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Sauna design tips

Saunas are versatile. They can be installed in a finished building or built from scratch. It is important to determine in advance how it will look, what will be needed to implement the ideas. The design should be carefully considered. Then it will be possible to embody all the ideas..

sauna design

The presence of a bath or a sauna in a private house is no longer surprising..

sauna design photo ideas

Thanks to modern technology, it is possible to install a sauna cabin even within a city apartment..

Sauna cabins for one, two people

Ready-made booths are available, or they are assembled from separate panels. The product can be placed in the bathroom. It is important that a few centimeters remain between the ceiling and the top of the booth. The average height of the product is about 2 m. Even if the bathroom is small, there is room in it for a booth for one person. The key advantage of the finished structure is the correct location of the ventilation and stove..

sauna design photo

Saunas have an important and often decisive advantage over the Russian baths – they are versatile, it is easier to build them from scratch or install in a ready-made room..

There is a wide selection of dimensions and materials of the product. More often natural wood is used, such as linden or aspen. The doors of the structure are often made of glass. Customization is necessary if you want to embody the original design. Then the booth will be able to complement the style created in the bathroom or become the highlight of the room..

sauna design ideas

It all depends on the amount of space available, the choice of sauna capacity and the financial capabilities of the homeowner.

Sauna design with pool

If the dimensions of the premises in the house allow it, it is worth complementing the sauna with a pool. This will allow you to plunge into the coolness after the heat of the steam room, which is good for your health. Both rooms are interconnected in the interior plan, usually with a floor covering..

sauna design with pool

If you have decided on the area for a home sauna, you need to decide how many people the steam room should accommodate at the same time.

The sauna inside consists of natural wood without additional varnishing. For a room with a pool, tiles, mosaics or stone are well suited. The palette of both rooms can be made the same by choosing the appropriate shade of wood.

design of a sauna with a pool photo

For one or two people, you can do with a sauna booth, for a family vacation you need a large area, to receive guests it is necessary to take care of a relaxation room, in addition to the steam room in the sauna.

Natural stone in sauna design

If completely wooden surfaces are not to your liking, it is worth diluting the overall look with natural stone. It is highly durable, able to withstand high temperatures and is not afraid of moisture. The stone will increase the cost of creating a design and increase the time to implement the idea..  

sauna design with stone decoration

Currently, you can purchase both a ready-made sauna booth and assemble it from separate panels..

But you can get a harmonious and original combination of materials. For warm tones of wood, dark stone tiles are suitable. To increase the stunning effect, it is recommended to use different stone types, differing in texture and palette..

sauna design with stone trim

It all depends on how individual appearance, functionality and design you would like to receive.

You can add natural notes using raw material. Pebbles will help to increase individuality and originality. The room will look extraordinary. And when walking on a similar floor, it will allow you to get the massage effect regularly.

sauna design with stone floor

The advantage of ready-made structures is that they already assume the correct placement of the oven and ventilation..

The stone wall can become a highlight of the room, bringing variety and contrast.

The use of lighting systems in sauna design

The use of a lighting system in a sauna instead of the usual lamps and lamps is becoming more popular. Various shapes of lighting fixtures and their shades are selected. The glass door does not allow enough light into the interior of the sauna. Therefore, it is quite dark there and it is reasonable to add lighting..

sauna design with glass doors

Prefabricated sauna cabins are available in various sizes, made from different types of wood, but mainly from aspen, linden and some conifers.

The lighting should be installed in timber platforms, seating areas and sun loungers. LEDs make it possible to add light to individual structural elements and surfaces. You can choose the backlight in various shades, depending on the imagination and the size of the room..

sauna lighting design

Doors to mini saunas are usually all glass or have a wooden frame with large transparent glass.

Styles and directions

If before the bath was considered strictly a place for hygiene procedures and little thought about its interior, now the design issue is relevant. After all, the sauna has become a place for rest and relaxation. Therefore, it is important to think over the style of each of the premises. The steam room is quite limited in the number of design ideas. But there are some great options..

modern sauna design

The choice of glass doors is due to the psychological component, which must be taken into account in small confined spaces..

  1. Maximum simplicity. Bright accents can make things worse. Under the influence of high temperature, the body experiences stress, and the catchy interior will only intensify it. Therefore, the design should tune in to relaxation and relieve fatigue;
  2. If you want to get a positive charge when placing a steam room, it is recommended to add bright colors, but in moderation. Better to focus on originality. It is enough to play with lighting, add details and materials of different texture and color.

sauna interior photo

If there is a window in one of the walls, even a small one, this opportunity must be used.

