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How to properly decorate a hallway in a modern style

This room greets guests, she also sees them off. Therefore, everything should be perfect here. First impressions play an important role. And the hall has a key position in this. The ideal design of a living room or kitchen will not look so great when this area has many flaws. Therefore, during the renovation, be sure to pay due attention to the design of the hallway..

Spacious entrance hall in classic style

It will be easier to arrange the space if the area allows you to divide the room into two parts – an entrance hall and a hall

It is quite difficult to work here. It has certain features that must be taken into account when arranging. They became the reason for the appearance of the rules for decorating the hallway..

  • Use light colors. This room is often small in size. For this reason, dark colors will be inappropriate here, and opposite ones will make the room softer and more spacious..

    Narrow hallway corridor and walls with wallpaper

    Finishing materials in the hallway should adjust the space: make the dark light, and the narrow one – expand

  • Consider an artificial lighting system. This room is devoid of natural light, as there are no windows. This disadvantage has to be compensated for with luminaires. Take care of the areas requiring detailed elaboration.

    Entrance hallway in light colors with artificial lighting

    The level of illumination of the hallway should be no less than in neighboring rooms, regardless of the time of day

  • Don’t forget about furniture. Each room performs its own function. The described one is no exception. In order to fully fulfill the assigned functions, there must be appropriate furniture. But remember: the main thing is not to overdo it. Find a middle ground and follow this principle.

    Furniture set in white in the hallway

    Furniture in the hallway should “meet” clothes

Combine beauty and functionality. Don’t sacrifice one metric for another. Everything should be harmonious. Remember that this room is small and dark. Your task is to turn these metrics into benefits, guided by the design rules.

We will work out in detail

Before you form your own design options for the hallway, you need to work out in detail individual elements.

Corridor with white walls in the hallway of a city apartment

A contrasting solution will help to make the hallway stylish and aesthetic: walls in soothing colors, and furniture or a door – rich in color

Let’s see what details are best suited for a specific area, what to use for decoration and other subtleties.

Main elements Decor tricks
Walls The cladding should be light, it is better to use wallpaper or paint
Ceiling The decor should be made smooth and simple, not cluttered with redundant details.
Floor Despite the rule about the absence of dark colors, they are perfect for the floor; perfect color of natural wood
Furniture Do not forget about the necessary furniture, but do not overdo it.

Corner set with a mirror in the hallway

In the hallway, it is undesirable to keep unnecessary small items that pile up the space. Everything you need should be here

Here are the main elements and the principles of their processing in a nutshell. Let’s analyze them in more detail, and some other important details..

Best wall decoration

If you want to make quality repairs and inexpensively, give preference to wallpaper for decorating the walls in the hallway. On the construction market, you will find many modifications of the proposed material..

Vinyl wallpaper on the wall of the hallway

Vinyl wallpaper tolerates mechanical damage better than paper

The main thing is to choose the color and texture. A safe bet is beige. He will make the room homey, cozy and spacious. Regarding the texture – here the choice is only yours, you can take a closer look at both smooth and embossed views.

Wallpaper for painting on the wall of the hallway

Wallpaper for painting is characterized by a long service life with the ability to completely change colors

Decorative plaster. An excellent replacement for wallpaper. Find a suitable type that does not contain toxic substances and use it indoors with confidence. Here you can create any texture, as well as apply a drawing on top..

Wall decoration in the hallway with decorative plaster

Textured plaster is suitable for finishing the hallway for all requirements: it is abrasion resistant, easy to clean and allows you to create a variety of surfaces in style with other rooms

Another popular finishing method is decorative brick or stone. It is not suitable for all styles, but it looks attractive and modern..

Hallway wall with natural stone cladding

The cost of the stone is quite high, but it is not at all necessary to cover the entire hallway. To revive the interior, it is enough to close the sections of the walls that get dirty the most.

Remember that this type of finish should be in harmony with the rest of the room. Therefore, when choosing it, consider the design of other details..

What to lay on the floor

Since there is often a lot of dirt near the front door, especially in rainy weather, it is better to choose a dark color floor covering. Linoleum in natural wood color or laminate is well suited.

Laminate flooring for parquet in the hallway

For the hallway, a laminate with a high degree of wear resistance is suitable – class 31, 32 or 33

You can often find a tiled floor here. This is also an acceptable option. But here there is one drawback: dust and dirt collect at the joints between the tiles, later it is difficult to wash it out of there, and this spoils the appearance.

Ceramic tile floor and rug

Combined floor in the hallway

Advice! A must-have element in the hallway should be a rug..

Mat with a dirt-resistant coating in front of the hallway door

Ideally, there should be two rugs: outdoor and indoor

Don’t forget about the rug. It performs an important function: it retains particles of dirt and debris brought from the street. Choose a quality product that will fully fulfill the function. And remember that every time you clean it, you need to take it outside and clean it..

How to make a ceiling

There will be no difficulty here if you remember the main rule – simplicity. Whether the ceiling is low or high, the design should be simple. Sophisticated décor makes the room feel smaller and darker. In this case, this is unacceptable.

Given the necessary simplicity, we have many possible design options. For the color scheme, choose neutral tones. White, beige, milky and delicate pastel shades are best suited. To create unobtrusive patterns, it is permissible to intersperse black, yellow, green, purple blue, etc. The main thing is to follow the rules of a harmonious combination.

Painted ceiling in the hallway and chandelier with horns

For a compact hallway, a simple one-level ceiling is optimal

So, the first option is wallpaper. Common, lightweight and cheap. Just like for walls, you will find many varieties of ceiling wallpapers. But remember that it is undesirable to paste over the walls and ceiling with the same wallpaper. Find similar or contrasting, but not the same.

