength glass is used, so you can not be afraid of rain or the scorching rays of the sun. Double-glazed windows are reliable and perfectly protect the room.

Natural stone and wood in the interior of terraces

The stone is often used to decorate the floor. It may not end at the boundaries of the object, but go further into the courtyard, becoming paths. This allows you to create a common design for the entire site. The stone is used in the construction of the foundation. Outwardly, the design looks reliable, a little primitive. You can combine it with wood, creating interesting combinations. The object will look like a house in the forest, and not a place to relax in a suburban area.

The use of stone and wood in the design of a summer cottage

Highlighted timber beams and stone-clad openings between windows

The stone can be used when installing the fireplace. The device will become a source of heat and a highlight of the room. The space near the fireplace should be supplemented with masonry to make everything look complete..

Veranda design in light colors

Light shades visually enlarge the space, give airiness, lightness and create an atmosphere of solemnity. The classics are the decoration of windows and ceilings in a snow-white palette, and the floor in a dark range. Suitable even for tiny terraces. A smooth transition from gray to white helps to add coziness and purity. The space must be complemented with several bright details..

Design of a country veranda in light colors

Light colors expand the space and create a truly festive mood in any weather

design solution in light colors for a country veranda

White window frames and a light ceiling echo with the same shades of furniture and interior

For those wishing to create a Scandinavian interior, a light range should be present throughout the room, including the floor and walls. Bright elements in the form of pillows and curtains will help to dilute the atmosphere. This design is perfect for a dining room located on the veranda. The light color, which is neutral, makes a great backdrop for centralizing various details, including the fireplace. If the flooring is designed in white, it is worth diluting it by laying a carpet in a contrasting shade.

Arrangement of a corner for rest and reading on the veranda

A small reading area can be created with a soft, comfortable chair next to the shelves and shelves. Be sure to supplement the place with a lamp..

Reading space on the summer cottage

Cozy corner for comfortable reading of books

During the day, the space is well lit, but in the evening you need enough light to read. It is better to choose a distant corner for the design of the veranda in the country, so that the segment turns out to be quiet and cozy.

Expert opinion Alina Kvileva.

Video on how to make a cozy veranda for year-round use

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