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Decorating champagne bottles for a wedding in the form of a bride and groom

Without exaggeration, it can be argued that the brightest event in life is a wedding. Much of the decor on which an unforgettable festive atmosphere depends can be created with your own hands, including the original design of bottles for a wedding. Everyone wants every decoration of the banquet to be creative and delightful. And each element was decorated very carefully, starting with the arch for the wedding ceremony and ending with glasses of the bride and groom.

A bottle of champagne in an elegant bridesmaid dress with their own hands

From ordinary bottles of champagne, you can make a real exclusive, which will be the center of attention at your wedding.

A young couple will have to devote part of the personal time that they could devote to each other to the choice of wedding paraphernalia, but these are pleasant chores. However, the obligations for the design of attributes can be assumed by their loved ones, including what will stand in the most conspicuous place – two bottles of champagne in the form of a wedding couple.

How and why are wedding champagne bottles made out?

There are many interesting wedding traditions, among which there are two untouched bottles of sparkling drink, most often champagne, with the exception of completely non-alcoholic ceremonies.

This indispensable attribute of the wedding ceremony is decorated and sealed in a special way so that they remain intact..

Decor of bottles and wine glasses with ribbons and do-it-yourself painting

Decoration with satin ribbons or paper details

Why aren’t they touched? According to tradition, the newlyweds should take them with them from the wedding table..

You will have to drink the contents of these, in fact, holiday souvenirs much later:

  • for a wedding anniversary;
  • after the birth of the first child, when he and the young mother will be brought from the hospital.

Important! There are no uniform requirements on how best to decorate bottles for a wedding, it depends on the wishes of the newlyweds and the taste of those who are engaged in their design.

Decorating champagne for a wedding with lace with your own hands

Champagne decor with lace, tulle or other beautiful fabric

A lot of options have been proposed on how to decorate this table souvenir. There are many master classes on decorating wedding bottles, but not every technique is available to beginners. Among the most popular offers.

1. Decorating with a photo of a newlywed couple Photo, heart-shaped frame, accessories.
2. Spray paint With the addition of fine decor after drying.
3. Sewing of the “Groom” and “Bride” clothes It is enough for Her conditional veil and skirt, for Him a jacket.
4. Pasting with guipure and other textiles We mainly decorate the “Bride”.
5. Decorating with napkins using decoupage technique   Napkins and postcards from handicraft stores.
6. Stucco decorations Polymer clay.
7. Partial staining with “windows” We apply stickers, remove after staining, make inserts and onlays.
eight. DIY ribbon decor for wedding bottles Tapes, bias tape, textiles.

Decorating wedding bottles using decoupage technique with flowers

Bottle decor in original technique (decoupage, scrapbooking and others)

The main idea of ​​decorating a pair of bottles is to give them the symbolism of the bride and groom – He and She with the attributes of a wedding dress. If both the bride and groom have experience in DIY, you can prepare a surprise for each other. But it’s better to agree on what color and material will be. Then, on the day of the wedding, everyone will give their soul mate an original souvenir.

What materials are traditionally decorated with a wedding bottle

It is advisable to decorate both bottles using the same technique so that a pair combination can be traced. For example, if it’s just white spray painting, you can purchase one larger bottle and decorate with a homemade hat and a bow tie. Then a smaller bottle can have a white veil or a skirt with 2-3 rows of flounces. They can be assembled on an elastic band or sewn from a beautiful and light white fabric, collecting with a drawstring:

  • tulle;
  • atlas;
  • silk;
  • organza;
  • tulle;
  • veil;
  • guipure;
  • lace;
  • embossed tape.

Painting a bottle of champagne in the process of preparing a holiday decor

The paint is applied in several thin layers until the bottle is perfectly white, without gaps

More attention is paid to the design of the “female” bottle, the “male” half of the table decoration looks more restrained. Modest décor can be sophisticated if every detail is considered. You can spy on other people’s ideas or make something from improvised material that no one else had, when there is such a desire.

Advice. Do not take the design of wedding glasses and bottles lightly. These attributes will be in plain sight, so there is another opportunity to surprise your guests..

DIY hats to decorate a bottle of champagne

A hat for a bride’s bottle can be made from colored cardboard

If the wedding is non-alcoholic, you can arrange any fizzy drink in a beautiful bottle. Some people want to arrange a bottle of cognac or other strong drink. The basis of the decoration is the same – wedding theme:

  • he and she;
  • rings;
  • hearts;
  • Colour;
  • bride dress elements.

You can use beads and pebbles with a flat base (for gluing), sequins and beads, small artificial flowers and fragments of jewelry.

