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Design of a room with an area of ​​18 sq. m. Features and capabilities of the premises

Living room design 18 sq. m in many apartments is typical and standard. This is due to the small size of the room in which monotonous furniture is installed. As a result, the created interior is unremarkable and boring. Modern fashion trends offer their own options for arranging such housing. They allow even the smallest room to transform, make it comfortable, stylish and unique..

living room 18 m2

The living room is rightfully considered the main room in any house, because it is there that residents spend most of their time.

The size of a room determines its shape. If we talk about 18 sq. m, it is mostly rectangular. This must be taken into account when arranging. In a narrow long room, zoning is appropriate. It will allow you to highlight several functional parts of the room..

living room zoning 18 m2

It is important to maintain the golden mean: do not overload the interior with unnecessary details, but at the same time arrange all the functional elements in it.

Furniture is installed against long walls. Moreover, it is as narrow as possible. It is appropriate to use carpet with stripes parallel to short walls. This allows you to visually increase the space..

living room striped carpet

The interior in light colors looks very spacious.

Room 18 sq. m can have a square shape. It is much easier to equip its interior, as it is ideal for renovation and design choices. In such a room, many interesting ideas can be realized. Furniture is installed in the center of the room or along the walls. It is appropriate to use voluminous and luxurious items here.. 

living room 18 m2 square

If zoning of the room is necessary, then the furniture will help with this perfectly..

Styling: what fashion says?

Living room interior 18 sq. m can be decorated in various styles. Many modern design options will fit perfectly into such room sizes. They will make it fashionable and interesting..

hall 18 m2

Most people prefer to decorate the living room in a classic style..

You can decorate the room in the following styles.

Style Design features
Provence The room in this style is filled with lightness and freshness. Everything is thought out in it to the smallest detail, which gives the room a sense of peace. This direction came from France, therefore it has the characteristic features of this country. Country landscapes, rustic elements, light fabrics are used.
British Differs in the severity and sophistication of combinations, arrogance, which is characteristic of the British. Furniture and lines in such a room should be symmetrical. As decoration, drawings are used that are on different objects. This will make the living room interesting and original. The color scheme is blue or brown. They will emphasize the aristocratic character of the room. On the walls there are paintings, photographs, mirrors.
Ethnos Here you can show a flight of imagination. The direction does not require adherence to certain rules. It allows you to combine several styles at once into one. This emphasizes the individuality of the owners. The room is decorated in herbaceous, nutty, berry or chocolate shades. Textiles that imitate animals are used as decoration.

living room in provence style

To transform a standard living room into a stylish room in the spirit of Provence, it is necessary to endow it with light, pastel shades as much as possible.

british living room design

Living room in English style can be described in two words: restrained, rich.

ethnic style living room

Oriental pomp, Japanese brevity and African diversity – all these notes can become part of your home if you decorate the living room interior in ethnic style.

Furniture selection, ideas

It is necessary to choose furniture based on the tastes and preferences of the owners. It should be remembered that its size should not be large. It is better to give preference to soft headsets of light color.

living room with white suite

To make the walls look taller, the ceiling should also be in light colors..

The design of the room is 18 sq. m will fit perfectly with a sofa and two armchairs. They can be supplemented with a coffee table and TV. A corner sofa also looks good in a small living room. These pieces of furniture are enough to create a cozy home atmosphere..

living room 18m with sofa armchairs

Very cozy living room in a modern style

Eco-style: principles of arrangement

The design of a room of 18 square meters looks great. m in eco-style. And this is not surprising. This direction does not require a lot of space. It is great for decorating a small room..

eco style in the living room 18m

When decorating a living room in an eco-style, it is advisable to use only natural materials..

When decorating a room in this style, you will need to adhere to some rules. The center section should remain spacious. It will perfectly accommodate green flooring. It will look like a natural lawn. This design looks luxurious and colorful..

living room in eco style

Natural colors and shades, natural materials used in decoration, simple and functional furniture – all this is an eco-style living room.

Eco style is against the use of artificial materials. They can only be present if they imitate natural ones. And we must do it at a high level. If laminate is spread on the floor, then in appearance it should look like parquet. 

hall design 18 squares

Fresh flowers are perfect for decorating the interior..

Bedroom and living room – two in one

In small apartments, it is often necessary to use the living room as a bedroom. Thinking over the design of such a room is more difficult, but possible. The good taste of the owners and rich imagination will help with this. A little time and effort will allow you to bring to life an original and non-standard solution.

living room with bedroom 18 m2

When decorating the living room and bedroom together, give preference to the minimalist direction in the interior..

Experts offer their recommendations, which will greatly help in this process. Here are a few of them.

  • It is not worth setting up a bed. You can replace it with a sofa that has the ability to unfold..
  • Use only necessary furniture such as transformer.
  • The sleeping place should be away from the front door to the living room.
  • Living room zoning is carried out using glass partitions or shelving.
  • Lighting needs to be carefully considered. It should be unobtrusive and divide the room into functional parts..
  • The sleeping place can be located on a podium or in a niche. This will add coziness and intimacy to the interior..

bedroom living room interior

Bedroom interior 18 sq. m is easy to do, there are many options for zoning and redevelopment.

