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How to decorate an empty wall in a room?

Repair? Wanting to transform your home? Do you want to add a little originality? Decorate, refresh, update the interior? The decor of the walls of the home will help to solve these issues. In the modern world, there are many ways to decorate and decorate. Among them there are banal ones – gluing new wallpapers, using frames with photographs, panels, paintings. And more complex options – saw cut wood, metal, textiles, textured plaster, decorative stone, brickwork. Depending on the general style of the interior, dimensions, area, lighting, the purpose of the room, you can choose wall decor for every taste and budget. How to decorate a wall in an unusual, original way? This article will help you figure it out..

Original decoration of a white wall with colored paper

Simple and effective idea – a rainbow of pieces of paper with a smooth color transition

Favorite photos

The ever popular face frames. They will help make your home more individual, comfortable and lively. Which photo is better to choose? How to unite them with a single idea? There are no clear rules and conditions. The main thing is that they blend harmoniously into the interior and suit your taste..

Kitchen-dining room wall decor with photos

Vivid family photos on the wall in the dining area

Shelf with family photos on the living room wall

Photos can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf

Let’s analyze the main stages of wall decoration using photographs in the framework:

  1. First you need to decide on the location of the frames. This can be a living room, bedroom, hallway, dining room.
  2. The next stage is to draw some boundaries, into which we will then place our selection of photos..
  3. The next step is to choose the style, design of the frames. You don’t have to choose the same frames for your pictures. Having fantasized a little with the size, shape, palette, color, we will get a wonderful individual collage.
  4. Draw a diagram for yourself, according to which the next stage on the plane will be placed photographs. To facilitate the task, you need to circle the frames with a pencil on any material, cut out these layouts, place them on the selected area. If the result suits you completely, feel free to start attaching the decor.

Decorating a white wall with frames and photographs

And if you hang the frames separately from the photos?

Panel – a fashionable way to decorate walls

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to decorate your living space, it does not require significant time and financial costs from you. The function of adding bright elements to the interior will cope perfectly.

The term “panel” includes two types:

  1. The surface of the wall, ceiling, filled with painting, relief images. Usually it is bordered with ornament..
  2. Also – a painting on canvas, constantly occupying a certain element of the plane..

Abstract drawing on the wall of the living room

Motley panel with abstract patterns

There are several types of panels. Made from various materials. Let’s consider the main ones.

  • A panel made from wallpaper. Are there any wallpaper elements after the renovation? It is a good idea to use them as decoration material..
  • Panel made of wood. In this case, the pattern will be applied directly to the wooden base. The decor will look great.
  • Textile panels. Made from fabric. It is used as an independent element of decoration of the plane, and in symbiosis with a border, frame.
  • Another type that allows you to decorate the walls is mirror panels. Absolutely any sizes, dimensions and shapes are used here – embossed, flat, wavy. If you want to achieve a more conservative style – choose the classic version of the square shape.
  • The “freesize” panel is notable for its unlimited size. The option is perfect for those who want to decorate the entire surface area..

Panels depicting a bicycle

Bicycle drawing on wooden boards

Decorative panel on the blue wall of the living room

A huge panel of family photos

We decorate the children’s room with our drawings

You want to do something special for your child, add tenderness, comfort to his room – feel free to use your own or children’s art.

Wall decoration using children's drawings

Home gallery with your child’s masterpieces

The girl decorates the room with her own drawings

Children’s drawings can be placed in beautiful frames

To decorate the wall with your own hands, you will need paper, a printer, scotch tape, scissors, paints, brushes. Then everything is simple – select the image you like, print it, cut it out. You can glue the layout with tape so that the paints do not damage it. It is recommended to mark in advance where the drawings will be. Then we simply apply patterns through the stencil using brushes, a sponge.

How else to decorate the wall in unusual ways? Using the shelves!

Shelves will bring new elements to the interior, wall decor, in some cases they will help solve the problem of lack of storage space, for example, books, candles, various cups, figurines, photographs.

Wooden shelves in the children's room

Beautiful shelves themselves will become an interior decoration.

Now it is not a problem to find a variety of shelves of various styles, shapes and purposes. Suspended, wooden, wicker, glass, metal … This is not the whole list. These wall decor elements are able to organically fit into any design solution. They can be located in every corner of the room, be it a bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, children’s room.

