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Renovation of a children’s room: ideas with a photo for a boy

The room is obliged to bring pleasant emotions, delighting the owner with the interior, regardless of the purpose: nursery or living room. Finishing materials in the nursery are used only environmentally friendly and do not cause health problems. Parents who decide to do renovation of a children’s room, are usually held captive by the stereotypes that this room is recommended to be blue or light blue, Photo room design projects for boy will dispel these stereotypes.

Modern children's room for a boy

Children’s room for a boy

After all, childhood is a passing time and the baby will carry the memories of it for the rest of his life. The choice of materials presented in stores is diverse and each parent can create an interior that his son dreams of..

Renovation of a children's room: ideas with a photo for a boy

Interior of a children’s room for a boy

Determine the scope of work

Before starting repair work, you need to figure out how much money you are willing to invest in these activities and, based on this, start work on the interior. After all, perhaps you will be doing interior updates (changing wallpaper or flooring) or aiming to replace everything from furniture to wall clocks.

Children's room for a boy-football player

Football style room for a boy

A nursery for a boy is made out at the stage of preparation for the appearance of a child in a family. For this purpose, the walls are made neutral, because the baby needs peace and comfort. As the child grows up, bright accents are gradually introduced into the room: wallpaper with a pattern and themed stickers, curtains in rich shades, change the cradle to a bed. This is the time when the interior is carefully thought out, complementing with photo wallpaper or vinyl stickers.

In adolescence, the style of the room is recommended to be correlated with the son’s hobbies: sports, music, favorite actors, etc. Often photographs, posters, original clocks, a bedside rug and functional furniture are used to decorate the walls.

Dimzine option for a child's room for a boy

Spacious and bright children’s room

Theme for decoration

At a conscious age, the child’s hobbies change, idols and heroes appear. Designers show with their projects many themes and styles for the interior of a nursery for a boy, but the more common are:

Children's room in a modern style

Bright children’s room in a modern style

  • Automotive theme. In it, the bed takes the central place and is made in the role of a car. The bed is easy to make on your own, but if desired, parents buy it in stores. Now manufacturers of cabinet furniture specialize in themed furniture, so it is not difficult to choose such a bed for a child. One of the subspecies of this style is racing: in it, the cage of the flag used at the finish of races is used as a decorative component for cabinet facades, bedside tables, pillow cases, a blanket on a sofa, sofa cushions, etc..

    Children's room with bright decor

    Small and bright children’s room

  • Marine theme. This is not a budget renovation option that includes a suspended bed in the form of a ship. Recommended room colors: blue, blue and white. Decor elements: ship anchor, lifebuoy, compass, maps, marine life. The doors of the linen closets should be turned into portholes, and a rope ladder should be hung on one of the walls. Pirate style will become one of the subspecies of the marine theme. It must have a spyglass, nautical charts, cocked hat, pirate flag.

    Cozy children's room in light colors

    Light colors in the design of the children’s room

  • The next successful theme for decorating a room for a boy is space.. It is recommended to install a projector with a night sky or a night light in order to give the interior a touch of space orientation in the room. It will be useful to have installed or suspended planets, shuttles, rockets, comets, stars, satellites.

    Stylish design of a nursery for a newborn boy

    Children’s room for a newborn boy

  • Sports theme. Decorating a room in this style gives a lot of room for imagination and motivates the child to play sports. The accent of such a nursery will be decorative cups and medals. Over time, the child himself will replace them with real ones. Frameless furniture is suitable here, for example, an armchair (for example, in the shape of a soccer ball) on which it is convenient to sit with friends and watch TV. One of the options for such a room is a stadium. To do this, a green covering, similar to grass, is laid on the floor..

    Bright design of a spacious children's room

    Spacious children’s room with a bright design

Tip: It is not recommended to choose a carpet for a children’s carpet, it easily picks up dust and is poorly cleaned.

Children's room in a sports style for a boy

Sports themes for decorating a children’s room

Interior according to age

When designing an interior, parents are advised to rely on the age of the child, it is on him that the design should be based.

  • A nursery for a child from one to three years old is made out in light delicate colors, and accents in such a room are set with the help of vinyl stickers and bright toys used in the play areas and the child’s recreation area. At this time, the boy begins to crawl, and then gets up and begins to walk, for this reason, it is recommended to purchase furniture without sharp corners with a minimum of decor. A warm floor covering, such as a carpet, is laid on the floor to prevent the child from catching cold. An important factor is the ease of maintenance of the coating.

    Bright style of a nursery for small children

    Children’s room design option for little ones

Tip: It is important that the chair and the table are suitable for the growth of the baby, and the storage systems in the bedside tables and wardrobes are equipped with sliding mechanisms like a wardrobe. Furniture should not have swing doors.

