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What should be the design of a bedroom study

Increasingly, many are starting to work from home or simply perform part of the tasks at home. To do this, it is necessary to allocate a separate place in the apartment so that nothing can interfere with work..

the interior of the study in the bedroom

You can combine several functional areas in one room at once, arrange a bedroom and a place for work.

It is not always possible to organize a working corner in a separate room or living room, since the dimensions of the apartment may not allow this. After all, few people have at their disposal a three- or four-room apartment with a separate room for an office. Then the only option remains – the bedroom. Quiet, secluded place, which is least visited, so it becomes an ideal place for fruitful work.

bedroom design with study

A study-bedroom will be an interesting option for those who have little space in the apartment..

A good place for a working area in the bedroom

In any case, an area near the window, where sunlight will well illuminate the work surface, will become a favorable place for organizing the working area. This will create a sense of personal space for the person, which will help optimize the workflow..

photo of a bedroom with an office

You can put the bed and place the table in a convenient place, equipping the workplace.

The presence of a balcony in the bedroom makes it possible to equip a work area with all the amenities, a full-fledged room with good lighting will be created.

bedroom with study on the balcony

This compact design will appeal to many residents of cramped metropolitan areas..

Suitable ways of dividing the bedroom and study area

The work area should be located so that the resting place does not make itself felt during an active work process. For such purposes, various partitions are used. It is necessary to choose a zoning option taking into account the size of the room, the style of interior decoration of the bedroom with an office.

bedroom with study ideas

Another important criterion when choosing a method will be financial opportunity.


An interesting option for zoning a room, which is often used when redeveloping a balcony and combining with a room.

study bedroom

You can create a single style concept of the room or play on the contrast of shades and textures.

Advantage. The arch will look beautiful, turning smoothly into the window sill block. Such an arch will be able to save useful space and provide additional free space..

arch between bedroom and study

You can draw up a project for transforming your room with your own hands or trust experienced professionals in their field.

An arched opening can be decorated in several ways..

Curtains Light, airy, translucent.
Dense, not transmitting light.
Sliding door Provide a full-fledged separate room for the study.
It makes it possible to decorate an office in a different style than a bedroom.

The advantages of this method are more than disadvantages, it is one – high costs. However, the game is worth the candle, since the exit will end up with a whole room that will accommodate everything you need for work: a desk, an armchair, shelves or a wardrobe..

study bedroom with balcony

In creating a bedroom design with an office, there is an opportunity to apply your imagination.

Plasterboard, plywood sheets

From plasterboard or plywood sheets, you will get a blind partition, the installation of which has both positive and negative sides..

partition between the bedroom and the study

If you decide to equip such a room on your own, then you can show all your creativity and realize your most creative ideas..

Advantages disadvantages
Good sound insulation is obtained. If there is one window, the method becomes not entirely practical..
Nothing stands in the way of productive work. A sufficient amount of natural light will not be able to penetrate into the bedroom.

A decorative partition is not only a practical zoning solution, but also aesthetically attractive for household members. Can be composed of a variety of mesmerizing elements and fit a specific style.

study bedroom with decorative partition

Optimal space, stylish interior and compactness will cause you only a good mood and positive emotions.

It is presented in the form of a partition decorated with:

  • Artistic forging;
  • Wood carving;
  • Stained glass from glass elements.

bedroom study photo

If you work from home, then you just need a secluded place where you can collect your thoughts and implement your ideas..

Furniture items

Advantage – the most affordable option, especially suitable for a small apartment. Can be decorated with a mirror or houseplants.

bedroom study with shelving

The classic version is a separate arrangement of the bed and table.

The separator function can be performed by:

  • Closet;
  • Double-sided wardrobe;
  • Furniture wall;
  • Rack.

cabinet bedroom zoning

The main thing is to organically fit everything into the style concept and purchase high-quality products..