Masking a ledge on a wall with wooden shelves

Shelves can be made by yourself

Let’s point out the main advantages of the shelves:

  1. Hide empty spaces.
  2. Will add a large amount of space to store the necessary gizmos.
  3. With the help of the lighting of the shelves, you can add originality to the room.
  4. They are easy to build even with your own hands..

White open shelves with books and souvenirs

In addition to the decorative function, the shelves are also of practical use.

A fairly easy, inexpensive method to decorate rooms of various sizes and purposes. It is important that the shelves add beauty to the interior, bring great benefits in the form of expanding the usable storage area.

Kitchen wall decoration

Wall decor in the kitchen is important because a lot of time is spent in this room. There are several principles, following which it will turn out to achieve the desired result..

  • If the kitchen is small, do not overload it with decor. Too many different decorations, trinkets will visually narrow a small room.
  • The most successful arrangement of the decor will be the distance between the windows, above the dining table..
  • If we talk about the work area, you can add a bright accent by picking up an interesting, unusual tiled apron.
  • All elements must be harmoniously combined with each other and with the rest of the interior details.

Decorating the walls of the kitchen with a picture

Sometimes it’s enough to hang just one picture.

Below we will consider several specific options for decorating the walls of the kitchen:

  1. Single color kitchen wallpaper or tiles – vinyl decals are recommended. They will not cause trouble with gluing and, if necessary, removing. Now in stores there is a huge assortment of these parts. With such a wide choice, it will not be difficult to find something that suits your taste, budget..
  2. The next option, which does not require drastic changes, is a variety of posters and paintings. They are framed, hung on their own.
  3. Another stylish, interesting idea would be to buy a slate wall. Children will especially like it. On it you can write messages, wishes, positive quotes, poems to each other. The element will be useful – write your favorite recipes or a list of products on it.
  4. Also, bright wallpapers are used as a decor for the kitchen. In this way, the space visually expands. Any patterns, wallpaper, monotonous coating – choose whatever you like based on your imagination and the desired result. If you want to expand the space – pay attention to the light monochromatic wallpaper, horizontal stripes. Wallpaper with perspective, landscape will also help add volume to the room and “push the walls apart”.
  5. Mirrors are another great decor element. With their help, you can add light, lightness to the room. Square, rectangular or round, straight, curved – your choice.
  6. To bring coziness and fullness to the space, it is recommended to pay attention to the way of decorating the walls with various decorative, souvenir plates, wooden boards, ceramic cups. They are put on shelves, whatnots.
  7. Decorative letters will fit well into the kitchen interior. Light them up with LED strip. Any funny and pleasant word will help to brighten up a bad mood, adding style and originality to your kitchen.

Black Vinyl Tree Decal

Plain color wall can be decorated with vinyl decal

Turquoise ornament on a white wall

Or apply a color print through a stencil

White cup with yellow lemons

Mirror apron on the kitchen wall

How else can you decorate walls? With plaster, putty

This option will appeal to those who like a complex, interesting design..

Thanks to plaster, it will be possible to create a unique relief, deep texture. With its help, it will be easy to transform both the whole plane and its individual elements. The material is applied to any base – concrete, brick, and drywall, wood. The finish will be moisture resistant. She is not afraid of direct sunlight. Also, such a coating is quite easy to clean..

Wall decoration with volumetric plaster

With the help of volumetric plaster, you can implement almost any design idea.

Wall decoration with plaster stucco

When decorating walls in a classic interior, gypsum stucco molding is actively used

Plaster moldings will add luxury and respectability to the room. Any necessary element is made of gypsum – moldings, cornices, plinths, sockets, brackets and columns. The material allows you to simulate trees, flower pots, fireplaces, chimneys. The design is selected for any interior style – from modern to retro, classic.

Fabric decor

The next original way to decorate and diversify the room will be drapery, fabric elements, rags, cords.

Wall decor of a classic living room fabric

The fabric can be used to paste over the entire wall or decorate individual areas by covering the edges of the canvas with decorative moldings

Wall decoration with soft panels

An interesting solution is a soft panel similar to the headboard upholstery. This decoration is easy to make from plywood, textiles and foam rubber.

