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1 year old boy’s birthday room decoration ideas

Parents want the best for their child, so they try to make every moment magical and unforgettable. What then can we say about such an important event as the first birthday! Festive decor is an integral part of this celebration..

Photo of a one-year-old child next to a volumetric figure

For every parent, the child’s birthday is a special event

General design tips

Before we start considering specific decor ideas for a child’s birthday, let’s pay attention to the following points:

  • If there are children among the guests, it is better to divide the space into several zones: a playroom (children’s room), where it will be possible to hold contests, organize active games and a festive table zone.
  • When decorating several separate rooms, you should maintain a single concept, otherwise the apartment will look pretentious and tasteless. Also, do not overdo it with the amount of jewelry..
  • Decorative elements should not be too bright, as they can lead to overexcitation of the baby’s nervous system. It is better to give preference to calm, pastel colors..
  • All jewelry should be placed at such a height that the baby does not reach for them..

To create an atmosphere of celebration in the house, if the boy turns 1 year old, you can use a certain color scheme (white, blue, blue and green tones) and attributes typical for the life of young hooligans (cars, balls, robots, etc.)

Arch of colorful balloons and birthday greetings

First, you should decide on the room where the holiday will take place.

If a girl celebrates her first birthday, it is better to use pink, red, white and gold colors to decorate the room. For decor, bows, dolls, natural and artificial flowers, castles or other items that are associated with little princesses are suitable..

Since the main hero of the occasion is 1 year old, jewelry must meet the following safety requirements:

  1. Big size. This is necessary so that the elements of festive decor, if nevertheless a child or his little guests reach for them, cannot fit into their mouth..
  2. When using balloons, do not try to inflate them as much as possible. If they burst, the baby may be intimidated by a loud sound..
  3. If natural flowers serve as decorative elements, choose those that are odorless and are not allergens (it is unacceptable to use lilies, orchids, mimosa).

Room decoration

The festive mood begins with what we see around. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to interior decoration..

Decorating the room with colorful balloons for birthday

Balloons are the easiest and most affordable way to decorate a room for a child’s birthday

We decorate the walls and ceiling

For wall decoration, you can use paper garlands, balls or ribbons. Various panels and collages, greeting posters and streamers also look good..

DIY festive garland with cartoon characters

Garlands can be made from anything: from yarn, from fabric, from colored cardboard, from toys, but just from what your imagination tells

A great idea for ceiling decoration is paper or satin ribbons that diverge from the center to the edges. To complement the composition, use flowers from balloons, randomly located paper pom-poms, suspended at different heights.

Ceiling decoration for a children's party

Ceiling decoration with colorful ribbons and balloons

Design ideas

Before decorating a room for a year, a boy should decide on a theme.

Possible options:

  • The kingdom of the little prince. You can make a castle in blue and light blue from cardboard. For a princess who celebrates her first birthday, decor is made in the same way, only the color is changed to pink.

    Cardboard toy castle for boy's birthday

    Fairytale castle for the little prince

  • Pirate Party. A ship is made from large sheets of cardboard (black sails are made of fabric). Nearby, you can place a palm tree made of balloons, and under it put a chest (bag) with treasures in the form of chocolate coins and put crossed swords for the entourage. Use thin rope or jute rope to decorate the ceiling (instead of ribbons).

    Ship made of cardboard for a children's pirate party

    A pirate ship needs corrugated cardboard – large packing boxes from a refrigerator or TV

  • Cosmic expanses. This is easy to arrange if the room has black curtains. Making garlands of stars from fishing line and foil and placing them above the window, we get a shimmering sky. We cut out a rocket from cardboard, paint it to your taste and attach it to the wall or put it on the floor. In place of the porthole, you can stick a photo of the birthday person. At the same time, it is better to decorate the ceiling with blue and white balls..

    Starry sky decoration for child's room decoration

    Stars can be cut from foil and pasted onto cardboard

Making decorations yourself

The table contains several options for decorating a child with his own hands for a year old:

Decoration Necessary materials Time taken to manufacture Where to place the decoration
Flat digit Thick cardboard, paper (corrugated, tissue, double-sided colored or napkins), scissors, glue stick, thread Depends on the size of the number and paper pom-poms: from 2 o’clock (about 50 cm) to 5 Wall, coffee table
Child’s name If there are 4-5 letters in the name (height up to 30 cm), it will take from 5 hours
Volumetric figure From 6 hours Floor, coffee table
Flowers and paper pompons Corrugated or tissue paper, scissors, thread 1 pompom – 5 min

1 flower – from 10 min

Walls, ceiling, curtains
Collage of photos Printed photos of the baby (black and white can be used), cardboard (in accordance with the general color scheme) for frames, glue In the form of a train

In the form of a clock (placing the images of a child from 1 to 12 months in the appropriate places)

