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DIY room decor: ideas, photos

It is quite difficult to create an original and unique interior in your house or apartment. You can, of course, turn to the help of designers and use expensive materials and objects. However, it is best to create a DIY decor with your own hands. I will show you that each person is able to...Read More

What is sweet design?

The most pleasant gifts with which we can please loved ones are those made with love. Many perceive this simple truth as an exaggerated and hackneyed phrase, but in fact, no expensive thing will be remembered for so long, and will not bring such emotions as a sweet and touching sign of attention in which...Read More

Wall decor – DIY paper fan

In spring and summer, you want to bring bright colors to the interior of your home, while you must adhere to the rules of minimalism and visually not overload the space with things. To create an outstanding accent in a room, it is enough to bring in one detail that will contrast with the rest....Read More

DIY storage box decor

Every home has at least one empty box left over from shopping. In most cases, they are simply thrown away. However, few people think that they can be used to make an original and unusual box for storing things and various little things.. DIY storage box decorating idea DIY cardboard box decor Original decoration of...Read More

Old “suitcases” in interior design

Vintage, classic and retro details are common in modern interiors. Such accessories have gained popularity in the design of the so-called “provincial” interior, with a touch of antiquity. It is the accessories that build the mood. It is worth focusing on them.. The idea of ​​decorating a room with old suitcases Modern room interior with...Read More

Flexible stone in interior design

Nothing can compare with finishing materials of natural origin, but the stone has a lot of weight, and roll materials do not have its advantages. Flexible stone is a successful attempt to combine the advantages of different types of cladding in the interior. Aesthetics of thin stone plates applied to a flexible base – a...Read More

We decorate the chest of drawers with our own hands

Making a dresser decor with your own hands means creating a unique designer item from an ordinary piece of furniture. It will dilute the familiar atmosphere with its brightness, transform the overall interior of the room. Consider several ways to decorate with your own hands. Restoration and painting of the curbstone Dresser decoration Decorating the...Read More

The use of stucco in the interior

Stucco molding in the interior is able to create an atmosphere of nobility, sophistication and uniqueness. The decoration is very original, therefore you should deal with the nuances of choosing and decorating a house with a similar element. In the interior of modern residential premises, stucco molding is considered an effective design technique, moreover, simple...Read More