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Electric fireplaces in the living room interior photo ideas

The warmth and soft light of the open hearth draws the inhabitants to the central part of the house for relaxation and intimate conversation. The crackling logs, cozy flames in the fireplace soothe after a hard day. What should be done to restore peace of mind to city dwellers? An aesthetic and safe electric fireplace in the living room interior will help to improve the microclimate of the apartment. Photos with options for installing the device are presented in this article..


The principle of operation and functional features of electric fireplaces

Heating of a room with electric fireplaces is carried out according to the principle of a thermal fan or an infrared radiator. In the first case, the surrounding air heats up, in the second, heat is transferred in the long-wavelength range and spreads to objects and people. Infrared heating does not dry out the air and creates a favorable microclimate in the room.


A classic fireplace consists of a firebox enclosed in a portal, a flue gas collector and a chimney. The design of modern electrical models follows the design of open or shielded foci. A firebox with “burning” false wood or false coal made of polymer material is similar to a real one, but does not emit smoke and soot. A chimney with a smoke collector is installed only to maintain style in the interior..

The decorative effect is achieved by imitation of a live flame, smoldering false logs using LED backlighting and video screens. The picture will be more realistic if no direct light is shining onto the screen. Some models are equipped with a soundtrack, a flame level regulator, a heating intensity, a remote control.


In warm weather, the heating function is turned off, in this mode the fireplace works only to visualize the combustion process and consumes only 100 W.

The advantages of using electric fireplaces in the interior:

  • fire safety of modern models;
  • no need for permits for installation;
  • light weight and uncomplicated design allow you to do it yourself;
  • overall dimensions and various shapes make it possible to build devices into walls, niches and interior items;
  • mobility and independence from the foundation and chimney;
  • a decorative portal can be made from any material with your own hands, taking into account the general design of the room;
  • there is no need to stock up on fuel;
  • the absence of combustion products excludes the construction of a chimney and cleaning the furnace from ash;
  • effective use for space heating due to the presence of a thermostat and a power switch.


The disadvantages include an unnatural type of false fuel and the need for a separate outlet with reliable electrical wiring. There is a need for this at peak loads and a large number of simultaneously switched on household appliances.

In heating mode, electric fireplaces consume up to 2 kW of electricity.

Types of electric fireplaces by location in the interior

Fire always attracts a person’s attention, so the fireplace is the center of the interior composition, wherever it is. Having determined the place for the location of the hearth in the room, they think over the design of the room, choose furniture and decor elements. As a rule, electric fireplaces are installed in the living room, where the inhabitants and guests of the house gather. According to the design and shape of the case, several types of devices are distinguished..


  • Embedded. Mounted in a wall or interior items.
  • Recessed. Requires niches and decorative framing.
  • Corner. Symmetrical or asymmetrical compact designs perfectly fill the corner of the room.
  • Suspended. Wall-mounted as a flat screen with 3D resolution.
  • Bilateral. Used in partitions that zone the room.
  • Island or freestanding. The absence of a portal makes it possible to observe the flame from three sides.
  • Mobile or portable. The design of the model resembles a cast iron stove.

The place of installation of the fireplace in the interior depends on the area of ​​the living room, the location of the entrance, the size and direction of the window openings, the style of interior decoration.

Living room design with electric fireplace

Various models of electric fireplaces in appearance and material of the portal design fully meet the requirements of modern fashion. Depending on the interior design of the living room, it is not difficult to choose an electrical appliance that is suitable in all respects. First of all, you should pay attention to the overall dimensions of a particular model..


There are several standard sizes of electric fireplaces:

  • standard – 520x620hx240 mm;
  • wide – up to 1000 mm;
  • extra wide – up to 2500 mm.

When installing a fireplace in the living room interior, the ratio of the area of ​​the room and the size of the device should be taken into account. The proportions of furniture items and a stylized heater should be in harmony with each other. In a room with an area of ​​less than 25 m2, it is more appropriate to install a small corner fireplace, as in the photo.


Living rooms-studios with a zonal arrangement of furniture can be equipped with your own hands with an island, double-sided or built-in hearth model. A fireplace in the form of a partition between the dining room and the seating area will allow you to rationally divide the room and use the device for heating and lighting the entire studio space. A small model can be built into the false portal under the TV opposite the soft headset.

A spacious living room in a full-length apartment involves the installation of a large-sized electric fireplace with a massive portal. These can be built-in, recessed or wall-mounted models, depending on the style of the room. The installation of the hearth and the design of the framing is easy to do with your own hands.

Electric fireplaces in stylized living rooms

The classic design of the living room requires adherence to style when choosing interior items. Baroque, Rococo, Victorian, Renaissance are distinguished by relief stucco molding with gilding and complex floral ornaments. Twisted pilasters, carved porticoes and crowns made of polyurethane molding stylized as plaster, marble or wood are used as bezels for built-in or recessed electric fireplaces. Its shape should correspond to the classical canons – a rectangular portal with an open firebox (photo).


Rustic, Provence, country style in the design of the living room will emphasize a small or medium fireplace with a D-shaped portal. The main goal of this direction is to create a comfortable environment combined with functional naturalness. A wall-mounted, corner or recessed hearth is decorated with untreated wood, sandstone, shell rock. To facilitate the work, use false panels that imitate natural materials.

In the Russian version of the country style, a corner or recessed fireplace is decorated with smooth tiles with painting.

The practicality of high-tech, modern, techno urban styles influenced the design and functionality of electric fireplaces. Minimum decor and restraint of colors in the strict lines of the portal. Metal, glass and plastic in decoration. Ultra-thin body with false firebox for mounted and built-in models. High technology in simulating a burning flame and heating control.

Bionics is a relatively new design direction that is distinguished by the absence of corners and straight lines in the interior of living rooms. Natural style is characterized by smooth curves of natural materials in the design of partitions, openings, furniture that copy objects of wildlife. A tree trunk protruding from the wall, a frozen stone stream, a transparent drop hanging in space – a natural framing of the hearth in the bionic style (photo).


When choosing a fireplace for a specific interior, one should take into account the shape, size and style of the surrounding furniture..

The color of the portal and decorative framing should contrast with the wall decoration and be combined with the decor elements of the living room..

Making portals with your own hands

Since the body of the firebox of the electrical appliance practically does not heat up during operation and has a low weight, materials are used to frame it without special requirements for strength and fire safety. Plasterboard, polyurethane molding, wood, natural stone, metal, glass are suitable for decorating a portal with your own hands.

To prevent the wood from cracking during operation, the material must be well dried and soaked in a special solution..


A wall or corner plasterboard portal is mounted on a metal frame. The profiles are fastened with self-tapping screws to the wall and floor of the living room. The rigidity of the structure is provided by transverse strips, as in the photo. Plasterboard finishing can be done with decorative plaster, tiled or polyurethane molding.

The living room with a fireplace and a TV on the curbstone, in which the portal is built, looks very modern (photo).


For the manufacture of such a structure with their own hands, MDF panels are used. Sawing to specified dimensions can be ordered directly from the store.

It will not be difficult to mount the hearth into the wall if you cut out a niche in the partition and bring in the electrical wiring. The minimal thickness of modern models does not require a lot of labor during installation. The opening of the niche is framed with metal or wooden platbands, depending on the style of the living room.

Innovative production technologies make it possible to achieve greater realism of the image of the flame in modern models of electric fireplaces. A high level of operational safety, remote control of the heating process, the ability to use the device exclusively for decorative purposes is an indisputable advantage over traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces in the living room interior: 40 photo options

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