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TikTok launches AI-powered creative assistant for ad creation

TikTok has launched a new AI-powered tool to help advertisers create more effective campaigns.

Creative Assistant, which is located in the platform’s Creative Center, can be used to analyze data, offer suggestions, brainstorm ideas and provide advice on the platform’s best practice guidance.

Why we care. Creative Assistant can help make content creation easier and faster by acting as your virtual assistant. By leveraging TikTok creative insights, it can suggest data-led ideas to help you create more effective and engaging campaigns.

What is TikTok Creative Assistant? TikTok Creative Assistant is an AI-driven virtual assistant that you can chat with and work alongside while you create ads or videos for the platform. By harnessing TikTok-specific creative knowledge, it ensures you get the most relevant suggestions and guidance, ultimately helping advertisers craft compelling and effective content for their TikTok campaigns.

How it works. You can access Creative Assistant on the top right-hand corner of the Creative Center page when you log into the TikTok Creative Center. Start using the new feature by inputting prompts, such as the following:

  • “I am new to creating videos on TikTok. What are some best practices I need to know before starting?”
  • “Show me top-performing ads on Creative Center in the [industry] industry.”
  • “Come up with TikTok ideas for my brand named [name], promoting [topic].”
  • “Write a TikTok ad script for my [industry] brand named [name], targeting [market] and [target audience]. Highlight these benefits in the script – [benefits].”

What can you use Creative Assistant for? TikTok Creative Assistant can be used to boost advertisers’ creativity within the platform’s Creative Center, offering insights and suggestions for a smoother content creation process. Examples of instances to use it include:

  • For TikTok newcomers, Creative Assistant provides guidance on best practices and helps you kickstart your journey on the platform.
  • When researching the creative landscape on TikTok, Creative Assistant can display and analyze inspirational and top-performing ads using data sources available on the Creative Center.
  • When facing writer’s block, Creative Assistant is there to brainstorm TikTok ideas, assist in writing, and refine your TikTok scripts collaboratively.

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What has TikTok said? A TikTok spokesperson said in a statement:

  • “With Creative Assistant, you’re now empowered to continuously create a meaningful and valuable presence on TikTok through never-ending ideation and brainstorm sessions.”
  • “This tool means brands and creators worldwide can harness the power of artificial intelligence to better ideate and create TikTok creatives like never before.”
  •  “It’s important to remember that Creative Assistant is a launchpad for creative ideation, providing suggestions and playing the role of a collaborator in your creation journey. You are also always in total control, and have the option to use, edit, discard or redo the materials.”

Deep dive. Read TikTok’s Creative Assistant announcement in full for more information.

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