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Features of the design of a rectangular bedroom of 16 sq. m.

A bedroom of any shape can be attractive, cozy, comfortable if properly designed. The design of a 16 sq m bedroom of a rectangular shape “gives” its designer a lot of options for ideas in the choice of furniture elements. Standard, store furniture mainly represents items of this particular shape, which greatly facilitates the selection....Read More

Tips for decorating your headboard in the bedroom

The purpose of the bedroom in the house is to provide its inhabitants with a private space for a night’s sleep, privacy and relaxation from the hustle and bustle of the day. The decoration of the bedroom should have an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. Correctly selected furniture, textile elements, curtains, soft lighting, dim color...Read More

Features of the design of a bedroom in a wooden house

A wooden house is an ideal place to create an atmosphere of real coziness and comfort. That is why the interior of a bedroom in a wooden house should deserve special attention. A competent approach will create a wonderful place for complete relaxation and rest from civilization. A wooden house is associated with a warm...Read More

Luxurious design – lambrequins for the bedroom

Interior design is the most important part in interior decoration, contributing to a special emphasis and emphasizing the uniqueness of the room. Considering that it is the curtains that the eyes of the residents most often turn to, this element must be treated especially carefully.. Lambrequins are what These are gorgeous pleated headbands, fringes or...Read More

Dark furniture in bedroom design is a stylish play on contrast

The furnishing of the bedroom should be conducive to rest, relaxation. Many psychologists recommend decorating this room in gentle, light shades. However, this color scheme does not suit everyone. Many people like cold, dark colors. An unusual bedroom interior in dark colors will not look gloomy, uncomfortable with the right proportions of color. This publication...Read More

Bedspread on the bed in the bedroom, new items and photo ideas

Selection of bedspreads It is not so important to have a shawl for a bedchamber in modern decor, to create luxury you need beautiful bedding. The creation of a beautiful interior must be approached wisely and the bed must fit beautifully into the interior. You need to be able to choose the right bedspread, which...Read More

Classic style bedroom design – advantages and features

Comfort, luxury and impeccable taste combines classic bedroom design. Perfect for those who prefer everything traditional. For the bedroom, the classic is one of the preferred options. Important nuances will help to translate it. The interior of the bedroom in a classic style is suitable for those who prefer luxury, want to demonstrate their status...Read More

Design and photo of a bedroom of 10 sq m

eighteen A bedroom is a secret space in an apartment or in a house. The bedroom is a place where everything should be in harmony and fill the atmosphere with warmth. Design is an architectural and artistic design that allows you to get a favorable arrangement for living. Design is both a creative method, and...Read More

Bedroom design in modern style

Nothing should be annoying in the bedroom. Therefore, its design must be carefully thought out. A bedroom in a modern style will suit both young people and connoisseurs of the classics. Bedroom design in modern style The basics of modern style There are several areas of modern style, but they are all united by common...Read More

Bedroom design 14 m2. Key ideas and concepts

Bedrooms in typical modern apartments are medium-sized. A large room, as a rule, is reserved for a living room, a small one for an office. And the bedroom is assigned something in between. So, often a given room has only 14 m2 at its disposal. Agree, not much, but not 9 or even less. Therefore,...Read More

Bedroom design for a girl. Stylistic design

The girl’s bedroom is the place that most vividly reflects her inner world. When creating an interior for such a room, you can focus on its character, lifestyle or hobbies, choosing the right style for the room and highlighting it with appropriate details. So the design of a bedroom for a girl will not only...Read More
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