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How to wash a new refrigerator before using it for the first time. Folk remedies and household chemicals

A refrigerator is a serious and expensive purchase. Usually, people, by virtue of life experience, are aware of the rules for its operation. But for some reason, not everyone knows that you should not immediately connect it and load it with products. Before using the refrigerator for the first time, wash it.

Washing a new refrigerator.

After buying a new refrigerator, before using, you must definitely wash it.

How to wash a new refrigerator before first use?

There are a number of factors in favor of washing.

  • New, fresh from the factory, household appliance has a specific smell, you can call it “technical”. Washing helps to prevent food from absorbing this questionable aroma..
  • In the production of household appliances – after all, this is not the manufacture of medical equipment and food products – strict requirements of sterility are not observed. A new unit may look clean, but in fact, dust and various contaminants may appear on its internal surfaces..
  • The item did not arrive at the shop floor immediately from the shop – she had a chance to visit a production warehouse, perhaps even two – large retail outlets and centers also have their own warehouses. During transportation and storage, dust and microparticles of dirt settled on the device – after all, its packaging is not vacuum.

How to clean a new refrigerator.

To eliminate a specific odor, a new refrigerator must be thoroughly washed.

Washing the appliance after these adventures is a normal hygienic requirement, a necessity. How to wash a unit equipped with a “No Frost” system, and is this treatment different from washing a conventional refrigerator?

Features of cleaning the chamber with the “No Frost” system

The most important element in the operation of the No Frost camera is the ventilation system. Its clogging can lead to depressing consequences, up to the failure of the device. The first thing to do is to clean the ventilation holes in both chambers – freezer and refrigerator. To process them, you will need cotton swabs and clean water at room temperature or a weak solution of soda. Holes must be handled very carefully. External panels can be treated with chemical cleaners, with the exception of abrasive ones that can scratch the surface.

First you need to clean the vents.

Cleaning of Refrigerators working with the Know Frost system I start with the ventilation holes.

Important! It is forbidden to disconnect the panels covering the ventilation. You violate the terms of the warranty agreement with the manufacturer of the device, and in the event of force majeure (incorrect operation of the device, breakdowns) you lose the right to free repair work.

How to clean the inside of a regular refrigerator

In this case, it is allowed to use both improvised household and chemical cleaning agents for washing, using them in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The similarity with washing “No Frost” is that it is also not recommended to use abrasive powders. This is especially true for cleaning the freezer..

Chemicals are used to wash the refrigerator.

Household chemicals can be used to clean conventional refrigerators..

Choosing detergents

How to wash your new refrigerator is up to you. The choice is a matter of personal taste and preference. A well-groomed unit can be seen in homes that use “grandmother’s” traditional cleaning methods, and in the most modern high-tech kitchens, where special chemical compounds are used. An indisputable argument in favor of folk methods is an allergy to household chemicals from the hostess or her family members.

Folk remedies for washing the refrigerator.

If the hostess is allergic to chemicals, then you can use folk remedies to clean the refrigerator.

Household chemicals

Today, a considerable number of specialized products for the hygiene of refrigeration equipment are produced. Popular forms of release are spray foam, liquid, gel. They are preferred because of their effectiveness and properties: usually these household chemicals have an antibacterial effect, they can wash even old stubborn stains, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor washing. Depending on the manufacturer, the cost of these products is different..

Household chemicals for cleaning the refrigerator.

Household chemicals are used to clean internal and external surfaces.

Products of expensive well-known brands:

  • Electrolux E6RCS104 (in the form of a spray liquid, made in Italy).
  • WPRO FRI 00 (similar version, also Italian manufacturer).
  • Topperr 3104 (refrigerator care set consisting of cleaning agent, microfiber cloth and odor absorber based on activated carbon granules, made in Germany). The spray can be purchased separately for a significantly lower price..

Budget options.

  • Clean Home (universal washing gel, domestic manufacturer).
  • Selena (spray liquid made in Russia).
  • “Clean refrigerator” from Luxus (with aromas of lime, grapefruit, mint. Spray agent, Russian production according to German technology).

Refrigerator detergents.

You can use Russian and foreign detergents for washing.

Between expensive and inexpensive brands, there are many mid-priced items. Before using as directed, you should study the manufacturer’s recommendations for use on the label..

