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Landscape design

English garden landscaping: ideas with photos

English garden landscaping is essential to create a natural, quiet and cozy space. Its key feature is naturalness, it prompts thought and invites you to relax. English style in landscape design can be embodied. But you need to carefully approach the selection of flowers, materials, decorative elements, plants and other things.. Registration of a summer...Read More

How to decorate the yard with your own hands

The beautiful, well-groomed area near the house attracts the eye at any time of the year, delivering special pleasure in summer, when everything is blooming and fragrant. Let’s figure it out: how to decorate the yard so that the neighbors will envy and you will admire. First, decide what the term “beautiful yard” means to...Read More

Landscaping of a site on a slope

string (0) "" string (0) "" Many owners of a plot on the slope do not understand their happiness. They only complain about the troubles associated with the non-standard arrangement of the territory, not realizing that they have got a unique example of the mastery of nature, which can be turned into something even more...Read More

We use small architectural forms in landscape design

Interested in landscaping? Are you looking for an original courtyard gazebo that will accommodate all your friends and leave space for a flower bed? Then you have found what you were looking for. Read our article and discover new design possibilities for your yard and garden. It is difficult to imagine a modern garden without...Read More

How to use roses in landscaping

string (0) "" string (0) "" Do you have your own house or summer cottage? Then this information is dedicated to you. The interior decoration of the courtyard is the pride of the hostess. Of course, I would like to show off a beautiful design. A flower garden will help to make it such. An...Read More

DIY garden decor

string (0) "" string (0) "" Modern summer cottages are not only a place where you need to weed the beds and take care of the garden. Today it is a place of relaxation from the bustle of the city of many residents of megacities. For a good rest, it is necessary to create coziness...Read More

Landscaping Tips for Beginners

string (0) "" string (0) "" Landscaping can work wonders. You probably have a question, how can an inanimate plot of land, planted with plants, strewn with stones and decorative elements, can do something? Very simple. Go to a city park or visit the main attraction of a city. What a pleasant atmosphere there. How...Read More