Ceiling made of MDF panels in the hallway

The ceiling is inexpensively made of MDF or PVC panels, but the design is not for everybody.

Next, we pay attention to the paint. In addition to delicate pastel colors, here you can add yellow, blue or lilac, depending on the chosen direction..

Stretch ceiling will make the interior ultramodern, beautiful and fashionable. Thanks to the glossy surface, it will visually enlarge the room and give it more light. Here, the best choice would be a white stretch ceiling..

Glossy stretch ceiling in the hallway

Another advantage of the stretch ceiling is fast and “clean” installation

We select accessories

Do not forget to include important accessories in the design of the hallway. What is required:

  • cupboard;
  • mirror;
  • housekeeper;
  • pouf.

Elongated hallway with a large mirror on the cabinet door

Mirrored surfaces visually pushed apart the walls

It is best to purchase a hybrid cabinet model that accommodates all of the above items. But you can pick each piece separately.

Cupboard. It is necessary to accommodate outerwear and shoes. You can place a hanger on the wall, but it is better if the clothes are hidden from prying eyes, so you get the most harmonious look. The most convenient type is a wardrobe. It does not take up much space, but it will accommodate all the necessary items for storing things..

Sliding wardrobe along the wall of the hallway

The wardrobe should be as convenient and practical as possible.

Add a pouf or stool to make it comfortable to put on your shoes. It will become a design element and will perform an important function..

Cream ottoman and black counter in the hallway

The main purpose of the pouf is a comfortable and comfortable seat, but it can also serve as a place for storing shoes

The mirror can be permanently decorated or built into a wardrobe. Both options are fine. When choosing, proceed from the dimensions of the space.

Forged stand for umbrellas in the hallway

There are stands for umbrellas with a special lining that absorbs water flowing from the umbrellas

You can add a separate key holder and umbrella stand. They will be appropriate in spacious apartments. Remember, do not overload a small space with extra furniture and accessories..

Choosing modern styles

For the interior to be modern and harmonious, it is necessary to choose the appropriate style. Following the rules of the chosen direction, you will not encounter difficulties in choosing the method and color of finishing. Because by combining the general principles of hall design and the laws of a particular style, you will get a vector, following which you will simply navigate the situation.

Black and white hallway in the style of minimalism

Minimalism is a great solution for the smallest room in an apartment

So, the first style that is worth considering is minimalism. This is the scourge of modernity. Today it is used everywhere. And for a hallway where there is little space and a lack of light, it fits perfectly. Based on the name, we understand that he professes the principle of “nothing superfluous”, which is important for this room. The color scheme of minimalism is mainly limited to white and gray. These cool and light colors will help create a discreet and spacious interior..

The door to the pantry from the hallway

Simple geometric shapes and clean straight lines

High-tech design allows for beige and other pastel colors. It will help you create a fresh, cozy and modern room. You will not find extraneous things here either..

High-tech hallway with a large mirror

A distinctive feature of the style is glossy surfaces, which in themselves expand the space.

Hi-tech combines comfort and beauty as much as possible. He welcomes multifunctional headsets, light colors and contrasting combinations – in our case, it is an excellent choice.

Another popular trend is the loft.

Loft-style entrance hall

Loft is still popular and inexpensive

In the discussed situation, it will also be appropriate. It is characterized by an urban orientation and adherence to the basic principle of minimalism. In this case, it will be appropriate to use brickwork as a wall decor, which was mentioned earlier..


Let’s summarize the rules we deduced:

  • we use light colors;
  • a minimum of furniture;
  • we select modern minimalist styles.

    Hanging modules on the hallway wall

    An opinion about the owners of the house begins to form in the hallway.

And, most importantly, combine functionality with beauty, and you will create a hallway decoration that can surprise guests and delight the owner..

Video about common mistakes in the design of the hallway

Photo gallery: the best interior solutions for the hallway

Original designer hanger in the hallway Star ceiling in the hallway Pouf bench with drawers in a modern hallway Dark brown set with beige inserts for the hallway Wardrobes in the hallway in a classic style Bright hallway and boxes on the floor Bench in a spacious hallway Entrance hall in a private house Mirror on the floor in the hallway Contrasting walls in a narrow hallway Bright light in a dazzling white hallway Stretch ceiling and lamps in the hallway Loft style hallway wall decoration Square luminaire on the ceiling in the hallway Stone edging around the mirror in the hallway Classic wardrobe in a modern hallway Entrance door and stairs to the second floor Table in the hallway with a vase Carpet on the hallway floor and clock on the wall Wardrobe with glossy doors in the hallway Entrance hall in a country house Open hanger in a bright hallway Stone wall in the hallway Hallway interior in modern style White hallway and blue chair Mirrors on the cabinet doors in the hallway Simple hanger and shelf on the wall in the hallway Long walkway on the floor of a brightly lit hallway Duplex ceiling in the hallway Hanger-rack along the wall of the hallway Red door and light walls in the hallway Contrast of red and white in the design of the hallway Large entrance hall of a private house Minimalism in the design of the hallway Lace patterns on decorative plaster in the hallway Green color and ancient motives in the interior of the hallway Designer bathroom doors in the hallway Glass stained-glass windows in the interior of the hallway Soft bench and striped rug in the hallway Mirror and hanger on the wall of a modern hallway Spacious entrance hall in a country house Painting on the wall in the hallway and dark floor Designer hallway in gray tones Designer hanger with shoe shelf in the hallway White color in the design of the hallway Classic furniture in the interior of the hallway Lamps on the table in the hallway Entrance hall with dark ceiling and light walls Hallway in the style of minimalism Black and white colors in the design of the hallway

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