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We create a cafe design that will attract visitors

Designing or renovating your own home is clearly a pleasure. After all, this is a huge field for creativity. Coming up with the design of each room or facade – what could be more interesting? Here you can make all your dreams come true. This applies to a cozy family nest, or a strict bachelor’s apartment – in general, everything for yourself. However, with the design of a cafe, things are more complicated. After all, you need to focus not only on your tastes, but also on the preferences of potential customers. But even for this difficult question, we will find the optimal solution..

cafe design

Cafes and restaurants are premises, the main purpose of which is to organize a full-fledged rest of a person from the hustle and bustle of life and gray workdays.

Where to begin

It’s worth starting with an idea and desire. This is the foundation of any business. The one who has a desire will set a goal, and, therefore, will find ways to achieve it. Desire to eat. Next, we need an idea. Inspired by a worthwhile idea, it will be easier for you to see the future result in small things, in accordance with this, and all the shortcomings in the process of work. With the spiritual sorted out, let’s move on to the material.

unusual cafe design

There are many requirements for the design style of cafes and restaurants..

Before moving on to the design of the room, you need to solve all the technical aspects of the issue. You should start with the layout: determine where the kitchen and bathroom will be located. These premises require outlets for sewerage and water pipes; gas is required to the kitchen. Therefore, the location of these premises must be determined first of all, because communications should be hidden from the eyes of visitors..

fusion cafe design

A novice restaurateur or cafe owner, of course, needs to have a huge baggage of a wide variety of knowledge and skills..

Next, distribute the zones: where the bar will be located (if any), a play area for children, a quiet place for secluded meetings. In general, first of all, figure out the layout of the space. Then you can proceed to drawing up a design project..

bar cafe design

There must be originality with unchanged comfort.

Design project

What is it and what is it for? As with layout, design requires a rigorous approach. You can’t do everything in haste, or finish and redo in the process of arrangement. Before you start arranging the interior of the cafe, you should seriously prepare. There is a design project for this. What is it and what it is eaten with?

light cafe design

Color solutions and styles of decoration, decorative elements with a specific theme, decoration of the room, lighting and furniture are unconditional elements of the design of the room..

These are documents containing all the data necessary for work: design ideas, material for the basis of the interior, the location of zones and communications, building drawings and other details of the future project. To draw up them, it is better to contact a professional designer who can fulfill all your desires without missing any nuances..

restaurant design project

Correctly selected decor elements, furniture, colors and a single style when decorating a room are the key to its success..

He will tell you how to properly arrange lighting and recreation areas in accordance with the colors and design decisions of the owner. Will not forget to take care of good ventilation of the rooms. In general, he will be able to combine the technical and creative parts in a single design project. You can control the further execution of the work yourself.

unusual design of a cafe for young people

To draw up this project, it is better to resort to the help of a wizard.

Development stages and criteria

The formation of a design project consists of several parts, which must be completed gradually in order not to miss important details. The main stages of development require:

  1. Draw up a technical assignment;
  2. Take measurements of all components;
  3. Create sketches;
  4. Transfer all data directly to paper.

atmospheric cafe design

Competent design of cafes and restaurants is the main task that arises immediately after the idea of ​​doing this particular business..

Do not neglect this part of the repair. This seemingly simple task actually forms the basis of the project, and is the most important part of it. It gives a start on which the rest of the work depends. You may need to draw up a rough draft or several. However, the game is worth the candle. Approach her responsibly.

black and white cafe design

Organizing your own business should start with an idea.

Consider the main criteria that should be taken into account while working on a project.

  • Room size.

The height of the ceilings, the area of ​​free space, and the space occupied by furniture are important indicators that are the starting point for further advancement. Both its functionality and the intended design depend on the dimensions of the building in which the cafe will be located. On the technical side, the dimensions must be taken into account for the correct placement of communications. On the aesthetic side – the scale of the room affects the theme of the establishment, the location of the zones, the choice of colors and furniture.

cafe in a spacious room

This criterion is fundamental in further decisions..

  • Price

The next important factor is the cost of the design. Rather, this criterion is on a par with the previous one. It is undoubtedly important, but you should not focus only on it, and chase after cheapness, yielding to quality..

rustic cafe design

It all depends on how much you are willing to invest in your own project, and what you expect.

Another stage of work is budgeting. It is worth calculating the estimated amount for the costs of materials and work of the craftsmen. Also consider unexpected overlaps, and keep a small margin for the unexpected..

The designer or the head of finishing works will help to find the best choice between quality and price. At the moment you have the opportunity to find quality material at reasonable prices. Be sure to discuss this issue..

beautiful cafe design

The right approach can save you enough money and lead to better results..

  • Subject

The next factor is more related to the design decision. The theme dictated by the purpose of the institution plays an important role in its further arrangement. The functions of the cafe make it clear what kind of furniture to choose, what color to choose, and other nuances. In this case, focus on the intended audience..

steampunk cafe design

If this is a rock cafe, intended for inveterate lovers of this topic and loud music, there can be no talk of any gentle tones and bright lighting..