Balls of thread Balloons, cotton threads, stationery glue The creation of one ball will not take more than 20-30 minutes, however, for its complete drying, you must wait at least a day Ceiling, curtains
Congratulatory poster Whatman paper, pencils, markers, paints (watercolor or gouache) From 1 hour Walls
Garland of flags Colored paper, glue, scissors (curly scissors), thick thread or fishing line, felt-tip pens With a garland length of 2.5 m and a width of flags of 25 cm – from 1.5 hours Walls, curtains, ceiling
Balloon decorations Balls of various colors, sizes and shapes, threads, scissors, double-sided tape
Possible options:

garland – from 40 minutes;

flowers – from 15 min (depending on the size and configuration of the composition)

Bright decoration in the form of a fairy tree for a children's party

A fabulous tree made of large branches painted with black paint

The listed decorations for the room can be made independently using what every housewife always has at hand (scissors, paper, glue, threads). In this case, the options proposed in the table can be combined. For example, draw a congratulatory poster and stick a photo and decorative elements (pompons or flowers) on it, place family photos on the garland flags, etc..

However, it is necessary to start making such elements in a few weeks (compositions and garlands of balloons do not count). As you can see from the table, each handmade decoration does not take much time, but if you count how much is needed to decorate an entire room, you get impressive numbers..

Do-it-yourself volumetric foam figure

To decorate a baby’s room, it is not at all necessary to come up with too complicated decor.

What to do if there is no time?

When a one-year-old baby is in the house, it is unlikely that parents have a lot of free time to create decor with their own hands. In this case, you can turn to the following options:

  1. Balloons. The classic way to decorate a children’s party. Order balloons filled with helium for your birthday and place them under the ceiling. In addition, arrange in the space various compositions of balls (in the form of an arch, number, name or garland).

    Room decoration with balloons for a year old boy

    Simple balloon shapes

  2. Metallized balls in the form of numbers, stars or hearts look very laconic..

    Foil unicorn balloon

    Foil balls are more durable, hold their shape well and are not afraid of children’s hands

  3. Ready-made paper birthday decorations. In stores specializing in festive decoration, there are always ready-made pom-poms, accordion balls, garlands of tassel pom-poms, volumetric stars and flowers, flat garlands and greeting posters. It remains only to harmoniously place them in the room..

    Ready-made paper ball for decorating a room

    Paper balls can be mounted on the wall or simply scattered on the floor

Important! When decorating the interior with balls, use 2-3 colors. A monochromatic design looks boring, but if you use 4 or more color schemes, it will turn out too bright.

Making surprises for guests of the birthday man with his own hands

The holiday will become even more interesting if guests also receive small gifts. Surprise boxes can hold candy, cakes or small toys

Children’s festive table decoration

Consider several decorating ideas that will help delight not only the child and his guests, but also adults.

Decoration of festive dishes

On a children’s holiday, mom should show all her imagination. For example, ordinary vegetable, meat or cheese slices can be laid out with a herringbone, sandwiches can be arranged in the form of ladybirds or animal muzzles. We offer several ideas for table decoration.

Toy Story style kids bar

To decorate a festive table, you need to choose a specific theme or style, for example, your favorite fairy tale or cartoon

Sweets on skewers

To decorate a children’s table in an original and quick way, you will need:

  1. Several packages of marshmallows, pastilles, marmalade of different shapes, colors and sizes.
  2. Wooden or colored plastic skewers (length depends on the height of the dish).
  3. Vases or cups shaped like an inverted truncated cone.

Products for making a sweet bouquet with your own hands

Prepare wooden skewers, sweets and rubber gloves

Important! Use small to medium sweets – too large and heavy may not hold onto the skewers.

The process of making a sweet bouquet

Put sweets on sticks, for a large marshmallow, you can take two skewers

DIY sweet bouquet of marshmallows and marmalade

Collect a bouquet of different sweets and place it in a vase

Once you’ve prepared everything you need, place the treats on skewers and place them randomly in a vase. If the dishes are transparent, first put in them sisal or organza, matching the color scheme to the rest of the decor. So beautiful and delicious “fireworks” from your favorite sweets will appear on the table..

Bouquet of fruits and berries

To make the decorations on your table not only tasty, but also useful, make a bouquet of your favorite fruits and berries.

This will require:

  • wicker basket (bottom with a diameter of 10-15 cm);
  • toothpicks;
  • base – a large orange or grapefruit;
  • fruits (for example, bananas, kiwi, apples, pears);
  • berries (preferably seedless: raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, grapes);
  • lettuce leaves;
  • cutting board, knife, curly shapes.

Cut prepared fruits (washed and dried) into slices or make curly decorations using special molds.

