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Interesting design of the corridor 4 sq. m.

The entrance hall is one of the most walkable spaces in any home. Therefore, its design must be approached from the point of view of maximum practicality. If the area is small, it only adds to the complexity. To practicality is added functionality that will allow you to conveniently place the necessary items. We must...Read More

How to properly decorate a hallway in a modern style

This room greets guests, she also sees them off. Therefore, everything should be perfect here. First impressions play an important role. And the hall has a key position in this. The ideal design of a living room or kitchen will not look so great when this area has many flaws. Therefore, during the renovation, be...Read More

The subtleties of the design of the hallway with mirrors

It is difficult to imagine a hallway without a mirror. It is an important interior element that serves several functions. The mirror decorates the room and enlarges the space. In addition, it allows owners to control their appearance before leaving the house. This decor element makes the hallway cozy and comfortable. Its competent use will...Read More

Corridor and hallway design, finishing features

The hallmark of any home is the hallway. It is with her that the dwelling begins, she is the first to meet upon arrival and creates an impression of the taste and financial capabilities of the owners. Despite the cramped space, the design of the hallway and corridor should be beautiful and comfortable. It is...Read More

What should be the modern design of the hallway

It is difficult to imagine an apartment or house without a hallway. She is their integral part. It is here that a person gets to, having crossed the threshold of any housing. And it doesn’t matter if it is a host or a guest. This place creates an impression of the whole house and its...Read More

Features of creating a design for a narrow corridor

The first place anyone enters the house is the hallway. It is important that the room is distinguished by harmony and practicality. The features of the room do not always allow you to embody the ideas you have conceived. But you can choose the current design of a long corridor to emphasize the pros and...Read More