The location of the establishment also matters. If it is located by the sea, an appropriate design should be made; if this is a roadside cafe for tired motorists, you don’t need to draw the details here, but give due attention to the kitchen.

cafe design in light colors

Think over the functional purpose of the institution and its target audience, and in this regard, create a unique style.

  • Style

The next factor related directly to the decor. If the theme is dictated by the purpose and affects the technical part of the project, then the style is a reflection of your “I” and your own fantasies.

stylish cafe design

Creating a unique style, one should not forget about the subject of the institution and its technical characteristics..

This criterion gives great freedom for creativity..

More about style

Let’s talk in more detail about the style of the future cafe, which depends on all of the above factors. Consider a few ideas, and determine what is needed to implement them..

cafe photo design

Inspired by the idea, the owner of the future cafe or restaurant clearly sees it in his imagination to the smallest detail.

Subject What to use Style
Oriental cuisine cafe Figurines symbolizing the currents of the east; pastel colors in the design, a combination of red and yellow with splashes of green Far East (style directions of Japan, China, Korea)
European cuisine Warm colors, soft sofas, wicker chairs, lounge music for arrangement Venetian, Italian, Baroque, for special ideas you can use Gothic
Rock club Subdued cold lighting, the presence of a stage is required, live music, dark colors, records and photos of famous rock musicians for wall decoration. Garage style, punk, rock
Children’s Cafe Bright colors, various volumetric decorations, plastic (doll) furniture, children’s music. Fabulous, cartoon. You can use the theme of any cartoon with the image of its characters and mood
Roadside diner Warm colors in the design, brickwork is well suited, or a wall decorated “like a brick” You can imitate American eateries by displaying their style, use a Western Western theme, or not resort to a special style, creating a cozy home atmosphere for a break.
Cafe on the waterfront Live music, cool calm colors, soft lighting. If it is a seaside promenade, use the appropriate decorative elements (steering wheel, sea charts, pirate hat, etc.) European style of elegant cafeterias, or marine, respectively, with the location of the institution
Hookah bar Soft ottomans with lots of red pillows, dim lighting, decorate areas separated by light curtains Middle Eastern (stylistic trends of the countries of the Middle East)

green cafe design

Designers are able to create a space that people will come back to again and again..

Let’s consider the most common directions.


Recently, the eastern theme has become popular on the Russian platform. Visitors enjoy ordering sushi, Japanese, Thai and Chinese food. Having decided to make a cafe that supports this theme, it is necessary to create an appropriate design.

oriental cafe design

The main colors of Chinese restaurants are red, yellow and black..

It is advisable to make them fundamental by adding inclusions of others. The Chinese dragon is an invariable attribute of this country. At home, he is mistaken for a deity, and is shown due respect. This symbol can be used in our interior to create the appropriate mood, and during the celebration of the Chinese New Year (in March, sometimes April), arrange a small program to attract customers and make discounts. Another widely used oriental element is bamboo. It can be used green as a decoration or dry, adapted for small fences. Use a live plant for a complete immersion in the atmosphere.

chinese cafe design

It will be much cheaper and less troublesome to use decorative analogs..

Another popular theme related to the East is hookah bars. The Middle East style was also well received by the Russian consumer. To create it, you should maintain the basic notes. For this, there should be oriental dishes, hookah, ottomans with lots of pillows. The color scheme also tends to use red tones. However, it is distinguished by great tranquility and luxury..

oriental cafe photo design

There must be splashes of gold and black colors..

Interesting ideas

To attract today’s youth, you need to create something new and original. This will be the design of the thematic cafe. We offer several live options.

themed cafe

Its style can be completely different..

Movie or TV series theme

There are films that have boldly declared their popularity for several years. These include fans of the Potterians, Twilight, Alice in Wonderland, Home Alone quadrology, etc. They cannot be called popular at a particular moment. However, many fans will be happy to visit Hogwarts or dive down the rabbit hole..

alice in wonderland cafe design

You can give them this opportunity.


Make a cafe of the future, where instead of chairs there are rockets, and the design of the ceiling and walls inexorably wants to send you through the loop of time. Such an institution will be interesting for any age and gender..

futuristic cafe design

With any planning, the homogeneity of design solutions is impossible, which is why the emphasis is on individuality..


Retro theme remains no less popular. Modern people would gladly look at the life of their predecessors. You can choose any century and country. It is best to most accurately recreate the mood of that era by choosing the appropriate dishes, outfits and designs..

retro cafe design

The style and atmosphere make any cafe a meeting place for a certain type of people with specific needs..

There are many more original ideas. Perhaps you will become the founder of a new style direction. But! If you are carried away by design, do not forget about good staff and delicious cuisine. People who came to have a bite, and who received, in addition, aesthetic pleasure and new impressions will be doubly satisfied, and will definitely return. They will also take friends.

restaurant design option in a modern style

To create an unforgettable atmosphere and bring the quality of dishes and their presentation to perfection – these are the main tasks of any novice restaurateur, which, if desired, are within the power of everyone..

VIDEO: 65 ideas for a cafe interior.

65 cafe interior ideas – a step towards public recognition

50 stylish cafe designs:

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