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Decorating the interior with moss

Living moss in the interior is becoming more and more popular. The presence of live moss in a living room is a clear sign of eco-style. With the help of moss, you can profitably decorate the interior and at the same time refresh it. Such a “green helper” replaces vines and bindweed, it can cover entire surfaces, including vertical ones. It truly decorates the interior and will become a true find for all lovers of evergreens who care about their eyes and nerves, allowing them to relax while contemplating greenery..

Fitostena using natural moss in the bedroom of a city apartment

Interesting compositions using natural moss bring freshness and variety to the interior

The origin of the use of moss in the interior is Norway (stabilized moss was used for the first time). Pictures and compositions from natural moss began to be used in the design world of Japan and then in many other countries. All accessories differ in the type of material used – live moss, including reindeer (reindeer moss), or artificial, canned moss can be used for decoration.

There are an incredible variety of types of moss: there are useful ones, such as sphagnum, or peat moss, and oak moss, and there are simply beautiful ones – brie mosses, typical for rotting trees and fallen leaves, for example, a moss called “cuckoo flax”. These living plants have small roots and do not need a thick layer of soil for successful growth and prosperity..

Living moss on a stone in natural conditions

Fragments of Live Moss can be brought from the forest

You can also make artificial moss with your own hands: just take a green sponge, acrylic paints and transparent glue. Having shown a little imagination, even from the most ordinary kitchen sponge, you can make an original accessory to decorate the dining room.

Where to organize a living wall?

A living moss wall can be created both in the living room and in the nursery. One special plate with spores is enough – and your room will “bloom” with green shaggy shoots. Thickness of panels with moss – 10-50 mm.

Green moss on the wall of the study

The moss wall can be made in various sizes and shapes.

Bookshelves on a green moss wall

It will take a lot of patience to decorate the wall yourself.

On the wall from the moss, you can make original patterns by cutting the moss and using the multi-colored shades of the plant. In addition to the excellent aesthetic effect, the moss wall will provide additional sound insulation. It will not cause allergies or harm. Its surface is soft and velvety, it is pleasant to touch it with your hands. So the construction of a living wall is a prerogative for people who value natural beauty..

Phytowall in the bathroom made of moss and other green plants

Moss looks great in combination with other living plants

Children will only be happy if they have their own “green corner” formed by mossy fillers in their room. When using moss, you can not be afraid of excess moisture in the room (the moss will absorb it).

How to care for live moss at home?

Such flora does not need fertilizers and additional lighting, except for natural. Sometimes moss can be sprayed with water from a spray bottle if the air in the apartment is very dry. A strong indicator that moss lacks natural moisture is yellow color and dry ends..

Green moss panel in the interior of the living room klmnaty

The moss panel retains its original appearance for several years

Otherwise, there is no hassle with such living decorations. They should not be watered – the moss will “take” it from the air. Porous plants survive in the wild. They are not afraid of sudden changes in temperature and drafts. So the usual living conditions will not need to be subordinated to the whimsical disposition of such plants. Most likely, there will be no diseases or parasites in the moss. A slight smell from moss will become imperceptible if you do not get carried away with excessive use..

Phytowall made of decorative moss in the interior of a dwelling

The phytowall needs to be sheltered from pets and small children.

The only thing that can disturb you is if there are pets (dogs, cats, birds), they can encroach on the mossy decorations. You need to protect animals from moss that can be eaten. Otherwise, there is a great risk that they will get food poisoning. It is advisable to hang the phytopanels higher and / or, if possible, cover them with glass lids, film, etc..

How to decorate walls with decorative moss?

Eco-friendly and beautiful moss walls can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. Attach moss phyto-panels to the old walls and fix them with “liquid nails” or brackets.
  2. Glue pieces of moss on PVA glue in the order prescribed by a pre-selected pattern on the wall of a cabinet or chest of drawers. Can be used as a base canvas stretched on a stretcher, which is then inserted for convenience into a frame without glass.
  3. Make a moss panel or rug and hang it on the wall. Several panels / rugs form an integral surface. If you combine multi-colored inserts, you get something like a mosaic..

