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Beautiful interiors: designer secrets with illustrations

When starting a renovation, everyone wants to have a stylish and beautiful interior design at the exit. But only a few know how to achieve the goal, regardless of the layout and dimensions of the room. Therefore, the invested funds often do not meet expectations – after the reconstruction, there is a feeling of incompleteness. Contacting a specialized company dealing with repairs or interiors does not always turn out like a shot in the top ten. Often, some moments do not live up to expectations – you have to change and refine something, but they missed something, forgetting to discuss it in advance. Experienced designers will share how to achieve perfection.

Unique design of a modern living room in pastel colors

Considering photos of beautiful interiors, I want to create something new and original at home

What determines unity and harmony in a beautiful interior?

When starting repairs in a house or apartment, it is important to get rid of all the old rubbish that will introduce disharmony. It is better to add missing elements over time than to spoil the impression with old curtains or massive shelves..

Interior of a beautiful living room of a country house in white color

Spacious living room in light colors for a cozy stay with your family

Important! The harmony of all components of a beautiful interior design depends not only on the presence of beautiful furniture and finishing materials, but also on the stylistic and color scheme of the rooms.

Fireplace with natural stone trim in the living room of a private house

Cozy setting for winter gatherings by the fireplace

There are several ways to update your interior design:

  1. Expensive – choose the sample you like in the photo that best suits the layout and make a new interior from scratch.
  2. Economical – starting from the existing one (but not obsolete), make light cosmetic repairs with the addition of new elements.

In any case, everything that is not pleasant or has ceased to please, does not impress or is simply bored should be replaced. For example, gorgeous upholstered furniture covers, new window decorations, and painting the walls in your preferred color are less expensive. And this is enough if the floor, ceiling and interior doors delight guests and hosts with their appearance..

Beautiful entrance hall with a retro style interior

Vintage entourage of a stylish hallway

In some cases, on the contrary, it is worth making a self-leveling floor or laying it out with seamless marble-like tiles under a multi-level ceiling with diode lighting – the living room will acquire a luxurious look. The presented photos of beautiful interiors of apartments confirm that even partial renovation and replacement of textiles can work wonders, especially if there is stylish furniture..

Excellent finishing materials as the basis for a beautiful interior

Surface finishing is the basis of any renovation, especially if no redevelopment or a complete redesign of the premises is required for the beautiful interior of the apartment.

Glossy flooring in the bedroom of a country house

Luxurious high-quality laminate floor

Attention! A completely economical coating, if you make repairs using technology, will look decent only on a perfectly flat surface. In order not to waste money, take care of preparing the base for facing materials. This guarantees not only for their flawless operation, but also provides a beautiful interior for any room..

Living room interior in gray tones with orange poufs

Expensive wooden floor, high-quality wall decoration, perfectly flat ceiling – a good basis for any interior

The overall impression is also influenced by the degree of light reflection of the surface, the cladding looks differently:

  • lacquered;
  • glossy;
  • semi-matte;
  • matte.

Imitation of natural materials that imitate stone, brickwork and wood looks spectacular. Even better is a natural covering – bamboo or cork, but not every material is suitable for a beautiful apartment interior in a certain design concept.

Wood in the interior of a modern room

Original interior created from ordinary wooden slats

Stone and wood in the decoration of a room in a country house

Natural stone has an incredible power of attraction and even magic

How to bring a room to a single stylistic solution?

Each interior style has its own recognizable features. Even a person who is ignorant of these intricacies, considering the most beautiful interiors of apartments, will understand where is what design.

Beautiful bedroom interior in classic style

Laconic classics for a married couple

Japanese style modern bedroom interior

Discreet Japanese-style interior

1. Classic Laconic form of natural wood furniture, portraits, chandeliers, complex curtains.
2. Japanese minimalism Ascetic interior, low furniture, bed on the podium, screen curtains, bonsai, hieroglyphs.
3. Palace interior Luxury in everything, modeling, curtains with draperies, elegant furniture with curved legs, expensive upholstery.
4. Ecostyle Simple shapes, preference for natural finishes.
5. Russian hut Domestic variety of country with attributes.
6. High tech Modern urbanism with metal and plastic.

Beautiful interior of the living room of a country house in eco-style

Natural materials in eco-style

Advice. When a particular style solution is preferred, it is recommended to study it in detail. Only in this case all elements will be in harmony..

Interior of a bedroom in a log house in the Russian style

Carved bedroom in a Russian hut

Design of a spacious living room in a modern high-tech style

Maximum free space in high-tech style

Ceiling decoration with original lighting plays an important role, especially when the style is neutral and there is nothing else to impress.

How to choose a color scheme?

The palette for beautiful interiors is selected based on many factors:

  1. Interior style (bright colors or pastel colors are chosen to achieve a certain effect).
  2. Room lighting (natural and evening, the southern windows shade, the northern ones open as much as possible).
  3. Preferred shades (cool or warm part of the spectrum, neutral or pastel colors).
  4. Harmony of shades of available items.