Exit to the balcony from the living room: advantage or disadvantage?

Modern designers consider the presence of an exit from the living room to the balcony as an important advantage. It will not be difficult to increase the area of ​​such a room. The completed redevelopment will help in this. If it is not possible to carry it out, then the arrangement of the loggia and the room should take place according to one chosen style. Thus, visually the perimeter will expand, the usable area will increase.

living room interior design 18 squares

Hall design 18 sq. m, with access to the balcony is made in light colors.

Decorating the window overlooking the balcony is in light colors. Dark shades are inappropriate in this case, so they should be avoided. The approach to the balcony must be free. This will fill the living room with light and air..

living room 18 m2 with access to the balcony

If it seems to you that your room is extremely small, you can combine the area with a balcony.

Lighting selection rules

Lighting plays an important role in creating a living room interior. Before picking it up, it is necessary to analyze the room. It is important to determine how much daylight gets into it, whether there are zones and their functional significance.

hall design 18 m2

You should start from the area and shape of the room, the height of the ceilings and the level of natural light..

Correctly placed lamps will emphasize the dignity of the room, hide its disadvantages, and help create the appropriate mood. Such types of lighting as general and laconic are perfect for this case. There are several ways to implement them..

living room lighting 18 m2

Lighting design of the living room 18 sq. m often relies on a combination of different types of lighting devices.

The first involves placing one lamp in the center of the living room ceiling. It should be small in size, minimum height and simple in geometry. The absence of decorations on it will allow the light to diffuse well around the entire perimeter. The interior will be calm and romantic.

living room central lighting

When choosing a chandelier, consider the height of the ceiling – the higher it is, the more massive the chandelier can be.

Another way is spot lighting. It will allow you to divide the room into zones and create the necessary effects. The level of visibility in all parts will be high. This lighting option is great for decorating small living rooms. Since the bulbs are embedded in the suspended ceiling structure and do not protrude. 

living room 18 m2 spot lighting

An important advantage of spot lighting is the ability to adjust it, creating the desired mood.

Additionally, you can install a floor lamp, sconces and more. They increase the functionality of the room and are a good option for decorating it. Especially if they differ in size and maintain a single style direction. The interior looks laconic and original.

living room lighting design

Consider the color temperature of the lamps – it is recommended to use lamps that give warm light in the living room.

How to combine with other rooms?

As a rule, in apartments with a living room of 18 sq. m, the kitchen does not have a large area. Placing the necessary furniture in such a room becomes an overwhelming task. Designers offer an excellent solution to the problem – combining the kitchen and living room.

living room 18 m2 with kitchen

Combining a kitchen with a living room is a popular way of “ennobling” a Khrushchev apartment.

This interior looks stylish and original. The dining area is mainly located in the living room. A set, household equipment and what is required in the process of cooking are installed in the kitchen.

living room 18 m2 combined with kitchen

The advantages of such a solution: a significant “increase” in the area and an increase in the degree of comfort of housing.

Make a living room of 18 sq. m functional and comfortable is not difficult. The main thing is to preliminarily determine its purpose and, according to this, carry out the design. Decorating and lighting should highlight the dignity of the room. It is necessary to rationally use the area and leave free space. 

living room interior design 18 m2

As a result, the living room will be stylish and cozy..

VIDEO: 40 design options for small living rooms.

Living room design with an area of ​​18 sq. m. – 50 photo ideas:

black furniture in the living room design living room design living room design 18 sq. living room design 18 sq m living room design 18 sq. purple living room design 18 sq. photo living room design 18 sq. living room design 18 square meters living room design 18 square meters living room design 18 square meters living room design 18 square meters home living room design 18 square meters photo living room design 18 square meters photo ideas living room design 18 square meters ideas living room design 18 square meters photo ideas living room design 18 square meters interior ideas living room design 18 square meters interior living room design 18 square meters interior living room design 18 square meters interior living room design 18 square meters classic style living room design 18 square meters decoration living room design 18 square meters practical living room design 18 square meters with a bedroom living room design 18 square meters modern living room design 18 square meters with TV living room design 18 square meters light living room design 18 square meters living room design 18 square meters with high ceilings living room design 18 square meters comfortable living room design 18 square meters in the photo living room design 18 square meters in a small apartment living room design 18 square meters in the studio living room design 18 square meters in light colors living room design 18 square meters bright living room design 18 square meters living room design 18 square meters living room design and interior 18 square meters living room 18 m2 beige living room 18 m2 photo living room 18 m2 ideas living room 18 m2 design ideas living room 18 m2 interior living room 18 m2 classic living room 18 m2 modern living room 18 m2 decoration living room 18 m2 with white sofa living room 18 m2 modern living room 18 m2 modern interior stylish living room 18 m2 living room 18 m2 bright

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