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Bar tables for the kitchen: types of how to do it yourself

Previously, the bar table could only be seen in bars, hence its name. After he appeared in clubs and home interiors, but he was no longer used for its intended purpose, but as a division and zoning of space. A bar table for the kitchen, which can serve to replace the dining table, divide the room into several zones, this is especially true for studio-type apartments.

Bar table in the kitchen.

In small kitchens, bar tables may well replace the dining table..

It will successfully fit into the interior if you choose the right size and the appropriate headset – chairs, lighting, accessories. The rack can be either a combined element of a kitchen set or a separate structure. This piece of furniture can be added to any interior, from modern and art deco to futurism and avant-garde..

Bar table in the kitchen.

Bar tables can easily fit into any interior.

It might look like this:

  • High table top on console.
  • Solid construction with built-in open and closed drawers and niches.
  • Can be equipped with hinged shelves for glasses and wine glasses.

Interior with a bar counter.

An original bar table in the interior of a modern kitchen.

The most common crafting materials:

  • Natural wood is expensive and stylish, but there are drawbacks such as the fragility of the material, damage is easy.
  • Laminated chipboard – cheaper than wood and less prone to damage.
  • Plastic is an affordable option for a price, durable and resistant to damage.
  • Artificial stone is durable and resistant to damage, moisture resistant and easy to clean, a significant disadvantage of such material is its cost.
  • Impact-resistant glass – will look very elegant and sophisticated.
  • Ceramic tiles – they are chosen of the same type as the apron in the kitchen, this trick is done to create the most complete picture of the kitchen.

Bar table in the kitchen.

Marble bar table in the kitchen.

Important! For a harmonious combination of the kitchen and the bar table, it must be designed in the same color scheme and made of the same material as other surfaces in the kitchen..

Black bar table in the interior.

The bar table should be combined with other elements of the interior in the room.

Classic bar table for the kitchen

It resembles bar counters that were in cafes and restaurants. They represent a table top on consoles from 100 to 150 cm, accompanied by high chairs. The length of the tabletop is calculated at the rate of 50-60 cm per person.

Black bar table.

Classic bar table in black.

The classic version will look good in a spacious kitchen. And accessories such as:

  • suspensions for wine glasses and glasses;
  • stands for bottles and glasses;
  • cocktail shaker;
  • juicer and French press;
  • coffee machine.

Bar table in the interior.

Small bar table with drawers in the interior.

Such additions can be made open and hidden in special niches and compartments. In the kitchen, such a counter, first of all, should be functional and suitable for different occasions..

Bar mini table for kitchen

In a small space, it can easily replace the dining and work area. Most often combined with the surfaces of the kitchen set. Chairs for such a table usually go up to 60 cm high, and the table top height up to 120 cm.

Bar table.

Small bar table in the kitchen.

Bar table combined with dining

A combination that combines bar and dining functions. With such combinations, two levels of height are made, where the bottom is the dining table, and the top is the bar part.

Bar table with dining.

Bar table combined with dining with creative design.

Note! This option is perfect for a studio apartment, in which the kitchen and living room are combined. This solution will allow to divide the space into separate zones, the dining part is located on the kitchen side, and the bar in the living room. Zones will be segregated, but there will be no feeling of cluttered and closed environment.

Studio apartment.

Studio apartment with bar table.

Island bar table

It is carried out to the center of the premises, does not come into contact with the rest of the furniture set, forming an island. Serves not only as a recreation area, but also as a cooking area. This is usually the type of bar table we see on TV cooking shows. They are often fitted with a sink or hob..

Important! These bar tables can only be installed in large kitchens. The harmonious dimensions of the island are from 130 to 350 cm in length and from 130 to 150 cm in height. Smaller sizes will look like a regular tabletop or a tribune, which will also not look very aesthetically pleasing..

Island bar table.

Bar table in the form of an island made of natural wood in the kitchen.

Diy bar table

A bar table can be easily made with your own hands, it will be much cheaper than ordering it in a furniture salon.

The first step is to decide on the following points:

  • Decide on the material.
  • Select construction type.

Diy bar table.

Homemade bar table made of wood and metal.

The materials were described earlier, but still the classic option is a bar table made of natural wood. In this case, you need to do several preparatory steps:

  1. Sand the surface with sandpaper.
  2. Shake off the dust that has formed.
  3. Treat the tree in advance with a special tool. This must be done in order to protect the future countertop from drying out and moisture, and also make it fireproof.

After choosing the material, we proceed to the choice of the design. There are several types of designs:

  • Stationary bar table. It is also carried out in a mini format, usually it goes in a semicircle and can join other kitchen countertops.
  • Combined – optimal for small kitchens.

The countertop is made first, the preparation of the tree was described above, then the desired shape is cut out of it, the cut points are sanded and pasted over with a special tape.

Stand base – the following solutions are possible:

  • Brick base – laid out in the shape of a rectangle using bricks and cement. Red facing brick is used – it does not require additional decoration.
  • The rest of the finishes must then be plastering. From drywall or veneer, you need to create a frame on which you can then install the tabletop. To install such an element, use metal corners up to 50 mm wide or a wooden beam with a section of 40×40 mm.

Homemade bar table.

The bar table can be easily made by hand.

Important! It is necessary to create a bar table of any design according to a preliminary drawing, which can be done on graph paper or in special computer programs that have the ability to view the counter in the interior of your kitchen.

After collecting all the elements, you need to open the finished rack with varnish.

The lighting system will be an excellent addition to the design of the bar counter. For example, backlighting with dimmers provides the ability to change the intensity and brightness of the light. This will help change not only the brightness, but also the atmosphere above the kitchen bar area. The diode illumination of the table top and the bottom of the rack will also be beautiful – this will give some airiness to a rather massive product.

Bar table in the kitchen.

Small bar table in interior design.

In the interior, such an element can become the central accent of the kitchen and attract maximum attention, or it can become a simple addition to the classic table and work surface..

Bar table in the kitchen.

The bar table is able to give the kitchen a special flavor.

The ideal bar table for specific kitchens should be selected based on the style and design of the room, size and combination. It is the most popular technique for zoning a space into several functional areas – dining and cooking or kitchen and living areas..

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