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Designer chairs for the kitchen: types, material, how to choose color, size, design, recommendations

Everyone agrees that the dining area should be comfortable above all. But today there are many opportunities to make it also pleasing to the eye, harmonious and stylish. To achieve this effect, you can choose designer chairs for the kitchen and appreciate how such a small piece of furniture transforms the stylistic solution of the interior..

Designer chairs for the kitchen.

You can make the dining area more stylish and comfortable with designer chairs for the kitchen..

Characteristics of chairs for the kitchen

Kitchen chairs are utilitarian furniture, extremely functional, used not only during daily meals. They have many different loads. This is often the most mobile furniture in the home. Another specific feature of kitchen chairs is that, compared to other pieces of furniture, they are at a higher risk of contamination. After all, food is prepared and consumed in the kitchen. Even if the dining group is far from the working area, anything can happen during breakfast, lunch or dinner: a child or an elderly person could not hold a cup of juice, the hostess in a hurry stumbled upon a chair and threw the contents of the pan on it – ordinary accidents, and the upholstery in juice or soup.

Designer chairs in the interior.

Dining area with designer chairs.

In order for the dining area to always look dignified, kitchen chairs should be:

  • durable and wear-resistant;
  • easy to clean (this applies to both the frame and the upholstery);
  • comfortable and ergonomic (what pleasure will you experience from delicious dishes if you are simply uncomfortable to sit?);
  • light enough (to make them easier to move);
  • aesthetic, pleasing to the eye (ugly interior items in the place of eating are undesirable).

Wooden designer chairs in the kitchen.

Designer chairs for a bar made of natural wood.

Features and Benefits

Often the chairs in the kitchen have to be chosen, taking into account the area of ​​the room. In this case, the advantages of the structures are used:

  • Stationary ones are suitable for spacious kitchens, those where the dining group occupies a strictly defined place and there is no need to move it.
  • Folding – a way out if you need to save kitchen space. Folding chairs usually weigh a little, and their main advantage is mobility. They are easy to remove when not required. Today they are produced in various designs, and many models look good, ergonomic and comfortable..
  • Stackable – usually lightweight plastic models that also help make a small room more spacious when needed. They can be easily stacked one on top of the other.

Features of designer chairs.

Besides beautiful design, designer chairs should be durable, durable and lightweight..

Also pay attention to the seats – they are hard, semi-soft and soft. Choose the option that is most convenient for you.


Today, several types of kitchen chairs are produced – there is plenty to choose from, creating your own design solution:

  • Classic, traditional – with a high straight back.
  • Traditional stool – no back.
  • Semi-chair – soft, with armrests. It weighs a lot in comparison with simple counterparts, looks better in a stationary form. A set of such furniture is perfect for you if the kitchen is really very spacious or your house has a dining room, separated from the kitchen area..
  • Bar – will be appropriate in an interior that includes a bar counter.
  • A pouf is a very bold solution for the kitchen, but if it fits into the overall style, then why not! Moreover, they come in various shapes: round, square, oval, polygonal.

Designer chairs in the kitchen.

Original designer chairs with a table in the kitchen.

Important! Be sure to consider the combination with the size of the room. Semi-chairs in a tiny kitchen look pretentious and clutter up the space even more. Stools in the dining room, if it is not in country or loft style, is also a very controversial decision..

Chairs in the kitchen.

Compact chairs will look harmonious in a small kitchen..

Materials (edit)

Today’s design trends suggest the possibility of successful stylistic solutions using any, both the most expensive and quite democratic materials, and fashionable tables and chairs for a modern kitchen can be made either from mahogany or from colored plastic. Popular materials for kitchen chairs:

  • Wood is the most top-end material, products made of it are strong, durable, aesthetically attractive, the variety of design solutions allows them to “fit” into any interior, besides, wood is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.
  • Plastic and acrylic – plastic and acrylic designer chairs can be selected for every taste and budget, they are lightweight and very easy to clean.
  • Metal, usually chrome-plated aluminum – the frame is made from it, and sometimes the entire product. This is a sturdy, durable, easy-care option with an original design. Its only drawback is that the products are not too light..
  • Rattan is not cheap but extremely aesthetically pleasing material. Quality wicker furniture is strong, durable, lightweight and easy to clean. It is absolutely environmentally friendly.

Material of designer chairs.

An important factor when choosing chairs is played by the material from which they are made..

Important! If you opted for products with a metal frame, before buying, check if there are silicone heels on the legs. Otherwise, the chairs will slide on smooth surfaces – laminate, tiles.

How to choose

Choosing chairs for the kitchen is literally “on your own”, “with fitting”. At the point of purchase, you need to sit on a chair and assess its comfort for you: is it comfortable to sit, is the backrest angle suitable. If the height is correct, your legs will be bent at right angles..

Designer chairs with a table.

When choosing chairs, the size of the table plays an important role..

The optimal seat depth is considered to be 40-45 cm, but this is based on the average physique of an adult. There should be at least 5 cm between the edge of the seat and your knee bend.An edge that digs into your legs is an extremely uncomfortable option.

If a dining group or individual chairs are purchased for the whole family, their needs should be taken into account. Beautiful half-chairs with armrests can cause inconvenience to a full person, a small person or a child will be more comfortable on a chair with the ability to adjust the seat height.

