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Corner kitchen sink cabinets: types and subtleties of choice, useful recommendations

A kitchen is a place that includes a huge number of functional elements that need to be neatly linked to each other. A worktop, a hob, a refrigerator, numerous open shelves, a corner kitchen cabinet for a sink, should form a single “ensemble”, in harmony with each other.

Corner cabinet for a sink in the kitchen.

Corner cabinet for a sink is an indispensable attribute of a kitchen set.

Features of using a corner cabinet with a sink

The corner structure, decorated with a sink, can become not only a place for washing dishes, but also intended for storing various things. When installing this item, you should take into account the style of the room, the shape and size of the kitchen area. A cabinet with a sink has many pros and cons, the significance of which should be appreciated even before the decision to buy a corner element is made..

Corner sink in the interior of the kitchen.

Corner sink cabinet helps increase kitchen countertop space.


There are many positive qualities:

  • the versatility of the corner design – the item is perfect for rooms of any size, city apartments, private houses, creating maximum comfort and harmony in them;
  • the product is ergonomic, allows you to fully use the corner, which without it would be empty, partially or completely not used at all.
  • the element will help to conveniently equip the space of the “working triangle” – stove-sink-refrigerator;
  • a corner cabinet with a sink can be easily combined with straight kitchen structures – tables, cabinets, bar counters (it is also suitable for casual zoning);
  • original design – the item is produced in any color, facade design, which will allow you to choose it for any interior style.

corner cabinet with two sinks.

Corner cabinet allows you to zone the surface of the countertop.

Advice. For cramped, dimly lit kitchens, it is customary to use cabinets made in warm, light colors, with a minimum amount of textured details. Light, spacious, it is permissible to decorate with dark, cold tones.

Green kitchen sets.

When choosing the color of the kitchen cabinet, you need to take into account the illumination of the space..


Some features that can become serious disadvantages without detailed consideration are also available:

  • it is very important to take into account the direction of opening the corner cabinet under the sink – it should be easy to get everything you need from it, put it back, see what is inside;
  • with a non-standard layout, where there are several narrow niches, ventilation ducts, podiums, ledges, it will not be easy to place the element;
  • in small kitchens, the cabinet will have to be made a little narrower than the standard one, and it is advisable to completely abandon the low-lying shelves above it, since they are traumatic;
  • repairing plumbing located in the very corner is very problematic.

Drawers in the cabinet.

To increase functionality, drawers can be mounted in cabinet doors.

Types of corner sinks

There are three main types of corner sinks:

  • mortise;
  • waybills;
  • combined (mortise overhead).

Types of corner kitchen cabinets.

There are three types of corner sink cabinets.

Advice. It is recommended to choose a sink that has at least one special “wing” for drying dishes.


Overhead sinks are the most common. The product is laid on the table top, rests on it with its sides. The design resembles a saucepan with a lid, usually made of stainless steel. It is important that such a sink does not have sharp corners – they can injure someone who works in the kitchen..

Overhead sinks.

Overhead sinks in stainless steel.

Mortise invoice

This option is mortise, since you will have to make a hole in the countertop and, at the same time, overhead, because the sink rests on the edges of the place that is cut out with the sides. Such a sink is made of enameled steel, porcelain stoneware. For cast iron products, a sufficiently sturdy cabinet is required.

Mortise sink.

Mortise countertop washbasin.


Mortise options are “recessed” into the surface of the table top. They are often difficult to mount, since the hole for the sink will have to be cut to size. The sides of the product are flush with the plane of the table, the product is made of “stainless steel”, ceramics, and in more luxurious interiors – from natural stone, composite materials.

stainless steel sink.

Stainless steel recessed sink.

What to look for when making a corner cabinet under the sink

When creating a cabinet with a sink for the corner of the kitchen, the main attention is paid to ease of use – one has a rather miniature design, where a small amount of dishes will be washed, the other needs a significant space for drying plates with cups, washing fruits, cleaning fish, etc..

Do-it-yourself sink cabinet.

A corner cabinet for a sink can be easily made by yourself, if you have the necessary materials.

