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Room design: what to look for

Interior design is work aimed at furnishing the interior in order to ensure the most convenient and stylish arrangement of furniture items and accessories. The work of designers can be associated with more than just living quarters. Room design is best done by creative individuals with good aesthetic taste. They develop design projects for spaces...Read More

Design of a two-room apartment 70 sq. m. Where to start?

Apartment 70 sq. m. is a striking representative of a fairly large apartment. Here you can show your imagination and implement the most interesting and original ideas when creating a design. To make the interior beautiful and harmonious, you will need to maintain a single concept and design style. In this case, the apartment can...Read More

Home theater design. Features of arranging a room for watching movies

Home theaters have become a part of modern life and living space, forever changing design requirements. Now not only comfort and convenience are becoming important requirements for the interior, but also taking into account the specifics of the latest technologies. Many fans of modern films strive to equip a cozy corner for watching movies at...Read More

Features of the design of a one-room apartment of 45 sq. m.

One of the most significant problems that always arise when decorating the interior of a one-room apartment is the limited area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe living space. Therefore, designers are forced to resort to certain tricks in order to ultimately get the most functional, modern and comfortable housing.. You can use square meters to...Read More

Color “Marsala” in the interior: tips, advantages, photos

The history of the Marsala color is rooted in Italian dessert wine. It is obtained by combining brown, red and burgundy tones. In 2015, this shade was recognized as the color of the year. Quite quickly, he gained popularity, both in clothing and in the interior, he envelops with his warmth, creating a feeling of...Read More

Interesting design ideas for small apartments

Owners of small apartments at home always have something interesting and unusual. The lack of square meters makes people come up with extraordinary solutions that can become original decorations. Let’s visit the owners of small studio apartments. Combining all rooms in one space is a good solution in terms of saving usable space Original layout...Read More

We create a design project for a one-room apartment of 38 sq. m.

Relatively small area of ​​38 sq. m. opens up ample opportunities for creating a convenient and functional layout of the premises. With the right approach, even in one room, you can fully fit all the functions of a three-room apartment. When developing an apartment design, convenience and functionality are in the first place How to...Read More

Apartment design: modern classics

The classics are constantly acquiring new features, and due to this they remain relevant to this day. The interior in the classic style is quite practical, but not stiff and gives the impression of grace. The conciseness inherent in the classics will not allow the room to be piled up with unnecessary objects and decorations....Read More

Design of a one-room apartment 37 sq. m. and layout options

It has long been a standard that apartments in modern, new buildings are spacious and bright. But the old buildings are still standing, for example, the Khrushchevs. These living quarters are known for their modest size. If you competently approach the repair, you can make a cozy nest out of these square meters. When decorating...Read More

We are planning the design of a one-room apartment of 42 sq. m.

Odnushki with a similar territory have a lot of space for creating an original and practical design. With a competent organization of planning or zoning, you can create comfortable and beautiful living conditions. You can create a functional and bright interior even in a small one-room apartment. Colorful design, as well as cozy decor elements...Read More

Features and design rules for a studio apartment of 33 m2

A small apartment is not a sentence, so to speak. On a living space of 33 sq. m. you can equip a beautiful and comfortable design. Despite its dimensions, in such a room you can combine all the zones necessary for life while making an unusual interior. The main thing is to plan everything correctly...Read More