Children's room interior with bright accents for a boy

Large children’s room with bright decor

  • Such interior of the room will help to give the baby a feeling of comfort and coziness..
  • The nursery for a child from three to five years old should be bright, because at this time the child already knows how to clearly formulate thoughts and desires. Begins to manifest itself as a person. At this time, to decorate the room, it is important to use materials that do not harm the boy’s health, easy to clean. Photo of the design of the children's room in light shades

    Children’s room decorated in light colors

    In the nursery for the future of a man, there should be open shelves for storing things and boxes equipped with stops. The room is complemented by bright accents; for this purpose, you can use textiles (a blanket on the bed, curtains in rich shades or with bright patterns, soft poufs, non-standard painted furniture). This is the very time when the child is engaged in drawing or modeling, actively playing with his parents – this means that special attention is paid to the play area.

    Children's room for a little athlete

    Children’s room in a bright sports style

    If the size of the room allows, then it is imperative to put a wall bar or a pull-up bar in the room so that the child develops physically.

Automotive theme for decorating a children's room for a boy

Children’s room with a bright decoration with photomurals with cars

  • A room for a child over six years old should not only meet his needs for play, but also have a place for learning. A desk with a comfortable, adjustable chair is recommended. Despite the fact that the son is growing up, you should get comfortable modern storage systems. Children's room with a sports corner for a boy

    Original layout for a children’s room

    For creativity and development, it is worth equipping the nursery with magnetic blocks or fabric Velcro strips. In the window area, in order to optimize the space, apartment owners often use the transfer of radiators, placing a workplace in this place where sunlight falls. These square meters are perfect for embedded storage.

    Modern style of a children's room for a boy - a motorist

    Children’s room for a car lover

  • Children’s room for a school-age son. The son is growing up, hobbies are gradually replacing games, so the storage systems will be repurposed into places for storing sports attributes and books. When renovating, it is important to zone the room dividing into an area for games, recreation and study, then the space will be functionally and rationally used. If a schoolboy son is fond of geography or history, then geographical maps are used to decorate the nursery. They will add originality and brightness to the interior and will be of interest to the child..

    Children's room interior in bright warm colors

    Photo of children’s room design with bright accents

  • A nursery for a young man is the most difficult task for parents, because he has his own preferences and strict preferences for the decor of his room, which are not always pleasant to his parents. The design project is developed depending on the size of the room, the abundance of light, interests and hobbies of the son and the financial ability of adults. Often in such rooms, one wall is accented with wallpaper for brickwork or wild stone. Such an accent brings brutality to the male interior and gives individuality to the room.. Fashionable style of decoration of the children's room

    Children’s room decoration ideas

    It looks interesting to decorate the walls with wallpaper with photo printing of extreme sports, graffiti, comics. Usually teenagers prefer cold, dark and gloomy colors, it seems to parents that this is not the best option for the interior, but they can always be organically diluted with bright details (textiles, paintings, watches, original accessories).

Children's room in a marine style for a boy

Marine style for children’s room design

Repairs in the brothers’ room

It seems that if children have different interests and ages, then it is simply impossible to resolve the issue of repairs, but this is not the case. It is enough to provide each of the boys with their own working and sleeping place, but what to do with the eaten square meters of space?

Children's room for boys - twins

Stylish children’s room for two boys

The best arrangement would be a bed with two tiers or a loft bed combined with a full-fledged sleeping place for the eldest son. If the sons are of the same age, then the problem will be solved by the presence in the nursery of two beds and a table on which both sons will study.

Option for decorating a child's room for a boy with photo wallpaper

Original children’s room with photo wallpaper

Recommendations for renovating a room for a boy

Children's room for a boy with bright decor

Bright colors for decorating a child’s room

  • Parents should remember that designers recommend changing the interior based on the age of the child, so that the room meets his requirements, interests, preferences · The nursery should be divided into zones, indicating a place for rest, a play area and a learning area. This will help to rationally use square meters without cluttering the living space..

    Interior of a children's room for a growing boy

    Beautiful interior for a spacious children’s room

  • The best friend of a design project for a boy is conciseness and restraint in details. Such a room should not be full of many accessories..
  • Furniture and decoration materials bought by parents are environmentally friendly, made from natural materials. · Items of furniture, electrician, shelves should not have sharp corners, an abundance of glass or be traumatic. Furniture is selected in accordance with the height of the son and the number of years of age.

    Photo of design for a large child's room

    Design of a large children’s room

  • Parents should make sure that the lighting in the nursery is full and bright, and that the son does not spoil his vision when learning or playing. If there is a lack of light, additional lamps are installed, spot lighting.

Design of a children’s room for a boy

Renovation of a children’s room for a boy 50 photo ideas:

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