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Brown curtains in the interior: rules for the use of color

The chocolate brown palette remains a favorite with many interior designers. In combination with a milky or light beige tone, it is used as an alternative for black and white contrasts. Many people love chocolate, which is associated with delight, pleasant aftertaste and food euphoria. This perception can easily explain why dark textiles are popular,...Read More

Curtain decor is an indispensable element of the interior

Having completed the decoration of the walls, arranging the furniture, the joyful owners understand that it is necessary to decorate the windows as well. A small detail will add coziness and completeness to the interior. Of course, you can buy ready-made curtains, but they may sometimes lack some kind of “zest” – and you can...Read More

Tulle in the hall – photos and news 2021

Room decoration begins with the harmony of shades, textures and unity of style. The ready-made design is taken as the basis for correctly selected materials. The arrangement of the hall is no exception. The most visited room often brings together family or a close group of friends. Here, every detail is designed to give the...Read More

How to choose decorative curtains in a doorway?

Decorative curtains on the doorway are an excellent option for decorating a room and a good solution for a small room. Such curtains will not only serve as an element of decor, but also visually expand the space.. Advantages and disadvantages Among the advantages of decorative curtains are the most significant. Transformation of the interior...Read More

Curtains for the living room photo options

After entering the apartment, pause for a minute at the door of your living room, take a fresh look at her, as if you were seeing her for the first time. If you liked the view that opened in front of you, and nothing irritates your eyes – great; stay living in this interior and...Read More

Lambrequins for the hall – from A to Z

Lambrequin is a colorful and elegant framing of curtains at the top. This decoration does not carry a functional load, but it is capable of hiding minor flaws in the window opening. They are sewn either as a separate piece or together with curtains. Lambrequins for the hall emphasize comfort, create charm and beauty, impress...Read More