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All you need to know about the standard sizes of kitchen furniture: useful tips

The standard sizes of kitchen furniture are calculated on the basis of the anthropometric data of a person of average height, Caucasian type. It is these parameters: height – 170 cm, arm length, step length – that determine the levels where the furniture should be located, the height of the cabinets, the depth, the ratio between different kitchen modules. The standard dimensions of the kitchen are taken into account when planning the overall dimensions of almost all household appliances. Due to the fact that the measurements were carried out in the 20s of the last century, now they are being revised upward.

kitchen furniture sizes.

Standard sizes of kitchen furniture.

Making a kitchen for individual parameters is costly. Buying standard sized kitchen furniture is a more budget option. Knowledge of these standards allows you to make the right decision.

Standard sizes of various types of kitchen furniture

The kitchen can be presented in several forms.

L-shaped. The most common type of layout. Suitable for standard sized kitchens. Allows you to functionally divide the workspace for simultaneous use by two people. Corner structures are widely used.

L-shaped kitchen.

L-shaped kitchen in the interior.

U-shaped – a similar layout is used in medium-sized rooms, with a square or rectangular shape. Assumes the placement of a large number of kitchen equipment and household appliances. Normal for the convenient use of a U-shaped kitchen is the length of its parallel lines in the range from 1.5 to 2 meters.

U-shaped kitchen.

U-shaped kitchen design.

Linear – suitable for narrow rooms (no more than two meters) with a total area of ​​6 to 12 meters. In small spaces, it is preferable to use narrow, tall cabinets. The standard dimensions of the shelves are 40 cm. Placing the components of the headset in one row is widely used. Also, it is widely used in small kitchens with pencil cases..

Linear kitchen.

Linear kitchen design.

Island and peninsular – used in large rooms with a total area of ​​over 20 sq. M. The standard module length is 150-180 cm, the number of modules is 3. Width – 60 cm.

Dimensions of kitchen sets

Kitchen furniture can consist of a different number of cabinets, drawers, cabinets or other elements, depending on the configuration of the room and its size. The required element is the headset.

The size of the kitchen set.

When choosing the size of the kitchen unit, you need to focus on the size of the room.

The standard length of the headset, first of all, depends on the size of the kitchen.

The standard distance from the countertop to the upper row of cabinets is 45 cm. At this indicator, a person of average height can easily get dishes from the countertop or from the lower row of shelves and put them in the upper cabinet. People with taller than average height – can increase this distance to the optimal.

The height of the kitchen furniture.

The standard tabletop size up to the top row is 45cm.

The width of the facades of the lower row should correspond to the width of the facades of the upper row.

The width of the set flaps is determined by the convenience of opening the doors and ranges from 30 to 45 cm.

Gas stove height.

Depending on the gas stove, its height is 70-75 cm.

Depending on the type of stove, the following distance must be left between the surface of the stove and the hood, depending on the type of stove: for a gas stove – 75-80 cm, for an electric stove – 70-75 cm. A smaller distance is unsafe, due to an increased risk of fire.

Varieties of kitchen cabinets

Floor standing

Base cabinets form the backbone of the entire kitchen. It is in them that the main part of the dishes, household appliances, kitchen utensils is located. Also, household appliances can be placed on the lower cabinets: dishwasher, microwave oven, deep fryer, mini-refrigerator.

Base cabinet.

Floor standing kitchen cabinets.


Hanging cabinets are used to store small household appliances, the most demanded utensils and some products. Sometimes, with their help, gas pipes and other structures that are undesirable for public viewing are removed from the field of view. The height of the wall cabinets should correspond to the level at which it will be possible to easily take the necessary thing from the top shelf.

Hanging cabinets in the kitchen.

Wall cabinets in kitchen design.


With the help of cabinets of this type, the corner space of the room is used. The shape of corner furniture can be trapezoidal, L-shaped or triangular. They are also subdivided into floor-standing and wall-mounted. The bottom element is usually used for a sink. Dimensional household appliances can be mounted in the cabinet. Some models are equipped with retractable structures. The overall dimensions must match other elements of the headset. The standard height of the corner base cabinet is 85 cm, the width depends on the shape and is in the range: 15 – 80 cm.