DIY champagne bottle decoration with polymer clay

Decorating bottles with polymer clay flowers

If you are ready to do the work yourself, do not put this part of the wedding props on the back burner. It may take longer than anticipated. To choose something creative and non-standard, when you do not have your own ideas, look at the topic of decorating wedding bottles with your own hands, master classes and step-by-step explanations.

Of course, such a wedding attribute can be bought ready-made or offered to the master to be made to order. This will surprise no one today, but where is the guarantee that your guests did not celebrate another wedding at a table with exactly the same decor? It can get awkward when asked whose champagne? Therefore, it is better to choose something original so that no one from your environment has this..

DIY champagne bottle stickers

Wedding stickers are one of the easiest bottle decorating options

An order for a master will cost 2-3 times more, but it’s not even a matter of saving, although everything can be done from scrap materials. No one can put so much warmth into the decoration of your wedding as the bride and groom themselves or their loved ones..

Important! You can vary the color of the decor of wedding bottles with your own hands, but it should not bring disharmony into the overall design of the festive feast. If this is a wedding in lilac, gold or turquoise colors, then it is better to complement the white bottle of champagne with decor in the agreed range.

Decorating bottles for a wedding with a satin ribbon with your own hands

Bottle decor with white satin ribbon

Decoupage of champagne bottles for wedding decoration

Artificial roses can be added to bottles decorated using decoupage technique

An original piece of jewelry can be made in duplicate – sold to guests from an impromptu auction. Or offer a souvenir as a prize in the most beautiful or original contests.

Choosing a bottle design by the type of bride and groom

The so-called “wedding bottles” with champagne or other drink are table decorations that are gaining popularity. They are also accompanied by glasses of the bride and groom. And even if the newlyweds are not at the table, you can immediately see where their place is, since the design itself shows the honorable place of the heroes of the occasion.

  1. The simplest way is to spray champagne. To do this, remove the sticker (leave the foil), wash off the remnants of the glue and work on a dry surface. It is easy to stain the environment with paint from a spray gun, so it is better to work in street conditions in calm weather, spreading newspapers under the souvenir. Over the painted surface, it will be possible to tie the bottles with ribbons with bows, glue the fittings.

    Decorating a champagne bottle using staining and taping

    You will need white acrylic paint, multi-colored satin ribbons, cardboard and decorative elements – beads, bows, lace or textile flowers

  2. For lovers of needlework, it will be easy to sew clothes with female and male attributes. This is easy to do, but do not rush to wrap the glass container with cloth. Better to sew the veil, skirt and jacket separately, and then wrap or champagne and carefully secure with glue (liquid nails, glue gun, and superglue leaves stains). At the same time, it is not worth giving the container personality traits (lips, eyes), only gender difference in the form of clothes.

    Making champagne with your own hands in the outfits of the bride and groom

    “Clothes” for champagne in the style of the bride and groom

  3. Light decor in the form of ribbons and hats is the simplest option. For a bride, making a veil from a translucent or lace fabric is not difficult. It is also recommended to wrap the base of the bottle with a white guipure or lace strip. Summer black or blue satin – for “Him”, you can build a butterfly on the neck. Tie both bottles at the bottom with wide golden ribbons, as a symbol of wedding rings. “He” can make a hat based on a kinder surprise egg case or a small lid.

    Beautiful DIY champagne bottles for a wedding

    Elegant champagne bottles for the newlyweds’ table

  4. Volumetric decor – coins, pebbles, artificial flower petals and other wedding-themed decorations. Polymer clay roses and flowers take time and perseverance, but it’s worth it! It is better if the stucco decor is of the same color as the base – white or gold.

    DIY champagne set for wedding

    Wedding champagne with volumetric decor

  5. The French style of decorating or decoupage is a unique technique with special napkins. Postcards or photos with thematic drawings are recommended as inserts, from which the top layer is removed when soaked. A lot can be found in the shops “Everything for needlework”.

    Decorating champagne for a wedding using decoupage technique

    Champagne decoupage in gold color

  6. Stickers and decor on a wedding theme, you can buy or independently make applications on any adhesive basis for needlework.

    Decorating champagne with DIY stickers

    You can stick photos of the newlywed and the inscriptions with the date of the wedding

Important! Inaccuracies in work, glue stains, awkward scissors notches occur. If it is possible to redo it, it is better not to expose your mistakes to the public. Small errors can be hidden by rhinestones, small artificial flowers or pebbles.

Champagne bottles with the names of the young for the wedding

The names of the newlyweds can be written on the bottles

The French style of decoration or decoupage is a unique technique of wrapping with special napkins. Postcards, photos, thematic drawings are recommended as inserts, from which the top layer is removed when soaked. Their surface is varnished. Much can be found in the shops “Everything for Needlework”.

Wrapping champagne with ribbons

Among the favorites of decor for banquets is the original look of the “groom” and “Bride”, braided with satin ribbons or an oblique inlay. This uncomplicated decor requires leisurely neatness..