Each of the methods is selected according to the size of the room:

  • For a small room, it is more appropriate to install a rack or wardrobe with a folding table;
  • For a spacious bedroom, a wardrobe is suitable – a compartment (can be double-sided) or a furniture wall.

bedroom study with fireplace

A convenient moment would be to set the table at the foot of the bed..

Movable partitions

Popular among mobile structures: screens, mobile partitions, hanging curtains. They are made of different materials, have a wide palette of colors, making them suitable for any style of interior.

bedroom study with movable partition

Advantage – the choice of a movable partition will save many from high cash costs and lengthy complex repairs.

Other zoning options

Cabinet in closet An interesting idea of ​​arranging a workplace, suitable for a miniature bedroom.
The cabinet is striking only for the period of use, at other times it hides in the closet and does not take up the useful space of the room.
Living partitions Will help bring harmony to both zones, thanks to flowers, various green plants.
Will create a pleasant natural environment, most suitable for lovers of eco-style design.

cabinet in the bedroom in the closet

So you can save space and gain a new additional area..

Zoning that does not harm the space – separation using different color schemes for walls and floor coverings (warm carpet in the bedroom and parquet in the office).

The choice of furniture for the bedroom – study

When choosing furniture, you should adhere to minimalism and place only the necessary items..

furniture in the bedroom study

As for the shades of each area, you can match the same colors..

Desktop The design of the table is selected in accordance with the tasks to be performed.
For small work on the computer, a miniature table will be enough, if writing work is also foreseen, you will need a spacious computer desk with many drawers.
Armchair An important element of the cabinet, which should create favorable conditions for productive work.
A computer chair with armrests, a comfortable anatomical back is suitable.
Shelves Storage spaces are selected depending on the number of work accessories.
A wardrobe is essential for an abundance of writing and work utensils..
Several hanging shelves will be enough to store a small amount of items..

bedroom study room decoration

To create a harmonious interior, the decoration of the cabinet and bedroom furniture must be kept in similar colors..

Lighting in the bedroom with a workplace

Besides natural light, which is important for the study. Artificial lighting is also indispensable, especially in the dark, so you need to take good care of it..

lighting in the bedroom study

You can resort to different style directions.

In addition to the main light, a secondary one is installed, but at the same time of equal importance. At the workplace, it is appropriate to put a good table lamp; wall lamps and floor lamps are suitable for the bedroom. They will serve as an indispensable tool for reading books or magazines in the evening..

lighting in the country in the bedroom

The chandelier plays a dominant role in illuminating both areas of the room..

Interior colors

As for the bedroom, the use of red, black, purple, red, green tones would be a mistake. After all, first of all, the room is intended for rest and sleep, the presence of a working corner will not change this fact in any way. This is especially true for a bedroom with an unfinished wall, an office. In this case, zoning is done by decorating the walls with different colors and materials..

the interior of the study bedroom in light colors

Room decoration in pastel colors always wins with bright and poisonous colors..

The combination of colors in the design of the bedroom – study

In the combined bedroom – study, the resting place can be decorated with vinyl wallpaper or wallpaper for painting in soothing colors (beige, gray, coffee, cream, blue or lavender). The cabinet should simply be painted with a color compatible with the shade chosen for the bedroom and thereby make it clear that they differ from each other in functionality.

color scheme in the bedroom study

To choose the right furniture for a given room, you should think about which zone will be your priority..

With a split room, everything is much easier. The bedroom is also decorated in quiet colors, and the office can be full of bright colors that will help you concentrate on work and gather all your thoughts together..

bedroom with study on the balcony

It is also worth considering additional cabinets for documents..

For example, blue can improve performance and activate the brain. Yellow and orange tones tone up the nervous system, push for mental or creative activity.

study on a small balcony

To relieve stress after hard work, add yellow-green decorative elements to the work area..

When choosing a color scheme for a bedroom – an office, it is necessary to be guided by the preferences and wishes of your loved ones, as well as take into account the useful advice of designers.

bedroom study interior design

Everything should be laconic and organic.

VIDEO: How to equip a bedroom-study.

50 photos of bedroom-study design ideas:

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