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Google AdSense adds new tools to make site verification easier

Google AdSense has rolled out two new features to make site ownership verification both faster and easier.

The new site management features are:

  • Real-time site ownership checks: This tool means Google can verify your site ownership in real time whenever you add a new site to AdSense.
  • New site verification method: If you’d rather not display ads on your homepage, this new verification method means you can now just add a meta tag instead of using the AdSense code snippet.

Why we care. Advertisers have previously encountered challenges when attempting to verify site ownership, which not only consumed valuable time but also posed potential financial implications. These new tools are designed to steer you clear of such unnecessary delays, ensuring a smoother process.

Additional improvements. Google AdSense announced that it has also rolled out additional changes to its platform to further help advertisers:

  • Ads.txt improvements: Google AdSense now has a “last crawled data and time” (for example, 17 Aug 2003 16:21) in its “Ads.txt” section, enabling you to see when the platform last checked your ads.txt file. 
  • Check for updates: The platform now features a “Check for updates” button, which allows you to ask AdSense to recheck your ads.txt file.

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What has Google said? A Google AdSense spokesperson said in a statement:

  • “We’ve made some improvements to site management to make it quicker and easier to verify your site ownership and check your ads.txt status.”

Deep dive. Read Google’s AdSense site list guide or Ads.txt guide for more information.

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