Step-by-step master class on decorating wedding bottles:

  1. For the “groom” we take a larger bottle, black or blue ribbons. For the “Bride” – a smaller container, white or cream ribbons. Pre-soak both full bottles in warm water to remove the stickers.

    Sticking a satin ribbon on a champagne bottle with your own hands

    We apply a satin ribbon, measure and cut. Gently glue one edge to the other

  2. First, we make out the neck, forming a shirt collar (or a cutout with a corner) from a piece of tape, fix it with glue to the container.

    Decorating a bottle of champagne with ribbons with your own hands

    For the fifth and sixth layers, use brocade tape

  3. We bend around the entire glass container with stripes in parallel, while we close the entire base, but reduce the cuts to the intended fastener, which we will issue later. Gently fix the ends with transparent glue until we close the bottle completely.

    Wrapping a bottle of champagne for the groom with satin ribbons

    To hide the cut ends later, we put a vertical tape. We glue the horizontal stripes and at the end we hide the seam under the additional tape

  4. From a long piece of the same ribbon we form a collar or a jacket clasp, which will lie vertically. Let’s add a top hat or hat, bow tie or tie, hiding the slices. You should get the complete image of a “gentleman”.

    DIY champagne bottle decor for a wedding

    After sticking the ribbons, we decorate the bottle with decorations to our taste.

Further on how to decorate wedding bottles with your own hands – step-by-step instructions for decorating the “Bride”:

  1. For a bottle of smaller volume (or the same), we take a white or cream ribbon, if the wedding has a thematic shade, we use 2 colors. We overlap the ribbons until the middle, until the “shoulders” close, then you can go in a circle.

    Lace sticker on the neck of a bottle of champagne for decorating a bride

    It will be beautiful if you first glue the lace under the neck

  2. We wrap it in stripes, like the first bottle, but this is only the basis, the important part is the veil and the fluffy tiered skirt. We form these 2-3 parts with folds or ruffles, collect on a thin elastic band. When the skirt is ready, we put it on the bottle and fasten it with a wide decorative ribbon with a bow (there may be options).

    DIY champagne bottle decor for the bride

    For each subsequent layer, the tapes will be longer, as the neck of the bottle expands towards the bottom.

  3. To add more “femininity” to this souvenir, we decorate with pearls, beads, flowers, sequins or pieces of lace. DIY bow skirt on a bottle of champagne

    A fluffy skirt can be made from a white bow

    Do-it-yourself hat and veil on the bride's bottle

    A hat with a veil is made of tape and translucent fabric

Another type of decorating wedding bottles with your own hands – our master class on video.

Painting a bottle of champagne and decorating with rhinestones

Photo: examples of wedding bottle decoration

Bride dress and groom suit on champagne bottles Lace decoration for wedding bottles in pink Gold color in the decor of wedding bottles Bottle decor for wedding in purple Hats on wedding champagne bottles Decorating bottles for a wedding with your own hands Large roses on wedding champagne bottles Wedding champagne bottles on wooden tray Champagne bottle decoration for silver wedding Pink ribbons on wedding bottles Volumetric bottle decoration for a wedding Groom's vest and bride's dress on wedding bottles Decor for wedding bottles for the outfits of the newlyweds Silhouettes of the bride and groom on wedding bottles DIY voluminous flowers on champagne bottles Cream satin ribbon bow on champagne bottle Festive decoration of wedding bottles Angel figurine on wedding champagne bottle Coloring champagne bottles for wedding Champagne decor for wedding anniversary Decorating bottles and wine glasses for a wedding Children's theme in the design of wedding bottles Marine theme in the decor of wedding bottles Beautiful bottle design for the bride and groom Decorating champagne for a wedding Red and white flowers in the decor of champagne bottles DIY bottle dressing DIY champagne bottle painting Black suit and white dress on the bottles of the bride and groom Lace Trim Champagne Bottles for Wedding Festive champagne decor for wedding Stylish wedding champagne decor Black and white ribbons in wedding champagne decor Lace dress of the bride and formal suit of the groom on the bottles Decoration of wedding bottles with polymer clay Green and White Bottles for Wedding White roses in champagne decor for a wedding DIY bottle decoration for the bride and groom Champagne bottle decor in gray Artificial flowers in wedding champagne decoration Rich dress on a bottle of champagne for the bride Lilac lace in champagne decor for a wedding Stylish painting wedding champagne Chic outfits for wedding champagne Stucco decorations in wedding champagne decor Volumetric flowers for decorating champagne DIY rose flowers on wedding bottles Volumetric stucco molding on wedding bottles Pair of wedding bottles tied with red ribbon An example of decorating wedding bottles with your own hands

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