It is important to take into account the architectural features of the room – this is especially important if the kitchen is located in a bay window, a niche, and has multiple protrusions. The height is selected in accordance with the heights of the rest of the headset or for the height of the one who will work in the kitchen. The easiest way is to make a rectangular cabinet, although this is not always the best option. A product made of wood, as well as the ends of a chipboard structure, must be treated with water-repellent compounds.

cabinet for a rectangular sink.

The easiest way to make a cabinet for a sink is rectangular..

Advice. When manufacturing, it is important to immediately think over the necessary holes for the mixer, pipes, put all the planned shelves, pull-out, roll-out sections.

Varieties of floor-standing corner cabinets

A rectangular corner kitchen base cabinet for a standard sink is the most popular option. The design has an inner corner of 90 degrees, it is easy to integrate it into any headset. The product is not very functional, has a small capacity, not always suitable for “complex”, intricate interiors.

Sink cabinet.

Dimensions of a rectangular sink cabinet.

A piece of furniture in the shape of a trapezoid – a square cabinet with one “cut” corner. In fact, it is pentagonal, very spacious, it will become an excellent compositional center of a corner set, or it will be a free-standing element.

Products of a triangular, radial shape are used less often – their installation makes sense if the cabinet is separate from everything else.

Manufacturing materials

The choice of materials for production depends on the stylistic solution of the kitchen. The most commonly used:

  • natural wood;
  • Chipboard;
  • MDF.

Some of the internal shelves are made of mesh, pull-out, metal or plastic, for convenient storage of dishes. The doors are sometimes made of glass, but in this case, careful masking of the water pipes is necessary..

Size of the corner cabinet for the kitchen sink

The dimensions of the sink cabinet are determined by its functionality. The average height of the corner cabinet is 65-85 cm, the lower plinth is within 10-12 cm from the floor level. The standard length of the walls that adjoin the kitchen wall is 80-90 cm.The approximate thickness of the countertop is 28-55 mm, but when using natural wood, natural stone, a little more is allowed.

trapeze wardrobe.

Corner cabinet under the trapezium sink.

Shell shape

The form is quite different:

  • round;
  • square;
  • triangular;
  • oval;
  • rectangular;
  • asymmetrical;
  • from two rectangular fragments;
  • a system of two bowls (in the larger one they wash the dishes, in the smaller one – vegetables and fruits);
  • product with three bowls.

There are several forms of shells.

When choosing the shape of the sink, the area of ​​the countertop plays an important role..

What to keep in the closet

In a large, small cabinet under the sink, utensils, kitchen textiles, detergents, canned food are stored, here they place a miniature washing machine, other household appliances.

Sink cabinets.

All kitchen utensils can be stored in small sink cabinets.

How to choose?

Most often, when choosing furniture for the kitchen, the buyer is interested in the price. It depends on the material of manufacture, the quality of the assembly, the popularity of the manufacturer, the originality of the design. It should be remembered that cheap items are not strong, durable, beautiful.

Corner kitchen design

In order for the furniture to serve for a long time, you need not limit yourself to funds when buying.

When choosing, it is important that the corner cabinet matches the headset as much as possible, fits well into the interior.

Successful examples

The corner base cabinet looks best when there is no clear border between it and the rest of the headset. In the photo, completely black, glossy, options almost merging with the wall look beautiful. A large cabinet under the sink, which has a rounded inner corner, smoothly “flows” into the bar counter on one side, and into the work plane on the other.

Shell color.

For a harmonious combination, the color of the sink must match the color of the kitchen countertop..

Helpful hints

Professional interior designers give the following recommendations for choosing a sink cabinet:

  • the structure can be bought at the nearest store, and then assembled independently or with the participation of a master assembler;
  • for country style, the lower part is decorated with a colored curtain, for a loft – with metal doors;
  • high-quality fittings will allow the cabinet to have a beautiful appearance for a long time;
  • sink and cabinet can be made in the same color or sharply contrast with each other.

Kitchen cabinet installation.

After purchasing the finished structure, the cabinet can be installed independently.


The most comfortable cabinets of various configurations under the sink in the kitchen are exactly corner ones. All sorts of options for such products are selected for the existing kitchen design, are made in the workshop to order, do it yourself.

Corner kitchen from A to Z

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