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Room design: what to look for

Interior design is work aimed at furnishing the interior in order to ensure the most convenient and stylish arrangement of furniture items and accessories. The work of designers can be associated with more than just living quarters.

Professional living room design

Room design is best done by creative individuals with good aesthetic taste.

They develop design projects for spaces for various purposes:

  • studios;
  • conference rooms;
  • retail space;
  • entertainment establishments;
  • offices.

Office space design project

Well thought-out design is the key to effective work of employees

Styles and trends in design

The responsibilities of a design specialist include control of all processes related to the interior decoration of a house or apartment, from planning and technical equipment to finishing, decor.

Styles are conventionally divided into three main groups:

  1. Classical.
  2. Modern.
  3. Mixed.

Living room design in traditional classic style

The main elements of the classics are stucco, columns, moldings and arched openings

Fireplace in a classic style living room design

The classical style is characterized by symmetry and clear geometry of forms.

Living room design in modern classic style

Classic notes can be added to any style

Living room design in modern style

Interior design in a modern style requires a minimum of accessories and pieces of furniture

Bedroom design in modern style

Basic colors – neutral shades: beige, gray, white and light brown

Mixed style living room design

A mixed-style room should look harmonious and solid, and not be a random set of things

Mixed style bedroom design with bright decorative elements

Different colors and paints, but in the end a wonderful canvas came out

Designer work

Each style in the interior is subdivided into several types. And any decision should always be made only in discussion with the customer. At the same time, the designer must take into account and explain to the apartment owners a number of factors that affect the success of the room design project..

Design project of a living room in a modern style

The designer does not just find beautiful pictures, he creates a project with a unique idea and works it through until it is fully implemented in a particular room.

Influence of color on mood and emotional state. Examples are given in the table.

Colour Impact
Red Irritant when used on walls, but can lift your spirits in some cases. Not suitable for work areas and bedrooms.
Orange Improves mood.
Yellow It has a positive effect on the nervous system, but is rarely used for wall decoration.
Green Soothes, relaxes, is considered the most favorable for living space.
Blue Visually expands the room, has a beneficial effect on performance. Well suited for wall decoration.

Red in the design of a living room

Red color can turn a dull interior into a real masterpiece of design art

Orange color in the interior of the living room

The combination of orange with blue

Yellow shades in residential design

Yellow goes well with white or cream

Green color in the design of the bedroom

Kindness and harmony reign in interiors with green color

The main task of the designer is not just knowing the purpose of shades, but also the ability to combine them correctly to obtain the desired effect..

Green plants in residential design

Add greenery to the interior and your room will be filled with freshness, and the design style will become more holistic.

Black color in the design of the living room

Don’t be afraid to experiment with black, any interior should contain some dark shades.

Compliance of the design with the purpose of the room

The specialist must clearly know what color and design solutions are suitable for what type of room. For example, light neutral shades work well for a bedroom. But for the rooms of younger students, it is recommended to add a light green tint, since it has a positive effect on mental activity.

Interior of a children's room with a bunk bed

Bright room design for small children

Children's room design with orange accents

Calm pastel colors in the interior of the nursery

Room design for teenage children

Green tones in a teenager’s room

Proper lighting plays an important role in the design of any room. It is important to find a balance of natural and artificial light, to correctly build the illumination of the functional areas of the space. This task is especially difficult to accomplish in small apartments. Light can both improve and spoil the interior..

Lighting in the design of a living room

In order not to gouge the walls after finishing, they are engaged in lighting at the initial stage of the development of a design project.

Comfortable lighting in the interior of the bedroom

Light should be comfortable and healthy

When designing a room, it is necessary to take into account how often it is visited by residents of a house or apartment, how many people live. If the living room is intended for 4-5 people who spend a lot of time there, then the tones should be calm. But for rarely used spaces, you can use richer shades, giving a certain festive atmosphere..

It is quite difficult to hide pipes, batteries that spoil the overall picture of the interior. A competent designer must develop a project in which such elements will be hidden as much as possible or organically fit into the design of the room..

Writing table in front of the window in the study

The battery can be hidden behind furniture

Wooden screen battery decor in modern style

Hinged screen for battery decoration

Decorating a heating battery with a wooden bench

The battery bench is perfect for living room decor

Room design decoration with decorative objects

Decorative items look better in groups

Video: how to come up with an interior yourself

Photo: a selection of the best design ideas

Multilevel ceiling in the design of the living room Shades of gray in living space design Bright colors in the interior of the living room Brown color in room design Yellow color in the design of the children's room Studio apartment in loft style Lighting in the living room of a country house The combination of gray and blue shades in the design of the room Plants in the interior decoration of the living room Oriental motives in the design of the room Light colors in the design of the living space The combination of black and white in room design Red color in the interior of the room Room design in shades of brown Purple in room design Living space design with classic elements Orange accents in room design Decor paintings of the walls in the living room Classic living space design Orange table in the interior of the room Gray and yellow chairs in the living room The combination of orange and black in the design of the room All shades of gray in one room design wood in living space design fur and wood in the interior of the room Red accents in room design Designer staircase to the second floor of a residential building Designer interior of a living space Blue and red colors in the design of the living room Blinds on windows in living space design Decorating the living room interior with bright accents Wood and brick in room design Loft-style room design White island in the interior of the kitchen Emerald color in kitchen design Bookshelves and TV on the wall in the living room White living room of a private house Bedroom in gray tones in a residential building Orange and red in room design Bedroom design in classic style An interesting kitchen island in the kitchen of a private house Shelves on the wall of the living room in a country house City apartment hallway design Red color in interior design Fireplace in living space design Shades of green in the living room Green color in the design of the bedroom Green color in the design of the kitchen Green color in the interior of the living room The dominance of green in the design of the room

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