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Useful tips for those who want to decorate their home with their own hands

At the end of any repair comes the stage of applying the last, unique touches. This gives the room individuality and becomes an additional decoration. There are many methods for adding trailing original elements. Therefore, it is worth figuring out how to decorate the house so that everything looks harmonious..

Spring interior of a living room of a private house

Any interior can be radically changed by simply adding bright colors.

How to decorate an apartment with your own hands

There are several options for home decoration that are becoming a good choice:

  1. The introduction of colors into the interior.
  2. Paintings and photographs are suitable for art lovers.
  3. Various decorative details. Their choice is wide. You can not only buy ready-made, but also do it yourself.

Living room interior decoration with multi-colored pillows

A variety of decorative pillows – an easy way to quickly update your interior

The latter option allows you to show your maximum imagination. There are some guidelines for creating harmony in your home. They are reflected in the table:

Advice Description
Compliance with the measure Trying to make the room even more beautiful, some people forget about the balance. It’s important not to overdo it by turning it into a gaudy space. This is especially true for the placement of paintings. Do not cover every inch of walls with them. Otherwise, everything will turn into a museum..
Uniform style When choosing add-ons, including paintings, it is important to stick to one design. The interior should turn out to be uniform, without ridiculous, inappropriate spots..
Refusal from the motley background You don’t need to place a lot of decorations for this. Better a few worthwhile things than a pile of unnecessary things. Otherwise, nothing but a constantly tired gaze will be achieved..

We sew a decorative pillow for the living room

For this room, the most popular decor solution is a pillow. Several pieces can become a bright spot, an important accent. Decorative pillows are easy to make with your own hands. Even if there is no experience in sewing, it will be possible to cope with the task.

Homemade pillows for interior decoration

Original pillows can be made from unnecessary shirts or vests

You can choose almost any material. It is important that it meets some requirements:

  1. Keeps its shape well.
  2. Excellent wash tolerance. There is no deformation and loss of color.
  3. Hypoallergenic. Be sure to use a fabric that is safe for your health..

Materials for making decorative pillows

You will need a large piece of plain fabric and small multi-colored trimmings.

The next step is to find the right filler. Silicone or foam is preferred. Choose a dense fabric.

When it was possible to decide on the material, you can proceed to the decision on the shape of the product. Consider personal tastes and the style of the room. Most often they choose square or round. But there are special schemes that help create products in the shape of a heart, stars and others..

Decor for the front of the sofa cushion

The pillow can be decorated with an ornament in the form of a tree with colorful leaves. Pieces of fabric must be baited with thread

Decorating a pillow with scraps of fabric

The fabric applique is ironed and sewn on a typewriter

A suitable seam is a linen seam. You need to cut out the necessary parts and sew them face up. Then you need to iron and sew from the bottom. Then the crumbling edge will be inside the seam, which will not allow it to disperse. Additionally, you can decorate the product with various shiny details..

The pillow will serve as a wonderful decoration for your home interior

Master class for the nursery

Such a room is a real clean huge canvas for creativity and imagination. Children love original, bright details. When making decorations on your own, it is worth attracting babies. This will be a great idea for a useful and interesting family leisure time. You can build a toy. Then the child will have a loyal friend and unique decor for the room. The process does not cause difficulties.

DIY fabric toys for children

Such cute toys can be made from scraps of colorful fabrics.

The following items may be needed:

  1. Fabric in several colors. It is important that when washing it does not shrink and fade..
  2. Sewing accessories.
  3. Buttons.
  4. Filler. It is preferable to use a synthetic winterizer.

It is recommended to choose a pattern in advance. You can make it yourself. Then the product will turn out neat..

Patterns for making do-it-yourself soft children's toys

Patterns for a soft toy in the form of a funny bunny

The selected pattern is cut and moved to the material. The paws, nose and ears of the toy can be made in a different, contrasting color. Having cut out the necessary parts, proceed to their connection. Sew the front of the head first, then the back and both of them together. Remember that you must first insert the elements of the head, including the ears.

The procedure for sewing a soft toy from fabric patterns

The process is simple, straightforward and does not require special skills.

Collecting individual parts, you need to fill them gradually with filler. Proceed in this way until the toy is completely assembled..

Decorations for a private house

Home decorations can be original and varied. For this, facade, paving slabs and even concrete are suitable. You can paint part of the product in a suitable shade to add new colors and unusualness to your home..

Concrete mosaic of colored tiles

A mosaic of multi-colored concrete tiles will decorate the yard and garden of your site

A private home allows you to experiment with bold ideas, embodying any desires. A large area becomes a space for a flight of imagination. You can decorate not only the interior, but also the exterior. The yard, roof, fence and porch should be used to improve the decoration..

Ideas on how to decorate your home for your birthday

DIY home decorations for such an occasion may not match the overall style of the room. After all, after the end of the holiday, the elements will be removed. Balls are one of the common types of decoration. Better to choose the ones filled with helium.

Interior decor with helium balloons for the holiday

Helium balloons decorated with homemade colored paper garlands

There are a variety of shapes and designs for these balls. They can become an independent decoration, like a fountain of balloons, or complement a bright festive signboard with congratulations. The latter can be drawn independently or bought ready-made in a special store..

Paper home decoration ideas

The original solution for making paper decor is popular and simple. This will require:

  • decorative paper;
  • ribbons and lace;
  • fabric for decoration;
  • various photographs;
  • other improvised means that may be useful.

The specified list will easily turn any item into a unique decoration of the space. If an old suitcase has been gathering dust for a long time, it’s time to use it with benefit. A similar solution is suitable for decorating a bedroom or living room. In addition to the decorative function, the suitcase will become a convenient and practical place for storing things. Outside, it is pasted over with cloth and paper. Use a photo, braid, ribbon as a decor. You can make a suitcase for a specific interior.