With their help, you can decorate the wall with your own hands. It will look unusual and stylish. The main rule is to give preference to durable, strong, elastic fabric. The downside of this technique is that it is quite difficult to perform. The fabric is glued not in strips, but in a single piece, having previously ironed all the seams. There is another way – upholstery. In this case, the material is attached directly to the frame according to the stretch ceiling principle. Quite often, drapery appears in the interiors of the oriental, European style. A varied assortment of textiles provides an opportunity to find an individual, unique solution, adding gloss, style, grace to the home.

Decorative plates – a creative way to decorate your home

The most successful location will be the kitchen, dining room. But no one forbids decorating the hallway, corridor, living room, bedroom with such elements..

Decorating the wall above the sofa using plates

Decorative composition of plates of different colors and sizes

A few simple rules will tell you how to choose unusual plates for your interior.

  • Patterns, ornaments should be chosen based on the general style of the room. If the wallpaper is colorful enough, it is better to give preference to monotonous plates of pastel shades..
  • Play with contrasts. On light wallpaper, bright, dark decoration elements will look more advantageous. And, conversely, on a dark background, you should place plates of gray, white, beige, cream colors..
  • You can use one plate, create a variety of compositions from different shapes and sizes. The main thing is not to overdo it, everything should be in moderation.

Classic or original, extravagant – you choose, because in stores, various shops there is a huge number of decorative plates that will allow even the wildest fantasies to come true. This method of decoration now remains in trend, it is found in interiors of almost all styles. Loft, minimalism, retro, vintage, baroque – the plates will harmoniously fit into any of them.

How to decorate a wall, change the interior? Introduce novelty and freshness? We tried to answer these questions in the article. As you can see, there are many ways – from the simplest, fastest, to more complex, laborious, time-consuming, financially.

Deer image from separate paintings

One-piece composition of several paintings

Paper planes on the wall of the children's room

Simple objects can be interesting decor if positioned correctly.

If you want to diversify the design of the room a little, add some bright accents – use panels, plates, posters, framed photos, vinyl stickers. You want more radical changes, transformations, changes in wall decor – pay attention to unusual wallpaper, textured plaster.

DIY living room wall decoration

Multicolored geometric patterns

Garland with glowing bulbs on a gray wall

An original composition based on a simple open shelf

Play with colors, contrasts, textures, styles. After all, it is possible to transform the interior in any room – bedroom, living room, nursery, dining room, kitchen and even bathroom. A wide selection of building materials provides unlimited possibilities for creativity. Applying a little fantasy, imagination – easily decorate, change, decorate the wall decor, thereby adding to yourself pleasant, new impressions, sensations!

Video: patchwork wall decor

50 options for wall decoration

Volumetric composition of polyurethane on the living room wall Wall decor above the headboard with soft panels Boy paints the moon on the wall of his room DIY decorative shelves made of wood Symmetrical arrangement of photos above the sofa Shelves on chains against a yellow wall The first letter of the child's name on the wall of the nursery Blue wall with favorite photos Hanging paintings in the hallway of a private house Large photos from the family album Using photography instead of wallpaper Children's photo in a wooden frame Cushions in rattan chair Wooden planks for posting photos Vintage shelves from old boards Decorative composition based on a simple frame Decorating walls with textured plaster Textured putty in wall decoration Decorative plates on a brick wall Interior decorations on a gray wall Spices on wooden kitchen shelves Wall decoration with a mirror Mirrors of various shapes and sizes DIY wall decor with paper balls Decorative plates on a dark gray wall colorful pillows on a wooden bench Wall with live plants in white pots White wall with pictures on wood plank Rocket drawing on brick wall Wall decoration above the sofa with mirrors Pink rug with yellow ornament Red armchair on laminated flooring Branch-shaped pendant for glasses and wine bottles Art painting of the wall in the bedroom Bright pictures with fruits over the dining table Children's drawings on album sheets Slate wall with paintings and photographs DIY wall decor in the children's room Decorative panel in the dining area Open shelves in the kitchen in a private house Home gallery of children's drawings Blue dresser in retro style White shelf on the wall with variegated wallpaper Wall decoration with simple shelves Black shelves for interior decorations Clock with roman numerals on a brick wall Dining area in light colors Modular painting on the kitchen wall Live plants as wall decor Mirror above the kitchen sink and open shelves

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