Important! Manufacturers claim that their chemical masterpieces do not require the final wiping of the refrigerator, since they do not contain substances that are toxic to humans and can be absorbed into food. But it is still better to use clean water – it can be assumed that there are really no toxins, but allergens for specific people may be present.

Washing a new refrigerator.

At the end of the wash, you can rub the surfaces with plain clean water.

Folk remedies

If the hostess or her household has allergic reactions to the smell of chemical compounds, you should find out how to properly and cleanly wash the new refrigerator with improvised means.

For the first method you will need:

  • Plain baking soda
  • clean, room temperature water;
  • sponge or cloth;
  • towel.

How to prepare a washing solution: stir 2 (if the refrigerator smells strongly – 4) tablespoons of baking soda in a liter of water. The entire process will require (depending on the size of the device) approximately 5 liters of water. After the end of the sanitization, thoroughly rinse the sponge or rag or take a clean one – and remove the soda residues.

Soda for washing the refrigerator.

If you are allergic to chemicals, you can use regular baking soda..

As effective as soda, soap emulsion will wash away dirt – to get it, grate some laundry soap (you can use remnants), fill with water and achieve the formation of a soap solution.

For the second method, the same water and a sponge will come in handy, but take the famous homemade odor remover – vinegar. Two tablespoons are enough for 1 liter of water.

Vinegar for cleaning the refrigerator.

Vinegar is a versatile odor remover.

Both chambers can be cleaned with both products. After washing and wiping it clean, thoroughly dry the entire interior of the appliance with a towel. Allow to dry as needed.

Important! Do not wipe rubber gaskets with vinegar solution to avoid drying out and damage..

Preparation for washing

They brought you a refrigerator. The first thing to do is look inside. The refrigerating and freezing chambers may contain items that are completely unnecessary for further use. We are talking about packaging materials – foil, foam spacers. Throw away this trash.

Collect all the items necessary for sanitizing the unit to have them on hand:

  • household gloves made of rubber to protect the skin of the hands;
  • sponges, napkins or clean rags;
  • a clean, dry towel to remove excess moisture;
  • the whole set of selected products – traditional or chemical;
  • if you want to make a solution, prepare it.

Means for washing the refrigerator.

A sponge, rubber gloves and household chemicals are all that is needed to wash the refrigerator.

Washing technology inside and outside

How do I clean my new refrigerator effectively before using it? Regardless of the cleaning composition used, care will be required to handle the refrigerator: its design features are such that you will have to pay a lot of attention to detail (for example, poorly rinsed drawer corners may still exude an unpleasant odor). Better to act according to plan:

  1. Remove all removable elements from the chambers – shelves, boxes, pallets, side pockets and other accessories. It is better to rinse them with detergents under running water in order to accurately wash off not only dirt, but also residues of the product. Do not neglect corners and notches. Dry all elements thoroughly or wait until they dry naturally.
  2. Wash the walls of the chambers from top to bottom.
  3. It is imperative to check the drain hole (it is located on the back wall) – very often the strongest smell comes from it. It can be rinsed with a syringe or a medical rubber bulb by pouring detergent solution into the canal..
  4. Cleaning the rubber seal successfully with an old toothbrush.
  5. Wipe the inside of the device dry and leave the door open to completely dry the walls.
  6. Wash the outer surfaces with the same product. Move the device slightly away from the wall and inspect the rear wall. If it is very dusty, remove the dust with a vacuum cleaner.
  7. Return components to their places.
  8. After 6 hours, you can connect the device to the mains and fill with content.
  9. If you can still smell a technical smell, wipe the inside of the unit with a sponge with a solution of vinegar or citric acid. Then wait 4 hours before turning on the device..

Washing the walls of the refrigerator.

We start washing from the walls of the refrigerator chambers..

Important! All containers and packages loaded into the chambers must be clean and dry on the outside – the chambers must be protected. No need to help the formation of an extra layer of ice in the freezer and raise the humidity level in the refrigerator.

The best way to wash your refrigerator freezer after defrosting

After removing the melt water and ice formed as a result of defrosting, wash the freezer.