Roll of ready-made moss for interior decoration

Pre-fabricated stabilized moss panels are easy to cut to size

Preserved moss decorative panel for interior decoration

Panels are fixed to the surface with liquid nails

Stabilized moss – an innovation for eco-style

Such moss is only half “alive”. With the help of chemical means, its development was stopped at the highest point of flowering. All water is replaced with a liquid containing glycerin. Thanks to this, the moss does not grow, but freezes in this state for a long time. This allows you to provide moss products with durability and reliability. Artificial moss is a perfectly reasonable alternative to natural.

Decorative panel on the wall made of stabilized moss

Stabilized moss makes it possible to green the interior, even if the owners, in principle, do not like to take care of the plants

Decorating the living room interior with stabilized moss

Decorative moss does not cause allergies and is not afraid of mold

Stabilization for moss is like freezing: all external properties are preserved even when painted with acrylic paints.

Stabilized moss can be made by hand: for this you need to study and use stabilization technology. Pour a mixture of water and glycerin into a container in a 2: 1 ratio. Dip ordinary living moss into it, so that the water completely covers the villi. To prevent the moss from darkening and turning into black during the stabilization process, it is better to add special dyes to the water in advance. Close the lid and leave to soak for 1-2 weeks.

Colored stabilized moss on a natural wood background

The color variety of stabilized moss is wide enough that it can be used in any interior and create vivid pictures

Caring for stabilized moss does not consist in using a spray gun, but rather a vacuum cleaner or at least a hair dryer to remove dust. The only disadvantage is that such moss is more fragile than natural. It should not be left indoors without heating, especially for the winter. In the same way, the effect of heating devices, primarily radiators, is unfavorable..

Moss decorations for home – what you need?

Decoration options:

  • pictures of moss, painted with balloon paints in different colors;
  • silhouettes and inscriptions that can be attached to walls as slogans for holidays and memorable dates;
  • greenboards – fiberboard boards specially made with a decorative mossy coating;
  • moss rugs and furniture parts;
  • accessories (pots, trays, vases, flower pots – moss is glued to their walls).

Natural moss on stones in interior design

Moss seedlings or ready-made modules can be purchased in a specialized store

Tricolor panel of stabilized moss on the wall in the bathroom

After fixing on the base, the stabilized moss can be coated with natural dyes, choosing a color of your choice.

Moss in the interior – tasks for children’s creativity

Walking with children in the forest, you can take home parts of forest moss – right from the ground. This will allow children to understand that it is not necessary for money to buy something with which to create. Usually, it is convenient to remove moss from stumps, stones and tree trunks by holding it with your hand or a spatula in order to remove it in panels, rather than in separate pieces. Having brought such moss home, you must first dry it – best of all in direct sunlight, periodically turning it over. It can be glued to a cardboard box or to the bottom of a small box. So a “piece of wood” will appear at home.

Drying natural moss for use in interior decoration

For drying, the moss is laid out on cardboard and kept for a week.

Preparation of natural moss for the manufacture of decorative items

Dried and peeled moss can be used for crafts

It is easy to make a vase with your own hands with your children. You need to take a tin can and wrap it in a circle with strips of moss, and glue the ends. Such creativity in the field is possible in the country or during a walk. This is how creativity is brought up in the character of a small person and the ability to see the unusual is instilled where no one else sees it..

Craft from moss and cones to decorate a children's room

For this hedgehog, the children took a plastic bottle, fixed cones on it with self-tapping screws, coated it with plasticine and placed it on the moss lawn

Kids can be encouraged to use moss when sculpting from plasticine. If small sculpted figures are placed not on a smooth surface of the table, but in moss, they look much prettier, fall less and last longer..

Children's craft from plasticine and pieces of natural moss

The house is made of plasticine, and the roof and yard are made of moss

Older children are able to build a real forest scene using live moss, spruce and pine cones and plasticine. A little imagination – and a piece of nature will appear in the children’s room with a forester sitting on a mossy edge!

Craft from natural moss with your own hands with children

Fabulous composition on the theme of autumn

Moss in the interior: original ideas for use

If you are a lover of indoor plants, then you probably have a variety of flower pots. Decorate some of them by placing one part of the moss on the ground and gluing the other to the side surfaces. It is pleasant to take such a “fluffy” pot in your hands and take a closer look at the flowers planted in it..