In addition to the steam room, you should consider the design of the rest room. The option is much larger and the most attractive style can be embodied. It is only recommended to organize everything so that the design of both rooms is combined..

sauna design in the house

An individual order of a cubicle presupposes, first of all, a unique design, which can become both a harmonious addition to an already finished bathroom project, and also act as a “highlight of the program”, riveting all eyes.

Preferred design ideas are shown in the table.

Style Description
Classic Use natural materials, mainly wood. The palette is calm, without bright elements. The decor is discreet, simple, but chic.
Modern Place upholstered furniture like a few armchairs and a sofa. Place a glass table opposite. You can hang a TV on the wall. Use more metal, mirror surfaces.
Eclecticism Several different styles can be mixed. Decorative elements are suitable as an accent..
Country Rustic style in a rude manner. Use massive furniture, wide floorboards. Complete the room with the appropriate decor elements.
Ethno It is recommended to select a specific country and implement a design that fully reflects it.

Finishing materials

Finishing materials must be selected taking into account the presence of high temperatures and high humidity in the steam room. It is important that the finish is able to withstand changes in the listed parameters. For the sauna, we recommend choosing wood as a basis, mainly hardwoods, such as linden and aspen. Panels are a great option. They will not provoke a burn, do not emit harmful substances when heated. Conifers are not suitable due to the appearance of a pungent odor with increasing temperature.

beautiful sauna design

Establishing a useful and practical place for relaxation with a sauna is the rational embodiment of the dreams of many private homeowners.

The floor is recommended to be made of wood. For a steam room, herbs are suitable, with the ability to pick them up and dry. This will help avoid transient decay. Tiles are often used, especially if there is a pool. Due to the high humidity, choose products that are rough and will not allow slipping.. 

unusual sauna design

Install glass doors to visually increase the space.

The interior of the bath is a sanctuary of cleanliness and health

The design of every corner of the bath should be carefully considered..

sauna design and decoration

The type of wood that will be used for finishing the steam room can be selected based on the color palette chosen for the rest of the surfaces of the pool and relaxation room.

Consider the following:

  • The dressing room. For decoration, conifers, such as pine, are suitable. You can dilute the interior by introducing stone, plastic or tiles. Any style can be implemented. Humidity and high temperatures do not affect this room too much. 

dressing room interior

The choice of design, materials is varied.

  • Steam room. Sheathed should be deciduous wood. To be preferably made from non-slip tiles. This will help to avoid rapid deterioration of the surface.. 

sauna design and decor

Complement the room with sun loungers at different levels, benches, brooms, pouring containers and ladles.

  • Shower room. Tiles complemented by stained glass or mosaics are ideal. The floor must have wooden grates or be rough to prevent slipping.

sauna and shower design

Recently, in the design projects of saunas, it is increasingly common to use not just built-in lamps or lamps, but a whole ensemble of lights of various shapes and shades..

How to make “cheap and cheerful”

For walls, choose aspen or linden lining. The most suitable material in terms of quality and cost. A pine tree is suitable for a dressing room. This lining is also notable for its low price. Tiles are perfect for the floor, on top of which bamboo or straw rugs are laid.. 

sauna design in a private house

Install doors made of glass.

Features of choosing a lining for a sauna

To increase moisture resistance, the tree should be covered with a special compound like varnish. In the same way, you can achieve the desired appearance of the panels. When choosing a lining, pay attention to its strength and heat transfer characteristics. Consider the climate in the region. If it is dry, warm, then you can purchase an inexpensive version of the lining, like pine or spruce. 

sauna decoration photo

If the air humidity in the region is high, then rocks such as aspen, cedar are suitable.

If the bathhouse is located separately and there are no playgrounds nearby, you can purchase an economical version of the lining without worrying about the safety of the cladding. If the sauna is an extension, then buy a stronger material made from solid wood..

sauna design in your home

Despite the glass doors and the presence of lighting in the sauna room, the steam room is a rather dark place and additional lighting will not interfere with it.

Features of arranging a sauna in a country house

Before building a sauna, it is recommended to prepare its project and agree on it. Prepare all the necessary materials, tools.

sauna interior design

Wooden platforms, sun loungers and seating are often illuminated..

The arrangement is as follows.

  1. Supply of communications. Check their serviceability if available.
  2. Finishing the floor with the selected material.
  3. Construction of vertical frames.
  4. Thermal insulation with mineral wool and foil.
  5. Poured with clapboard.
  6. Installing the selected stove.
  7. Installation of doors, benches.
  8. Installation of lighting and placement of decor elements.

stylish and modern sauna design

It is easy to arrange a sauna yourself.

You should prepare everything you need in advance and think over the design..

VIDEO: Sauna design.

50 modern sauna designs:

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