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Living room

Modern living room design solutions of 2021

Modern renovation requires a serious approach. It is no longer enough just to glue the wallpaper and lay linoleum on the floor. You need to think through everything to the smallest detail. Designers offer a variety of styles, colors and ideas. Having collected their experience, we can easily and easily explain how to make a...Read More

Living room design: forget about boring interior!

The dormitory differs from the apartment not only by its interesting layout, but also by its small area. Basically, its dimensions do not exceed 17 sq. m. It is quite difficult to equip a modest footage, but modern designers have found ways to solve this problem. They are to competently perform zoning and think over...Read More

Tips for choosing a walk-through living room interior design

All family members will pass through the walk-through room during the day. Therefore, it is important to organize everything so that it suits all residents. The design of the walk-through room must be carefully thought out. It is worth considering all the disadvantages of the room in order to create an ideal and practical design.....Read More

Loft style living room decoration

If you are a person of creativity, you want to decorate the living room in the original classical direction, then you need to choose between Provence, loft styles, in which you will enjoy the play of mood and contrast. Living room in a loft style, filled with life energy, joy. Your friends and relatives will...Read More

Electric fireplaces in the living room interior photo ideas

The warmth and soft light of the open hearth draws the inhabitants to the central part of the house for relaxation and intimate conversation. The crackling logs, cozy flames in the fireplace soothe after a hard day. What should be done to restore peace of mind to city dwellers? An aesthetic and safe electric fireplace...Read More

Corner sofas in the living room interior: advantages, photo

A corner sofa in the interior is a godsend for small living rooms, as well as a good way to demarcate the territory in combined rooms and one-room apartments. There are many options for models: folding, modular, with built-in drawers, with shelves, a minibar, etc. The choice of design largely depends on the needs of...Read More