  1. Better to use warm water.
  2. A solution of water with dishwashing liquid or ordinary soap solution with a slight addition of soda is suitable as a cleaning composition. A soft sponge or rag is used as a working tool. Never use steel wool!
  3. It is recommended to wash rubber door seals with soap and water and quickly rinse off the solution.
  4. Wash the processed chamber clean from the remains of the solution. If the smell persists – walk with a sponge with a solution of citric acid or soda.
  5. For severe dirt and stains, folk remedies are also suitable – all this can be perfectly washed off with toothpaste, ammonia or their mixture.

Wash the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.

Before washing a regular refrigerator, you need to defrost it..

Important! For processing the freezer, it is strictly forbidden to use cleaners containing abrasive elements that can damage the walls of the chamber. It is also undesirable to use aggressive household chemicals (it is worthwhile to listen less to advertisements broadcasting about the complete harmlessness of these drugs, that’s why they are advertising. Too active chemicals can damage the camera itself or spoil the quality of the products in it. The health of the whole family will suffer).

Freezer washing.

Do not use products that contain abrasive elements to clean the freezer..

How often should the refrigerator be cleaned in the future??

A refrigerator is a device that requires simple but regular maintenance. It stores food, so its sanitation must be impeccable for the health of the whole family. An untidy, stained refrigerator that emits killer “aromas” is a marker of mismanagement and even the absence of a common culture (there is a culture of eating, part of the everyday etiquette of an educated person).

The refrigerator needs to be washed several times a month.

Wet cleaning in the refrigerator should be done 1-2 times a month.

To make it pleasant to approach the refrigerator and use it, follow these simple rules:

  1. Check its contents as often as possible: throw away expired foods, stale cooked meals. Put things in order on the shelves – often in a hurry, unloading bags brought from the store, people put away what they bought at random. Each product should have its own place.
  2. To prevent the interior of the unit from smelling fragrant with mixed amber of herring, pilaf and cheesecake, keep food packaged: there are special containers, lids for saucepans, cling film for dishes. If you have moved food from the freezer to a simple defrosting chamber, place it in a deep dish to prevent liquid (meat juice, water from thawing) from flowing onto the shelf..
  3. All dishes placed on the shelves must be clean. The bottom of the boxes for storing vegetables can be covered with polyethylene or paper napkins – dust often falls from vegetables and they are not always clean.
  4. Immediately remove the stains and streaks with a damp cloth or sponge, preventing them from drying out. Outside stains should also be wiped off quickly so that they do not bite into the surface of the device. With regular maintenance, special cleaners are not even required – the surface can be easily wiped with a damp cloth or sponge. Detergents should be used if oil or grease stains have formed..
  5. Once every 3 months – at least often – defrost the device and carry out a general, internal and external, cleaning.

Subject to these rules, the refrigerator will last a long time and will be a completely aesthetic element of the kitchen interior..

Washing the refrigerator with a rag.

The surface of the refrigerator can be easily cleaned with a damp sponge or cloth.

Helpful Hints on Washing a New Refrigerator Before Using

Before starting sanitary and hygienic work, you need to carefully assess the smell from the unit: even an unpleasant one is better than a fragrance. The fact is that manufacturers do not perform such processing of the finished product. This was done by the seller to hide the defect (perhaps there were technological violations during the manufacture of the device, and its technical smell is too strong). It is not known how the aroma treatment of the device was carried out and whether the product is dangerous for the health of customers. The situation is a reason to contact a sales outlet with a claim.

The smell from the refrigerator.

Before you start cleaning the refrigerator, you need to assess the smell from the unit..

If the new owners of the device prefer to make a cleaning solution on their own, it will be more convenient for them to use if it is poured into a spray bottle..

If after washing you feel a faint, but still the same industrial smell, you can remove it without purchasing chemical absorbers. You need to place any of the following folk odor removers on the shelves:

  • slices of black bread (it is advisable that the refrigerator be kept closed for a long time so that they absorb the smell);
  • a saucer with sliced ​​lemon wedges;
  • a glass of soda;
  • a gauze bag filled with rice, black tea, or granulated sugar;
  • tea bags;
  • a glass of vanilla extract.

Even the ghost of a bad smell will disappear without a trace.

How to remove unpleasant smell from the refrigerator.

A slice of black bread can help eliminate fridge odors..

Cleaning your new refrigerator should not be neglected. After all, this procedure takes a little time – during the period of drying the chambers it is quite possible to do other things..

How and how to clean the refrigerator from odor at home

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