Vintage suitcase for interior decoration of the apartment

The old suitcase will acquire a new look and take its rightful place in the interior of the house

For Provence, it is enough to use suitable wallpaper and magazine clippings. Performing actions in different techniques will help to add originality. A volumetric version will turn out when quilling.

Homemade decoration from strips of colored paper

Volumetric decoration made of colored paper using the quilling technique

DIY volumetric wall decoration made of paper

Geometric decoration made of paper pyramids

An interesting solution will be a panel with notes. You need a woven fabric with good weight or dark colored paper. The selected option is attached to the wall, then stickers of the shape you like are added to it. When guests come, invite them to leave messages and wishes for your family..

Decorative panel from unnecessary jeans

Panel for notes from old jeans

Original flower pots

Flowers with interesting pots help to refresh the interior. Armed with the tools at hand, you can create great crafts. Balloon paint will add bright accents. Coarse multi-colored threads will bring a positive. May be completed with ruffles and fringes.

DIY flower pot decoration

You can make the pot more attractive with paint and twine.

Beads and seed beads are perfect for decoration. It is not necessary to purchase from a store. Houses can be littered with interesting elements for decoration. The pots can be “dressed”. To do this, you need to knit products of a suitable shape and wrap.

Decorating with burlap pots with home flowers

Pots in “clothes” from ordinary burlap

The ideas listed are simple. If there is an opportunity to spend more time, it is worth turning to a flower mosaic. This work is more difficult, but more effective. For this you will need:

  • small stones, glasses of different shades;
  • glue, PVA is suitable;
  • grout used for tiles;
  • brushes and varnish.

You can place everything randomly or complete a drawing. In the latter case, it is preliminarily laid out on paper. They begin to glue with a drawing, then draw up the rest. After the grout is applied. After 20 minutes, it is erased from the surface with a damp cloth. After a day, the grout procedure is repeated. A day later, you can apply varnish and use the finished product..

DIY pot decor with small stones

River pebbles are great as a finishing material for old flower pots.

DIY decorated vases

An original solution would be to use glass bottles of various shapes as a vase. You just need to clean the product from the label and traces of glue. Additionally, you can apply paint from a spray can of a suitable shade.

Decorating a wine bottle with voluminous flowers

Beautiful vase from a glass bottle

Glass vase with a beautiful flower

Decorating a vase using decoupage technique

You can decorate a vase with paper. The lesson is fun and simple, so you can connect your child. All you need is paper, a vase, glue and scissors. Everything is cut chaotically. The resulting pieces are fixed to the surface. You need to make several layers. Additionally, it is worth covering the vase with acrylic varnish..

We complement the interior with wood made from coffee beans

The specified craft will help to decorate the room and fill it with a pleasant smell. You can present a coffee tree as a present for a holiday.

Coffee tree for home interior decoration

A cute craft that creates a spring mood

The construction will require large coffee beans, a plastic ball and brown paint. You should also buy gypsum, glue, a small flower pot and styrofoam.

Coffee beans with different roasting grades

You can take different coffee beans if you want to lay out some drawing

Tools and materials for making a coffee tree

You will also need a heat gun to fix the grains and additional decorations – beads, ribbons or bows

First, the ball is dyed brown. When everything is dry, a hole is made in it for the trunk. You can start pasting with grains.

Pasting a white ball with coffee beans with your own hands

To completely cover the surface of the ball, the grains are glued first with the flat side inward, and then vice versa.

A stick or twig is suitable as a trunk. First you need to wrap the selected option with a ribbon. The barrel is inserted into the hole and the area is covered with grains to improve retention. The base of the part is wrapped with wire. The resulting craft is inserted into a pot. The voids are filled with polystyrene and filled with gypsum dissolved in water. You can use the craft when it dries..

Key on a homemade coffee tree

You can think of a lot of options for decorating the bottom of the craft

Coffee trees in the interior of the apartment

Or make the crown of a tree in the form of a heart

Video on how to decorate your home with flowers and ice

Photo ideas for decorating a home interior

Panel for notes from old tablets Beautiful jars in interior decoration Living room decor with paintings above the sofa Decorating pots with river shells Decorative pillows on a colorful sofa Yellow chair in front of the bed in the bedroom Dry branches in a white vase Festive coffee table setting Dinner table decor for the holiday DIY decorative pillow with glitter Pentagonal stars on dry branches Festive living room ceiling decoration Helium balloons with paper pom-poms Autumn decr of the front door of a country house Panel with photographs and paper flowers DIY Easter wreath Knitted cape on a leather sofa DIY vintage suitcase Beautiful decoration of the festive table with your own hands Arrow and heart shaped pillows World map made of multicolored patches Living room interior with two sofas Body painting with flowers and a clock Decorative vase on white table Mirror frame decor with seashells Embroidery on gray decorative pillows Floor vase in a modern interior Panel of small mirrors in black frames Stylish candlesticks do it yourself New Year's decor from glass wine glasses Knitted shawl on the back of the sofa Decorating a place to relax in the living room of a city apartment Exhibition of home photographs in the hallway Furniture decor with beautiful capes Simple shelf with decorations in the interior of the living room Home decoration with twigs Painting with embroidery with colored threads Decorative flowers from pieces of a mirror Cones and branches on the dresser in the living room Teardrop-shaped floor vases Wall decoration in the children's room Colorful carpet with embroidery on the floor of the living room Fresh flowers on the windowsill of the apartment Stylish vases on an old table Burning candles on the living room floor Children's room decoration for birthday Colored butterflies on the living room wall

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