Designer chairs in the kitchen.

Designer table with chairs in the interior of the kitchen.

Also, when choosing, the shape and size of the main “partner” – the table, must be taken into account. Chairs with sharp rectangular shapes look bad next to round and oval tables, as well as vice versa: rounded and whimsical shapes do not harmonize with a geometrically sharp rectangular table. The unity of form acts as a connecting link in design. Also notice if the chairs next to your table look too small or bulky. Correlate the thickness of the legs of the products: a thin-legged table in combination with chairs on massive legs looks ridiculous.

Designer chairs in the kitchen.

Chairs of strict shapes will look great next to a rectangular or square table..

Color solutions

The color scheme of chairs for the kitchen completely depends on the style of the interior. If you are purchasing a non-dining group, then follow these guidelines:

  • Chairs made of the same wood of the same shade or rattan are ideal for a wooden table in a natural wood color – the choice of shades of rattan furniture is small, but it goes well with wood.
  • Bright plastic or acrylic will look great in a plain kitchen.
  • Dark chairs of traditional shapes in combination with the same table will create a sense of severity and order..
  • White chairs in combination with the same countertop are a spectacular and win-win option, emphasizing the feeling of cleanliness and visually “brightening” the interior of the kitchen.
  • If the number of chairs is even, you can purchase three of them in the same color, three in another, contrasting (black-white, red-black, white-yellow) or, conversely, matching in shade (blue-blue, brown-beige).
  • If you purchased products with upholstery, its color should match the color of the table and kitchen furniture, or contrast brightly with them..

Designer armchair.

Designer armchair for kitchen.

And the most fashionable chairs for your kitchen today are products of the same design, but with different upholstery colors! This trend can be used in any interior style..

The size

Kitchen chairs should be sized to fit all family members. If products of standard sizes do not suit you in this sense, you will have to create a mix of different ones: comfort at food above all! Different sizes are not yet a verdict on the interior: they can be perfectly beaten with ingenious design solutions..

Usually, the problem of size arises if one of the family members is much larger in size than the others, and it is simply risky for him to sit on ordinary chairs – they may not stand.

The size of the kitchen chairs.

Chairs must be the same size as family members.

Solution ways:

  • If the style of the interior allows, chairs on one side of the table can be replaced with a wooden bench..
  • Use the “two main chairs” technique. An oversized family member is selected a “throne” for his heroic dimensions, but not one such, but two is bought. They will “head” the table on both sides and create symmetry. These two large chairs should be more expressive and interesting than the ones on the sides..

Designer chairs are colored.

When choosing chairs, you need to check the strength of the legs..

Fittings and accessories

Before buying, be sure to check the strength of the legs of all products: plastic and wooden ones should not disperse under the weight of the most massive member of your family. If this happens with a wooden chair, then the fastening of the legs leaves much to be desired..

For products with a metal frame, the legs should be cast and not too thin.

Plastic chairs.

Designer plastic chairs with wooden legs.

Pay attention to the upholstery. If you choose for the dining room, high-quality beautiful textiles are appropriate, there are many options (popular jacquard, scotchguard, chenille, flock, viscose, tapestry and others). But in the kitchen, especially if it is actively used for cooking and communication of all family members, textiles will not justify themselves. For the kitchen room, other, easier-to-care options are provided:

  • Genuine Leather;
  • leatherette;
  • eco-leather;
  • euroflok (microfiber).

Designer chairs how to choose.

Types of designer chairs in different styles.

Important! If you have not guessed with the rigidity, you can ensure yourself comfort on too hard seats with the help of purchased or homemade accessories: decorative pillows, capes, covers. Correctly selected, they will become an expressive element of the decor..

How and where to place the chairs

Kitchen chairs are traditionally placed around the table, bar ones – near the bar counter. Foldable and stackable can temporarily leave the kitchen space altogether – if it is too small. Stools can be pushed under the table.

Types of designer chairs

Types of designer chairs for the kitchen.

Interesting solutions in interior design

You can create an exclusive and memorable interior not only by purchasing an incredibly expensive and fashionable dining group for the kitchen. Here are three solutions to make your kitchen look unique. They are based on the same rule – chairs have different designs:

  • Chairs of the same color, differing in style, shape, texture, look very unusual.
  • All chairs have the same material. Wood will look best in this design option..
  • One style. Products in any style, but different in design, look amazingly harmonious next to each other, but very original.

Tips for choosing designer chairs.

To create a creative interior, you can choose chairs in different shades..

The combination of different-height chairs looks good, as well as transparent ones – with any others.

Useful Tips

If your kitchen is too small and it seems that extra pieces of furniture will make it even tighter, get chairs made of clear plastic. Such “ghosts” do not clutter up the space at all.

transparent chairs.

For a small kitchen, you can pick up transparent chairs.

If you find it boring to choose chairs in the color of the table and kitchen fronts, choose them in the color of another color accent in the kitchen: an apron, curtains, decorative elements.

Keep rattan items away from open flames – the varnish may tarnish and deform.

Does everyone in your family have a different body type and different tastes? Let them choose the chairs that are most comfortable for them. Anyone! Identical covers will help you to bring the interior to uniformity. Different chairs in one “outfit” – an interesting design solution!

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