DIY bouquet of fruits in a wicker basket

Fruit bouquet will decorate the table and fill the room with fresh aroma

Place the orange (grapefruit) in a basket, securing it with toothpicks on several sides, cover it with lettuce leaves, thus covering the base. Then alternately plant the prepared fruits and berries on toothpicks, and attach to the base in a circle, starting from the bottom row.The resulting composition can be supplemented with sprigs of rosemary, tarragon, mint or lemon balm.

Important. Such decoration is not recommended to be done earlier than 2-3 hours before the start of the holiday..

Multicolored glasses

When there is little time left for the design, you can use a quick, but very effective method. Pour multicolored dragees into martini or cognac glasses (for example, sea stones, skittles, M&M’s) or small gummies in the form of animals and berries.

A simple idea for decorating a glass for a festive table

Multicolored dragee in a glass

Spread the glasses evenly over the table. Such decoration will definitely appeal to all children, and it will not take you even 10 minutes..


A great way to add variety to your kids’ table. You can use ready-made ones or make yourself out of paper. Find bright, colorful pictures of cartoon characters, cars, booties, soccer balls, etc. on the Internet. On the first birthday of a child, toppers in the form of number 1 are perfect. Using any graphic editor, “cut out” images in the form of a circle, oval, square or rectangle and print on a color printer (choose thick paper). Glue the finished templates together in pairs by inserting a toothpick or a small skewer between the two images (depending on the desired decor height).

Paper toppers for decorating the cake

Paper toppers are suitable for decorating a cake or pastry

Toppers can be used to decorate cakes, cupcakes, cake, combine with other decorations, for example, insert into a fruit bouquet or a vase with sweets.

Table setting

Pay attention to the following nuances:

  • individual textile napkins for guests can be folded in an original way, for example, in the form of bunny faces;
  • if you decide to use bright dishes, you should choose a plain tablecloth and napkins;
  • cutlery can be decorated with bows made of satin ribbons or tulle.

Table setting for a boy's birthday at 1 year old

It is more convenient and safer to serve the table with plastic and paper dishes, because it will not break or injure anyone

Arrangement of space next to and above the table

To complete the design of the dining area, take note:

  • chairs with a back can be decorated with bows made of light, airy fabric (tulle, organza), matched to the napkins on the table;

    Decorating baby highchairs for birthday

    Ribbons tied in a bow – a simple and effective decor for chair backs

  • each guest can tie one or more helium balloons to the chair;
  • over the table you can hang decorations made of paper pom-poms, balls of thread, balloons filled with helium.

Decorating the wall above the holiday table using baby photos

The idea for decorating the wall above the table is a photo collage made of wooden frames, inside which pictures of the most interesting moments of your baby’s life are suspended on a fishing line

Important! All decor elements in the area of ​​the festive table should be located so as not to interfere with the guests.

So, to decorate a room for a child for 1 year, you may need: garlands, balloons, volumetric figures, flowers, improvised cardboard designs and boundless imagination.

Wall in living room with balloons

It is not worth overloading the nursery unnecessarily, it is better to decorate the living room or dining room if there are guests

Having decorated the room, having laid the festive table, do not forget about the musical arrangement. Children’s songs will be a great addition to the celebration of the baby’s first birthday!

Video: Getting ready for the baby’s first birthday

Photo ideas for festive decor

Festive table in the children's room of a one-year-old boy Basket with balloons for a one-year-old boy Volumetric room decor with paper balls Decorating the ceiling of a children's room Paper balls on threads in the children's room Baby boy's birthday decoration idea DIY paper plate garlands Pirate-themed nursery wall decor Do-it-yourself volumetric figure one with illumination Baby gifts with balloons DIY simple garlands from postcards Festive table setting for children's birthday Big ball with a surprise inside Cardboard invitations for children's birthday Red balloons with baby photos Bright room decoration for a child's birthday Paper balls on the ceiling of the children's room Paper flowers on the wall of the nursery Bright whistles for a children's party Simple garlands of colored paper Figurines of hares from balloons Balloons in the form of cartoon characters Festive garland over the children's table Bright boxes for children's gifts The idea of ​​decorating a room for the anniversary of the son Sweet bouquet of fruit slices Garland of paper figures for nursery decor Toy fortress in the children's room Blue heart shaped balloons Large table for receiving guests of a birthday child Setting a sweet table for a children's birthday Sweet treats on the festive table Sweet table with cake and pastries Red tablecloth on the table for sweets Sweet treats for a children's party A pyramid of delicious cakes on the dining table Festive table decor with paper figures Little girl at her birthday party Beautiful paper balls for festive decor Decorating a festive table in the spirit of a pirate party A unit of blue paper napkins Table setting with sweet treats Striped napkins on the festive table Boy's birthday party table decor Rosette cake on the festive table Ideas for decorating a table for a children's holiday Pirate attributes for a children's party Arch of balloons in honor of the birthday boy Sweet watermelon dishes

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