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Wooden kitchen countertops: types, care tips, stylish models, tips

The kitchen area consists of a large number of elements that form an integral composition of the interior. One of the important components is the table. Most manufacturers prefer to use natural materials in the manufacture of furniture, which is highly valued by buyers. The best choice would be a wooden countertop. Such a product has individual advantages and requires some special care features..

The table top is made of wood.

Kitchen interior design with wood countertop.

Features of wood countertops

Wooden kitchen bar counters and countertops have several characteristics. First of all, the production of furniture attributes from natural wood stands out. The surface is treated with special compounds, which slows down the destruction processes, provides protection against moisture and the development of fungi and harmful bacteria.

Wood in the kitchen.

Natural wood worktops are completely harmless.

Note: the coating also has an antiseptic effect..

Wooden countertops are highly resistant to damage. With proper care, this piece of furniture has a long service life with a minimum number of cracks, scratches and chips..

Wooden countertops in the kitchen.

Thanks to a special treatment, the wooden surface becomes moisture resistant.

Special attention is paid to cleaning. The kitchen belongs to one of the main and most polluted places in the house. Fats, oil droplets and food particles, soot have a negative effect on the working surface of the array. As a cleaning agent, it is recommended to choose solutions that are directly suitable for this type of wood. The incorrect selection of the cleaning composition will negatively affect the furniture, which will significantly worsen its external attractive appearance and damage the internal structure.

Wooden countertop in kitchen design.

Proper care will help your wooden countertop last much longer.

Tip: For added protection, manufacturers prefer to laminate the work surface.

Wood species

One of the important criteria in the manufacture of tables is the type of wood. Experts distinguish three categories, which are distinguished by their strength, strength and resistance to damage..

Countertop in the kitchen.

There are three types of wood for countertops.

The options are:

  • soft – the permissible weight reaches 540 kg / m3;
  • solid, weight ranges from 550 to 740 kg / m3;
  • very hard, weight category starts from 750 kg / m3.

The trees themselves are divided in many ways. Companies take into account the locality of the timber, the flexibility in processing, moisture resistance, susceptibility to warpage.

The table top is made of wood.

Hardwood kitchen countertop.

Note: very hard varieties have a long service life.

Type of wood

The appearance of the furniture, its quality, durability and resistance to damage depends on the selected type of wood..


  1. Pine is the most common material. Differs in easy processing conditions, aesthetic appearance, has a pleasant smell of needles. A large number of pieces of furniture, including countertops, are made from pine beams. The downside is the soft breed, which leads to a rapid loss of attractiveness and strong structure.
  2. A popular and demanded material in the construction industry is glued beams made from spruce. The material is rarely used for the manufacture of joinery. Such a tabletop is distinguished by high resistance to damage, an interesting pattern and special prestige..
  3. Larch stands out with a rich brownish color. Among coniferous trees, it has the highest indicators of strength and resistance to damage. It has a long service life, as it is moisture resistant and practically not subject to warpage.
  4. Beech is not the most suitable option for a kitchen location. Despite the strong and flexible fibers, wood is highly hygroscopic.
  5. Oak among deciduous trees is the most demanded species. It has a strong internal structure and attractiveness at the same time. Resistant to decay processes, has a long service life.
  6. Ash is in many ways similar to oak. It has strength and resistance to damage, it is one of the strongest types of wood. An important prerequisite for manufacturing is antiseptic treatment.

Wooden countertop design.

Solid wood countertop design.

Types of countertops

The main difference between the finished table is the material from which it was made. This determines both the wear resistance and the external characteristics of the finished product..

Laminated board is one of the most common options. In its manufacture, materials such as MDF or chipboard are used. In addition, the surface is covered with plastic, which provides additional protection. The downside of this headset is its small size. In the event of a shortage of one canvas, it will be necessary to order several coatings.

Laminated table top.

Wood-look worktop made of laminated board.

Addition! Laminate worktop is the most cost effective option and is of good quality.

Artificial stone differs from laminated products in its higher price. The main advantage of such countertops is resistance to damage and a large amount of moisture. The base for the board is a sheet of plywood or chipboard, on which a coating of mineral chips is applied. The price varies depending on the thickness of the given coating.

Stone countertop.

Artificial stone countertop.

Natural stone has the highest price on the market. Resistance to damage and high temperatures is a key feature. When buying, it should be borne in mind that the material requires careful and regular maintenance..

Stone countertop.

Natural stone kitchen countertop design.

Ceramics is one of the main novelties on the market. It stands out among the above options for resistance to high temperatures, damage, and is not demanding in maintenance. The surface is suitable for drawing or ornamenting.

Advantages of solid wood countertops:

  1. Environmentally friendly material. Wooden products do not emit harmful substances, which excludes the possibility of negative effects on the body.
  2. Possibility of restoration and self-processing. If necessary, the kitchen shield can be cut, reshaped and resized (for example, make a square from a round table). Also, the tree lends itself easily to self-coloring, which will help change the appearance of the headset..
  3. Long service life. The material is quite resistant to damage. With proper care, the service life of such furniture can be more than 20 years..
  4. Attractive appearance. The tree has unique ring-shaped patterns that significantly transform the product.
  5. Profitable price. Wooden kitchen furniture has an advantageous ratio of price and quality compared to products made from natural stone.

Tabletop restoration.

The restoration of a wooden countertop can be done without much difficulty on your own..

Stylish looks

Wood worktops are distinguished by their versatility. They are suitable for any kitchen, regardless of style and interior.

The loft trend in home design is gaining more and more popularity. For a loft-style kitchen area, a grooved joinery worktop is suitable. Such furniture is produced both on a metal and wooden frame..

Loft style kitchen.

Loft style kitchen with wood worktop.

Note: The tongue is a protrusion that facilitates the connection to the next board.

It is preferable to use pine, oak or ash as the main material..

Tip: this type of headset is also suitable for a Scandinavian interior.

Lovers of classic design will appreciate the worktops with pvc inserts on the sides, painted in wood imitation. When decorating a kitchen in dark rich colors, a larch table is suitable. For a light zone, oak would be the best option..

Classic table top.

Interior design of a classic kitchen with a wooden countertop.

Connoisseurs of Provence or country styles are advised to pay special attention to inlaid countertops. The design of such a table is distinguished by a bright ornament, which is assembled like a mosaic. In the manufacture of such furniture, mahogany is most often used..

Provence style kitchen

Provence style kitchen with wood worktop.

Helpful hints and tips:

  1. The surface of this piece of kitchen furniture needs to be periodically refurbished. In case of wear, the old coating should be removed and then covered with several layers of varnish. This will help extend the service life..
  2. When cleaning, it is recommended to use specialized compounds or soap solution. Improper selection of household chemicals can cause streaks, stains and damage to the coating..
  3. When placing hot dishes, special supports are used. The wooden surface is subject to strong deformation when in contact with hot objects.
  4. When making a countertop on your own, the boards should be grooved after thorough drying..
  5. A cutting board is used for cooking and cutting food. The knife will leave scratches and small cracks, which are sometimes almost impossible to get rid of..

Maintenance of wooden countertops.

Proper care will help extend the life of your wood countertop.


The kitchen is the main place in the house for every housewife. When designing the working area, every little thing and detail in the interior is carefully thought out. An important piece of the headset is the table top. Most buyers opt for natural wood products. Several useful recommendations and rules will help in the correct selection and care of a wooden countertop..

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