Beautiful living room interior with bright colors

Bright colors for spring mood

Advice. It is recommended to give preference to one color, the rest should complement this choice..

Interior of a beautiful living room in white with floor-length windows

White living room with panoramic windows

Photos of the most beautiful interiors confirm:

  • white – versatile, completely white or milky interiors impress with their cleanliness and luxury;
  • black is extravagant, but it is better to use the play of textures and glossy surfaces;
  • light beige is a calm shade; any bright accent looks great against its background;
  • lilac – exquisite, especially good for the bedroom;
  • sky blue – good for perception, visually pushes the walls and “opens” the sky, “washing away” the ceiling;
  • light green – a pleasant shade for the eyes, looks great in the living room, hallway or kitchen;
  • red is a bright, emotional tone, but its excess gradually tires and annoys;
  • yellow – positive, perfectly compensates for the lack of sunlight, induces appetite and encourages intellectual activity.

Living room of a country house in pastel colors

Cozy atmosphere in nut tones

Bedroom interior in mint shades

Mint tones for comfortable sleep

We build a design based on beautiful furniture

When deciding what to buy for repair and general transformation of personal space, they look through furniture – often it is she who determines the beautiful interiors of rooms.

Indeed, a neutral wall decoration with new materials is enough, and against their background to place a beautiful set – the effect is achieved!

Design of a bright living room with a white corner sofa

White sofa in the interior of the living room

See, in the photo, what a multi-seater soft corner with white upholstery in the living room looks like – a truly beautiful design has turned out. Or a double bed with an original headboard in the bedroom – just great.

Wooden bed in a beautiful classic style bedroom

Luxurious wood bed with a soft headboard

Advice. Replacing old furniture with a new, more stylish and effective one, it is easy to correct any, even the simplest interior.

Lounge area interior with wicker furniture

Retro rattan wicker furniture for living room

Antique farmhouse table in modern living room

A rustic retro table can change the look of your living room beyond recognition.

It remains to harmonize the window decoration and the rest of the textiles, if something does not suit.

Bet on beautiful accents and decor

If, after careful study of all the details, you still do not like something, reconsider what you can add from accents.

Beautiful armchairs in the living room with fireplace

Chairs with fun decor for a pleasant tea party

DIY wall decoration in the living room

Original wall decoration above the sofa

  1. Perhaps the walls of a neutral shade look somehow nondescript and dull – make an accent wall for equipment, a mirror, a designer item or a painting by a modern artist.
  2. It is costly to remodel the entire ceiling, but a spectacular drawing in the corner or 2-3 overhead elements with diodes will make the design of a studio apartment or a children’s room beautiful.
  3. Several stylish elements will emphasize the design style, for example, a sakura twig on the front of a wardrobe or a large aquarium works wonders.
  4. A small glass display cabinet with lighting, where antiques, a collection of hand-made dolls or porcelain dishes flaunt, will give a design concept a new meaning.

Decorating the living room interior with a glass partition

A simple glass and metal partition that radically changed the interior of the living room

DIY wall decoration using old postcards

Old postcards, inserted in simple wooden frames, will beautifully decorate the walls

Everyone has their own idea of ​​what the most beautiful apartment design looks like. Perhaps our photo gallery will be the determining factor in your choice.

Video: simple decor ideas for DIY interior decoration

Photos of beautiful interiors

Original partition made of glass and metal Ecostyle office design Minimalist kitchen in pastel colors Living room zoning with a gray carpet Original shelves in the bedroom of a city apartment Decorating a bedroom with mirrors Retro solid wood table and modern plastic chairs Green chairs in a white kitchen-living room Wooden table in the dining area of ​​a private house Breakfast table in the country living room A sofa for relaxation instead of a window sill Interior of a beautiful living room in Provence style White bedding in retro bedroom Blue color in the design of the bedroom Wooden bed in the bedroom of a country house Black armchair in a white bedroom Zoning space with a bookcase Brown sofa in the interior of a bright living room Dark living room interior with wood trim Multi-colored sofas in the interior of the living room with a fireplace Beautiful armchairs in classic style Solid wood kitchen island Wood in a country house with a fireplace stove Bedroom interior in purple shades Table decoration in the kitchen in Provence style Baby room interior in cream colors Leather furniture in a country-style living room Bright textiles in the design of the bedroom Wooden ceiling in the living room of a private house Metal bed in the bedroom of a country house Beautiful kitchen in classic style Living room-library with bright armchairs Antique chest in bedroom decoration Living room interior of a private house with metal stoves white wood kitchen sideboard Pink color in the design of the country house room Vintage wooden table in the living room of the country house White sofa in the living room with pink decor Living room on the second floor of the country house Living room of a country cottage in country style Decorating the doorway with pink curtains Retro furniture in the interior of the living room Bright bedroom with sea view Marine style in the design of a children's bedroom Provence style children's room Roman blinds in the bedroom Purple room in a modern style for a girl Classic style white bed Bathtub with windows in a private house Retro bathroom interior

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