Corner kitchen cabinet.

Corner cabinet height is 85cm.

The depth of the wall-mounted cabinet is – 35 cm, the height between the upper and lower levels should be at least 45 cm, depending on the height, it can reach – 60 cm.

Dimensions of cabinets in the kitchen

Bottom row dimensions

The following parameters are provided: Height of the lower cabinets – 85 cm; the height of the lower plinth – 10 cm; The thickness of the countertop depends on the material of manufacture and is in the range: 2.8 – 4 cm. The width of the countertop is 60 cm. It should protrude 1-3 centimeters beyond the edge, this helps to protect the cabinet from contamination. On the back side – a protrusion of several centimeters is provided for placing gas and water pipes. The width of the facade is 30 to 45 cm. The distance between the shelves is from 20 to 40 cm (depending on the preferences of the owner). It is important to maintain the relationship between these parameters..

Height of the lower row of kitchen furniture.

The distance between the shelves of the bottom row is 20-40 cm.

Top row dimensions

The following standard sizes are provided for wall cabinets:

  • The depth of the upper cabinets is 30 cm.When calculating this indicator, one proceeds from the parameters of the most frequently used dishes.
  • Height varies from 70 – 90 cm, depending on the height of the hostess.
  • The distance from the table top to the bottom of the upper row is at least 45 cm.
  • The width of the facades must strictly correspond to the width of the front structures of the lower row.

Upper cabinets in the kitchen.

The depth of the top cabinets is about 30 cm.

Features of the location of the countertop

The standardized height of the table top is 85 cm. This size is optimal for comfortable work, a person does not have to bend over and raise his arms high. Depth – 60 cm. When calculating, take into account the length of the arms and the size of desktop household appliances. At a shallower depth, there will not be enough work surface, as well as space for a microwave or multicooker. Worktop with greater depth – inconvenient to use.

The height of the kitchen worktop.

For the organization of comfortable work, the height of the table top is 85 cm.

Kitchen tables

The main purpose of kitchen tables is eating. In connection with this functionality, the overall dimensions are determined. For comfort and convenience, one diner should be given a table area: 60 by 40 cm. In the middle, a free area is left: 20 by 20. Kitchen tables for four people are standard. Width – 80 cm, height – 75 cm, Shape – rectangular.

Kitchen table size.

The standard height of the kitchen table is about 75 cm.

Apron and wall panel height

The functional purpose of the apron is to protect the walls of the kitchen from grease, steam, and other contaminants that can get on the wall when cooking on the stove, or when washing food and dishes in the sink. The height of the backsplash depends on the dimensions of the stove, the dimensions of the upper row of furniture, the height and design of the headset. Its standard height should not be less than 87 cm, width – 112 cm. (An overlap of 2 cm over kitchen furniture should always be allowed.)

Kitchen apron size.

The size of the kitchen apron will depend on the size of the headset and the location of the top row.

Important! The apron must go under the countertop.

Design Tips

An important aspect when choosing kitchen furniture is the level of illumination of the room. If the kitchen is sufficiently lit and located on the sunny side, furniture in cold colors is chosen: blue gray, light green colors. If the amount of daylight is not enough and electric lighting is used, the best option would be to install kitchen furniture in warmer colors: yellow, orange, burgundy.

Kitchen set design.

Kitchen design with red headset.

Important! Kitchen furniture must not blend in with the walls! Some contrast will add more appeal to the room..

The color of the furniture also influences the visual representation of the size of the kitchen. Dark furniture, located against the background of light walls, contributes to the visual increase of the room..

In design, it is strongly discouraged to use black cabinets, which will bring gloom and depressive mood. The most suitable option would be to decorate furniture with accessories in a bright color scheme..

Do not use more than two color shades, pay attention to their combination. Furniture in darker colors is always installed on the lower tier.

Kitchen in dark colors.

Kitchen design in dark colors with corner furniture.

When choosing furniture for the kitchen, the material from which it is made is important. For large kitchens, wood is predominantly used. For narrow and small-sized premises, the use of plastic materials may be permissible.

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