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Webinar: SEO reporting demystified

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Marketing and SEO leaders are tasked with consistent reporting on SEO performance to the C-suite to convey current impact and increase SEO visibility. Yet, most execs don’t know what SEO is, how it really works, or how it impacts their core business objectives.

Join Conductor’s SEO experts as they break down how to report the right way to increase SEO visibility with this audience and turn execs into champions of SEO.

Register and attend “SEO Reporting Demystified: Winning Over Executives and Influencing Strategies,” presented by Conductor.

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Cynthia Ramsaran

Cynthia Ramsaran is director of custom content at Third Door Media, publishers of Search Engine Land and MarTech. A multi-channel storyteller with over two decades of editorial/content marketing experience, Cynthia’s expertise spans the marketing, technology, finance, manufacturing and gaming industries. She was a writer/producer for CNBC.com and produced thought leadership for KPMG. Cynthia hails from Queens, NY and earned her Bachelor’s and MBA from St. John’s University.

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