A living bath mat is a great option for maximum relaxation. One has only to imagine how the legs softened in hot salty water fall to the floor and touch the velvety surface of the moss – and happiness seems close! A similar rug can be put in the bedroom: before going to bed, it is so pleasant to immerse your feet in tall stalks of moss, as if to run through a forest clearing..

Natural moss rug on the bathroom floor

Make round holes in a piece of thick synthetic material and plant moss in them – the bathroom mat is ready

Where to put moss decorations in an apartment, let your intuition tell you. The main thing is not to overdo it with an abundance of accessories and crafts decorated with moss, so that the house does not seem like the dwelling of a hobbit or a forest spirit..

DIY decorative composition based on natural moss

The basis for the composition can be a vase, a pot, or anything else.

Diy moss panel for interior decoration

Decorative panel of moss and branches

Decorating the luminaire with stabilized moss

Original lampshade with stabilized moss finish

Living moss in a residential interior can become a filler for an aquarium or the basis for a miniature “alpine slide”, with the addition of beautiful fragments of granite and other accessories of the natural environment. A decorative fountain will lose a lot if it is made without moss. What can we say about the winter garden on the balcony or on the loggia!

The moss relief will look elegant under the glass panel of the table, without disturbing anyone and at the same time decorating the overall look of the living room or study. The original table will turn into one of your favorite items, giving a natural coziness to the room and supplying it with natural energy.

Decorating a coffee table with moss with your own hands

By filling the space under the glass top with moss modules, you will get an exclusive table, no worse than expensive items from prestigious collections

Moss compositions can serve as an alternative to tiles in the bathroom or toilet: they absorb moisture, odors and at the same time serve as a decorative decoration.

It is easy to make an Easter wreath out of moss and hang it on the outside of the door – such an accessory, which does not cost a penny, will not cause concern in terms of possible loss.

Diy moss painting for room interior decoration

Bright phyto-picture from natural moss

Moss is used by many of today’s leading designers to create true masterpieces. Artist François Robertier paints the walls, Canadian illustrator Jennifer Ilette works in the direction of pop art, London artist Anna Garforth writes texts on the walls – and all this with the help of moss!

Video: how to properly glue stabilized moss

Photo: moss in the interior

Living room interior decoration with moss decoration Green moss in the design of a modern living room Moss panna over the sofa in the living room Decorating furniture with live moss Built-in shelves with moss on the back wall in the interior of the room Panel made of natural moss on a kitchen apron Living rug made of natural moss in front of the bathroom Live moss in a white vase on the nightstand Moss decor for a bedside lamp Preserved moss phytowall in living room design DIY moss frame for interior decoration Decorative moss poufs on the floor of the room Green phytowall from decorative moss Moss balls in a decorative cup Stabilized moss wall graffiti Living moss in the interior of the bedroom Colored moss on the wall in the living room Fitistena from ornamental moss close up Orange moss in the interior of the kitchen Moss panel on the wall of the living room Wall trim above the headboard with stabilized moss Decorating the wall above the sofa with decorative moss The combination of green moss and wood surfaces in the interior of the kitchen Moss over the dining table in the kitchen Live moss in the interior of a wooden house Stabilized moss in the interior of a city apartment Fitostena in a country house Living moss in bathroom interior design Decorative moss crafts for decor Green moss in gray interior Body painting of live moss Moss in the decoration of the walls of residential premises Column of moss in the center of the living room of a private house Red moss in the interior of the living room of a private house Wall decoration with moss in a studio apartment Bright green moss on the kitchen wall Moss in the interior of the office space Moss in decorating pendant lamps DIY moss florarium Living moss writing on the wall Colored moss as a wall decoration above the sofa Stabilized moss decorative bunnies Black sofa and green moss phytowall Bright decor from live moss for the living room Kitchen shelves on the moss wall Wood and moss in modern interior design Living moss paintings for wall decoration Decorating a bathroom with stabilized moss Green moss lettering on old brick wall Moss ceiling lamp decor

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